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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Barry Sanders Passes 2,000 Yards | New York Jets vs. Detroit Lions (Week 17, 1997) | NFL Full Game

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>> The Lions will get the ball

first, as John Hall has it teed

up, and this final game of the

regular season under way.

Hall roots one to the goal line.

Glyn Milburn 20, 25-yard line.

And that's where the number-one

offense in the

National Football League will


And Barry Sanders goes for

another rushing title.

Needs 131 to hit the 2,000 mark.

Last 13 games, he's been

averaging nearly 140.

Here's the offensive line that

will block for him -- Roberts,

Compton, Glover goes to his

third Pro Bowl, Hartings, and


Tommy Vardell a blocking back

with Scott Mitchell the


Morton and Herman Moore,

100 catches, are the

wide receivers, and David Sloan

the tight end.

And Sanders gets the call on

first down and picks up a


Marvin Jones makes the tackle

for the Jets in their white with


And here's how they align

themselves defensively, off

their best defensive game of the

season last week against

Tampa Bay.

Lyle, Ferguson, and Douglas up


The backers -- Lewis, the most

valuable player, Gordon, Jones,

and the rookie Farrior.

Glenn and Smith on the outside,

and Green and Henderson are the


Second down and 7.

Sanders has a hole.

And it closes in a hurry, as

Jones, with his second straight

tackle at the 31.

Lions on this first series have

it third down and 5.

Both first carries by Sanders,

gaining 3 and then 2 yards.

Marvin Jones making the tackle

on both occasions.

And now Scott Mitchell in a

pass situation brings

Herman Moore in motion.

Throws over the middle.

Hit and incomplete the call, as

Victor Green drives into Moore

and denies the catch.

>> Well, that's one thing the

Jets excel at on defense --

third and short, passing


They play the situations.

They know the Lions are probably

gonna throw a route that's 3 or

4 or 5 yards down the line, and

they do a good job looking for

it and making the plays.

>> John Jett to punt it.

Leon Johnson has returned a punt

for touchdown and kickoff return

for touchdown, one of the better

return men in the league, the

rookie from North Carolina.

Smothered at the 26, a 53-yard

punt, 10 on the return.

Matt Russell made the tackle,

and here comes Neil O'Donnell

and the Jets offense.

9-6 off a 1-15 year in 1996.

Jenkins and Burns in the

reordered offensive line with

the injuries to Elliott and


Duffy, O'Dwyer, and Malamala

complete the front five.

O'Donnell with Murrell over

1,000 yards back to back, Neal

the blocker, Keyshawn Johnson

leads in catches with 64.

Graham the other wideout and

Kyle Brady the tight end.

[ Crowd cheers ]

Jets practiced the silent count

all week, knowing it would be

noisy here.

And so it is.

The throw complete, as he goes

to Johnson, and he has a first

down at the 40, a 15-yard play.

The rookie Kevin Abrams from

Syracuse made the tackle.

>> Well, Keyshawn Johnson over

the last few weeks, last four or

five weeks, has really become

the favorite target for

Neil O'Donnell, especially going

inside, and he's a big, tall

wide receiver.

And for a quarterback, that

makes it so easy to throw these

balls short and over the middle.

>> First down at the 40.

O'Donnell to Adrian Murrell.

Murrell for 4, into the arms of

Stephen Boyd, who leads the

Lions in tackles, number 57.

And here are the defenders in

the Honolulu blue and silver --

Porcher leads in sacks, 11 1/2,

Wells, Elliss, and Scroggins.

Linebackers -- Stephen Boyd

their leading tackler with

Jamison and Reggie Brown.

Bryant Westbrook, Texas,

Kevin Abrams, Syracuse -- two

rookies at the corners.

Mark Carrier, the former Bear,

and Ron Rice at safety.

Second down, 6.

To the outside.

And Johnson again.

And he's close to a first down

at midfield.

Tackle made by Carrier and

Brown, and he does have enough

at the Lions' 49 for a first


>> Well, I think the Lions, what

they would like to do

defensively, Phil, is force

Neil O'Donnell to throw the


They want to just shut down the

run and make him throw outside.

He's had two good passes


>> Paul, they'd like to do that

'cause the Jet offensive line

has struggled some, especially

late with the injuries.

The Jets -- you can see their

game plan already.

Just try to keep the Lion

defense off balance so they

can't attack the passer.

>> Double tight ends for


Good protection.

Underneath to Murrell.

Oh, almost bobbled that one

right into the arms of

Reggie Brown, the linebacker.

You look at the ticker, and

Minnesota, they have won.

And of course that was one of

the hopes of Lions fans, that

either Minnesota or Washington

would lose, and that would mean

that the Lions were in.

But that's not gonna be the


The Lions are gonna have to do

that with a victory themselves,

and so this now becomes you win,

you go to the playoffs.

The team that loses, their

season ends.

>> It's a playoff game.

>> Second and 10.

Wayne Chrebet in motion.


Oh, what a catch by

Keyshawn Johnson as he spears it

for another 14-yard gain and a

first down for the Jets.

Three catches, Keyshawn Johnson.

>> It's a good job by

Neil O'Donnell.

Here comes the blitz from the


Keyshawn Johnson sees it.

Neil O'Donnell sees it.

He adjusts, throws a nice,

little, short pass again to the

big receiver against a rookie


This is a matchup the Jets that

they must take advantage of.

>> Johnson has started the game

with 64 to lead the Jets, one

more than his rookie year.

First down at the Lions' 35.


To the 31-yard line.

Never got to full speed, and

George Jamison, the veteran from

Cincinnati, made the tackle.

Second down and 6.

Murrell again.

Hit in the backfield.

Breaks that tackle.

And gets to the 26-yard line, a

pickup of 5.

It'll be third down and 2.

Bryant Westbrook from the corner

makes the tackle.

>> Well, here's a little bit of

different situation.

Watch Adrian Murrell now.

He's waiting for his blockers.

So, they force him back up


He does make a good move here.

If he stays inside, he might

have been able to pick up the

first down.

>> Third down for the Jets, and

it's a long 1, closer to

2 yards.

And in comes Ray Lucas, who's

become Bill Parcells' super

third-down player -- wide

receiver, quarterback.

You don't know what he'll do,

former quarterback at Rutgers.

And he rolls and throws his

first NFL pass.

Complete for a first down.

Keyshawn Johnson's fourth catch

of this opening drive, and Lucas

with his first NFL pass and


>> Well, Ray Lucas, not to

compare him, but it's kind of

the "slash" role that

Kordell Stewart did in


He comes in there, and the one

thing he does really well -- got

a chance to watch him in

practice this week -- sprinting

to his right, he throws to the

outside very well, and

Coach Parcells knows it.

Him picking up these third-down

plays today for them is gonna be

extremely important.

>> So, another first down for

the Jets on this opening drive.

It's gone to the Lions' 21.

And O'Donnell now goes deep.

No one there.

Flag is down, however, and

Bryant Westbrook, the corner,

may have been holding

Jeff Graham.

[ Crowd boos ]

>> Well, they're not gonna call

pass interference.

If they're gonna call anything

at all, it'll be holding.

>> Dick Hantak the man in the

white hat today.

Holding is the call against

Detroit, the automatic first


60-year-old Bobby Ross, former

Charger coach, five years in

San Diego.

Took his team to the

Super Bowl, and boss Ross wants

to know the particulars.

>> Yeah, he wants to know the


What happened was...

>> 5 yards -- first down.

>> Really miscommunication, and

what happened is the ball thrown

way to the outside.

Now you're gonna see it right

here -- that's where they call

the holding.

Now it's not pass interference.

You see him grab his shirt?

Graham's breaking to the


The ball's thrown in the corner

of the end zone.

>> First down on the penalty at

the 16-yard line.

O'Donnell looking for Graham.

He's covered.

Throws it away.

Closest white jersey was Graham.

Rice and Carrier, the safeties

for Detroit, had blanketed

number 81, Jeff Graham, from

Ohio State.

He has 40 catches this year.

>> That's something the Jets

love to do.

Once they get inside about the

30-yard line, you can always

look for them in the early down

to take a shot, throw the ball

in the end zone, and score

quickly because we know once you

drive it down inside the 10,

that's a tough spot of the

field to score from.

>> Second down and 10.

O'Donnell and the Jets have

thrown less interceptions than

anyone in the league, 7.

Murrell trying to get outside.


Reggie Brown shut the door.

>> What a great play by the


The defensive line stuffed it.

Murrell went to the outside, and

Reggie Brown, number 59, cleans


>> No gain.

It'll be third and 10 for

New York.

This is the opening drive for

the New York Jets.

They've moved all the way to the

Lion 16, where it is third and

a long 10.


Swings it to Murrell.

And there are plenty of blue

jerseys there -- a gain of only


That will force the field-goal


>> Well, that's the only guy he

had a chance to throw the ball

to, Phil, because the rush was


>> The rush was on.

Good job by the Lions defense.

They covered the receivers down

the field, even though Bill's

probably saying, "Neil, they

were open.

Throw it down there."

But he did a good job getting

the team in position to kick the

field goal.

>> Did he ever tell you that

they were all covered when you

were there?

>> Very seldom.

>> John Hall, the rookie from

Wisconsin, to try a 31-yard or

32-yard, depending on the spot,

and he drills it.

...80,000 here to see if the

Lions can win and move into the

playoffs and to see if

Barry Sanders can get his

131 yards -- he has 5 in the

first series -- and become the

third man in NFL history to gain

2,000 yards in a season.

Eric Dickerson and O.J. Simpson

the others.

John Hall, who has kicked a

32-yard field goal, drives this


And it's Ron Rivers who brings

it back.

Rivers from Fresno St., and he

powers across the 30, to the

33-yard line.

Scott Mitchell to the outside.

Herman Moore the intended


Well-covered by Otis Smith.

Smith with a couple of

touchdowns last week against

Tampa Bay with picks.

Has 3 touchdowns this year.

>> Well, the New York Jets, what

they want to do today is they

want to disguise their defenses.

They want to sit back, look like

they're in coverage sometimes,

and then they want to catch the

Detroit Lions off guard.

Mo Lewis on a blitz caught

Scott Mitchell by surprise

that time.

>> Mitchell at 6'6", the tallest

NFL quarterback.

He throws the other way and too

tall for Johnnie Morton.

Mitchell is not the most popular

player in Detroit.

Obviously, that's Barry Sanders.

In fact, he's probably the least


His big contract, the fact that

the team has not done all that

well since he arrived here from


But he's had some big games.

When he's hot, he's torrid.

>> Yeah, but when he's bad, he

is really bad.

[ Laughs ]

>> I don't know anybody that's

bad -- when they're always bad,

they're really bad.

>> There really is no in

between, though.

>> Let me say this, though.

It frustrates a lot of people

because physically, he is very

good -- a big, tall quarterback

who I think throws the ball

exceptionally well.

>> And he's big -- 245 pounds.

Guns this one incomplete,

through the hands of

Herman Moore.

Moore hawked by Ray Mickens, and

Moore, who has 100 catches but

who has not practiced the last

two weeks.

He watched practice from a chair

a week ago, then played, had the

winning touchdown.

Now this week just stood and


>> Well, actually, he didn't

even come out and warm up today

before the game, and he didn't

do it last week, either.

And there's Mickens -- just

excellent coverage on

Herman Moore.

>> Three throws to Moore with no

catches, and John Jett's spiral

comes down to Leon Johnson at

the 19.

Breaks one tackle.

25, to the 30.

Leading 3-0, Jets, second

possession from the 30.

The fake and the throw is

complete to tight end

Fred Baxter.

Baxter's 24th catch of the year

is good for 1 yard.

Glenn Foley, injured a month

ago, has missed the last four

games -- knee injury.

Some thought this week, as he

returned to practice, that he

might see some serious duty.

He told us that knee is far from

100% but looked good in

warm-ups, didn't he?

>> Didn't look good in practice

this week.

Had to chance to see him.

I thought he really struggled.

Couldn't even believe -- I

didn't think he would dress

today maybe, but watching him in

warm-ups, Dick, you're right.

He moves around well, and he

threw the ball really well.

>> Second down, 9.

O'Donnell off play-action.

Throwing complete to

Wayne Chrebet out at the 39-yard


Bryant Westbrook, the number-one

pick of the Lions, from the

University of Texas, the

cornerback, got him out of


>> Well, Wayne Chrebet hadn't

had a catch the last couple


Toughest throw for a quarterback

to make.

Neil O'Donnell right on the

money to the sideline.

And Jet fans, if you're a little

worried about your quarterback,

he's off to a really good start.

Looks poised, relaxed, and

throwing the ball well.

>> And that's important for

Neil O'Donnell, isn't it, having

to get those few catches right

off the bat.

>> It is for any quarterback,

especially when they've been


>> Ray Lucas at quarterback

again, and he hands off this

time to Leon Johnson, and

Johnson is to the 40 and a

first down.

So, on two third-down plays,

Bill Parcells has sent in

Ray Lucas.

Lucas with his first NFL

completion and now stays at

quarterback to hand-off to

Johnson, a rookie from Carolina,

for the first down.

>> Well, we can see the trend


Probably anywhere from third and

3 or less, bring in Ray Lucas.

And Coach Parcells last night,

he gave us a look.

He has a game plan, and up there

on the big board, there's all

the plays for Ray Lucas, and I

think there will be a little bit

of everything in that package

today for him.

>> We've not seen Lucas carry.

He's had 3 rushes in previous

games for 25 yards.

So, small numbers but very


O'Donnell back on first down.

Down the middle to Baxter.

The tight end with a first down

at the Lions' 41, 18 on the


Mark Carrier made the tackle.

>> Well, this is the play any

offense, they love to run.

The safeties are split.

You have a play-action, and what

this does, it lets the

tight end go down the middle.

Neil O'Donnell throws it a hard

line drive to make sure he gets

it in there before

Mark Carrier can make the hit.

>> I'm looking at

Neil O'Donnell, Dick.

He's only thrown one bad pass in

these two series of downs.

>> Jets lead, 3-0, on a 32-yard

John Hall field goal.

O'Donnell's numbers -- 7-for-9.

First down at the 41.

A throwback from Murrell to

O'Donnell to Chrebet.

Complete and out of bounds

inside the Lions' 20.

Ron Rice was the closest

defender -- 22 on the play.

>> Well, this brings back some


I probably ran this play 20

times in my career, and they

call it "Ride 135."

Flea-flicker is the name of the


Wayne Chrebet just goes across

the field.

Watch the Lions defense.

They just lose sight of where he


And this is the guy that's

always open.

The back-side corner -- the guys

come up with a play-fake and the

big gap between the safety, and

the linebackers are there.

Neil O'Donnell does a good job

of catching it and just getting

rid of it quickly.

>> He threw that off the back

foot there.

Really didn't get a chance to

step into it.

On first down, Murrell straight


And he's inside the Lion 15, a

gain of nearly 5 before

Reggie Brown can make the stop.

>> This is where, really, the

game is played.

You look at the receivers and

the quarterbacks throw the ball,

but when you look at these guys

in the middle of the line --

remember now, this isn't the

line they started out with at

the beginning of the year.

There's some pretty good

blocking in there.

And then I'm watching

Adrian Murrell run the ball the

way he's supposed to.

>> You know, Paul, now I love

linemen, offensive linemen.

Always loved them.

Those defensive linemen, didn't


>> Second down and 5.

>> But there were a lot of them

that liked you.

>> 3:22 left in the first


Toss to Murrell.

Has a blocker.

He's at the 10.

He's in the end zone --


14 yards for the score behind

Kerry Jenkins, a pickup tackle

from the Bears practice squad

when "Jumbo" Elliott went down,

and Murrell gives the Jets a 9-0


>> Well, this is what they call

a little crack play.

Watch the wide receiver coming

down inside, getting a crack.

It's Keyshawn Johnson doing a

really good job of sealing off

the inside.

And then the guard comes around.

Adrian Murrell sees that little

hole that time, Paul, and really

goes through it hard for the


>> John Hall for the extra

point, and the Jets lead it,


Adrian Murrell, the son of a

military man -- his dad, Angelo,

a command sergeant major.

He's lived in Europe, Hawaii,

migrated to West Virginia for

his education, and Murrell, a

happy face on the Jets sideline.

It's 10-0, New York.

Hall, who has set an NFL record

for touchbacks this year, and he

has his 29th to add to that

mark, since they moved to the

30-yard line.

Let's go back to the Jets'


>> Well, first of all,

Bill Parcells -- "Thataboy,


He's talking about Fred Baxter,

number 84.

Now watch what he does on

Reggie Brown to start this.

Right on the top, you're gonna

see Baxter, number 84.

Goes in motion, then he blocks

Brown right there.

That's what starts this all.

>> Then Keyshawn Johnson makes a


Then watch Kerry Jenkins, the

big tackle.

Well, the defensive back just

falls down.

He's gonna get run over, anyway.

It didn't matter.

>> So, from the 20-yard line,

Scott Mitchell and the Lions

looking for their first

first down.

Barry Sanders trapped.

Tries to get away, and their

gain is only 2 as Dwayne Gordon

makes the stop.

Second down and 8 for the Lions,

as Mitchell fires low for

tight end David Sloan.

[ Crowd boos ]

And the fans again start to


They want Mitchell to produce.

>> Well, what's happening, Dick,

the Jet defense is moving around

a lot and not giving good looks.

And, Paul, that time you could

see the safeties are going in,

coming out, and it's confusing

the Lions passing game so far.

>> Every pass that he's thrown

so far has been a short one.

Now watch this throw.

>> See, he's looking down field.

They double-cover both

wide receivers.

Then he has to come off to a

short receiver late.

It's hard to be accurate when

you got to do it late like that.

>> Vardell and Sanders split

wide now behind Mitchell.

Third and 8.

Sidearms this incomplete, not

close to Sanders, but Sanders

had two men on him,

Corwin Brown and Otis Smith, and

an accurate pass might have led

to an interception.

So, three-and-out three

consecutive possessions for

Bobby Ross' Lions.

Jett to punt.

Leon Johnson at the Jets'

30-yard line.

So, John Jett to the Jets.

Very high and Johnson, though,

fair catch.

37, 40 -- good balance and gets

to the 43-yard line.

The Jets lead it, 10-0, first


2:07 left here at the


Adrian Murrell.

Up to the 46-, 47-yard line.

Pickup of 4, into the arms of

Stephen Boyd.

>> This is the time, if you're

on offense and you're

New York Jets, the coaches and

players, you try to keep this

thing going.

Don't get conservative.

You feel the momentum on your


You got the defense guessing.

So, keep the play calling mixed

like they have so far.

>> It's also the time you don't

take the game out of the

players' hands.

>> Neil O'Donnell with superb

numbers here in the opening


Mitchell shut out, 0-for-6.

Second down, 6.

Whoa, what a hit on the tight

end Brady, as Bryant Westbrook,

the rookie corner -- that's not

a fumble as the tight end Brady

never had possession.

And Westbrook, at 6', 199, quite

a hammer.

>> Is your back hurting a little


>> Well, let's listen to this

hit, Paul.

This is on the quarterback.


>> Now, that hurts.

>> Now, that's one of them, you

go back to the huddle if you're

the receiver and say, "What is

going on?"

>> [ Laughs ]

"Don't ever hang me out to dry


>> The quarterback's got to see


He should not have thrown the

ball in the flat to the

tight end that time.

>> That awakened this sellout

crowd in Pontiac.

Third and 6.


Incomplete to

Keyshawn Johnson.

[ Crowd cheers ]

The other rookie corner,

Kevin Abrams, makes the play.

And that excites the Lions fans.

>> Doesn't that happen every

single time that somebody makes

a hit on defense or they do

something spectacular on


It just raises everybody else


That's outstanding coverage.

>> Even had he caught it, it

wouldn't have been enough for

the first down, as the first

punt now from Brian Hansen of

the Jets.

Glyn Milburn back at the 10.

Fair catch.

Milburn at the 18-yard line.

Barry Sanders, 131 yards shy of

2,000 at the start.

He's been quiet, and he doesn't

get much here, as invading the

backfield was Victor Green, the

safety, to slow him down.

No gain on the play.

>> This is a good example of

what the Jets are doing.

Victor Green the safety,

trying to time it up with

Scott Mitchell, with his snap


And he comes up to the line of


Just at the last second when

they snap it, he comes in free,

makes the tackle.

>> You know what he did great,

though, Victor Green?

He's thinking pass, "I'm gonna

go to the quarterback," but he

pauses just enough to make the

tackle on the running back,

Barry Sanders.

>> Very good play.

>> Final minute of the quarter,

second down, 10.


Complete but immediately hit was

Tommie Boyd, the third

wide receiver, from Toledo.

Otis Smith with a tackle.

>> Does it surprise you -- now

we're in the first quarter.

They've had the ball three

different times, the

Detroit Lions, they have not

tried a deep pass?

>> I think -- you know, Paul,

it's a good point.

I think they've had a couple

deep passes called, but the

Jets, both times they did it,

had the wide receivers

double-covered, so

Scott Mitchell had to throw the

short ball.

>> Third and 6.

The throw complete, and there is

the initial first down for the


It's to Tommie Boyd.

Boyd's ninth catch of the year

at the end of the opening


The greatest production by a

runner in an NFL season --

Eric Dickerson, who's here in

attendance, 2,105.

O.J. the only other runner over


You see Campbell, Barry Sanders


And they figure that he's a

better second-half back, that

he'll get his necessary yards


He needs 131, but he runs into

his own blocker here on first

down as we open the second

quarter and is able to pick up

only a yard.

Hugh Douglas makes the stop.

>> What the Jets are doing --

just watch them along the line

of scrimmage.

They're not getting out of their


They know that Barry Sanders

will cut back.


Every single one of those guys

are sitting in a lane.

There is no place for him to go.

Either Sanders goes outside, or

he's not going anywhere.

>> Paul, I had a chance to watch

the Jets practice this week, and

it's all they worked on, with

the defensive linemen, with the

secondary and the linebackers.

Stay where you're supposed to


Don't be a hero, don't

overcommit, and create those big

opportunities for Barry Sanders.

>> This time it's rookie nose

tackle Jason Ferguson, from

Georgia, and Ray Mickens who

collaborate on the stop.

>> The Jets defense so far --

it's a good case in point.

You really got to trust your


Have faith in each other.

Just do your job and know if you

do that, the teammate standing

next to you is gonna do his job,

and that way you can all kind of

fall on Barry Sanders.

>> You see what they do, though?

And I think they're told, "Just


He'll come to you.

Just be patient.

He's gonna come back."

>> Third down and 5.

The throw to Vardell is caught.

First down at the 48.

So, Tommy Vardell, used more as

a blocker down on the goal line

or in short yardage, has an

11-yard reception.

It's his 16th catch of the year.

>> I saw him come out of the

backfield, and I swear, Phil,

when I saw him come out of the

backfield, there was nobody on


>> Tommy Vardell comes out here.

It looks like the linebacker

should cover him.

Trying to decide why he does it,

and now I understand.

He got picked by the tight end.

That's the reason he's wide open

down the field.

>> First down from the 48.

They pick up the blitz, and the

deep throw by Mitchell

incomplete to Johnnie Morton.

Otis Smith there for the Jets.

>> Well, it was just a matter of

time when you go downfield with

these guys.

>> Morton with 78 catches this


>> Well, it's all about timing,

offense and defense.

This time, the Detroit Lions,

they guess right.

It's single coverage.

The Jets were on a blitz.

The safety came up the middle.

Scott Mitchell needed about a

half a second more to lead the

ball inside.

He didn't know the receiver was

going inside when he let it go.

>> Second down, 10.

Sanders has a hole, but it

closes in a hurry.

Good job by Rick Lyle, the

defensive end, to pinch it off.

He's from Missouri in his fourth


>> Well, I'll tell you what we

are seeing and just one more

point about this defense of the


I'm seeing patience.

You're really seeing patience.

Watch Lyle. Watch these guys.

They just stay where they're

supposed to be.

Now Barry Sanders goes in, so

Mo Lewis and Lyle are right

there to make the play.

That's patience.

>> With that run, he has set a

new Lion rushing record,

surpassing his own, set in '94,

by 3 yards.

114 shy of 2,000.

Throwing as he's hit and

incomplete and no flag.

Lions fans don't like that.

Johnnie Morton trying to come

back to the ball, but draped all

over him was Otis Smith.

>> [ Chuckles ]

>> Well, there's pressure on

Scott Mitchell.

The reason why the receiver

Johnnie Morton's coming back --

look at the pressure inside by

the Jet defensive line.

Rick Terry.

Then Otis Smith -- good call.

>> And a flag down, as they try

to hurry up into the next call.

>> Or I guess I should say,

Dick, good no-call.

There you go.

Just had to clear that up, Paul.

>> Fourth down, flag down.

>> There is no play.

The ball was snapped prior to

the umpire being out of the way.

>> "Prior to the snap."

>> "Prior to the snap."

>> Yeah, that's what he was

gonna say.

>> "The umpire won't get out of

the way."

Look at the umpire.

He's in the way.

He has to get out of the way,

and it hits him.

>> Number 92 really hadn't

gotten back into position.

>> That's why they have those


>> When I was a quarterback, I'd

hit them, and they'd say, "Well,

no, we're a part of the field of


>> So, Jett never had a punt

blocked in his previous four


But he's had two smothered this


Wobbly kick.

Leon Johnson, fair catch,

16-yard line.

The Jets with a 10-0 lead.

Again, the winner advances to

the playoffs.

The loser is out.

Should Detroit lose, then

the Redskins would earn a trip

to the playoffs.

So, folks in the nation's

capital rooting for the Jets.

Swing it to Murrell.

Wrapped up on a good tackle by

George Jamison.

Loss of a yard.

>> George Jamison -- it really

is one of the harder plays for a

linebacker to make because you

have the running back out in


And Jamison -- there's a blitz


Watch Jamison get his feet and

then come right at him.

That's what you have to do --

attack that player now.

Don't let him start making moves

on you.

>> If a defense is gonna blitz,

the players behind them, they

must be good tacklers.

That time George Jamison brings

the ballcarrier down at the spot

he catches the ball.

>> Jamison, the former

Kansas City Chief.

Second and 11 for O'Donnell.

Pressure on.

He gets it off to Murrell.

And Murrell's out across the

25-yard line to the 26.

It'll be third and 2.

Good, little shovel toss by

O'Donnell as he was about to be


>> Well, look to your right.

You're gonna see Ron Rice come

untouched, number 28.

Neil O'Donnell stays cool.

Puts two hands on the ball.

Did not want to fumble.

Didn't want to hear it from the

coaching staff.

And knows his receiver is right

in front of him.

He drops it off.

>> O'Donnell was an outstanding

high school basketball player.

That was almost a little mini

version of a little push shot.

>> That's what it was.

>> In fact, Bobby Ross recruited

him after watching him play


And now Ray Lucas at quarterback

sprinting into the open and a

first down near the 45-yard


So, Lucas has been in on three


He's thrown for a first down.

He's handed off for a first


And here's a run for a first


>> Here's a little option.

The defenders go up the field,

and Ray Lucas, he knows it's

third and short.

Take it upfield and get that

first down if you have to.

He does, and he's excited.

We told the people.

We told you earlier there's a

little spot on the game plan for


We're gonna see it all today, I


>> Coaches are great copiers,

aren't they?

They see something work --

Kordell Stewart in Pittsburgh.

"Why can't we do that?"

>> As long as you got the

personnel to copy with, Dick.

>> So, on first down, it's

Murrell, short yardage.

Stopped at the 45-yard line.

>> One of the things, when you

go back to that quarterback

option, though -- teams really

don't work that much against it,

and they rarely ever see it.

There's only a couple of guys

that do that.

>> Well, that's right, and I had

a chance to talk to

Larry Peccatiello, the defensive

coordinator for the Lions.

I brought the question up to him

about Ray Lucas, and he says,


Here's what we got to do.

We give our defense.

We tell them to do this and


We can't go over every situation

there is when he's at


But, he says, "We can't be

chasing those ghosts.

Our players just got to do their

job and hope that our defense

will take care of it."

>> O'Donnell back in at


Second down and 8.


Going long.

Graham has it and then can't

pull it in at the 15 as the

coverage from

Bryant Westbrook.

>> Boy, I'll tell you.

This was outstanding coverage by


And this ball was right on


It was a great throw but

outstanding defense.

Watch the defense here.

You're bumping each other.

That's all right.

That ball hits Graham right in

the hands.

Should have caught it.

>> It was, and I thought

Jeff Graham, what a good job.

Paul, you talk about the

defender staying in good


He kept his shoulder on the

defender, gave himself just a

little bit of room.

Got both hands on it.

Just couldn't make the catch.

>> Leon Johnson and

Richie Anderson now in the

backfield with Chrebet, Graham,

and Keyshawn Johnson the wide


Third down, 8.

O'Donnell shotgun.

[ Crowd cheers ]

He escapes.

And hits Keyshawn Johnson, a

falling catch at the Lion 44,

first down.

>> Well, the Lions try to

pressure the quarterback.

Again, Neil O'Donnell hangs in


He knows.

A quarterback knows when there's

a blitz, and he's got single

coverage down the field.

Good job.

First instinct, protect the

ball, and then

Keyshawn Johnson, a big

receiver, down the field.

When you get in trouble, you

always know, even if he's

covered, he can push off and get


>> That's his fifth catch of

this first half.

>> And he didn't have to push

off that time, Paul.

I'm just saying if he is

covered, big guys know how to

push off and get open.

>> [ Laughs ]

>> First down at the Detroit 44.

Quick slant, incomplete.

Intended for Johnson.

That was the play that they

opened the game with and


Kevin Abrams on the coverage.

>> This ball is deflected at the

line of scrimmage.

Now, Neil O'Donnell is throwing

the ball here, and that's

number 95, Mike Wells, who just

knocks the ball out of the way.

>> It was interesting.

We were talking to

Scott Mitchell at 6'6".

Is it an advantage to throw over

both lines?

He said, "I can't see, either.

I don't know how the shorter

guys find the open man."

>> Well, Dick, think about it.

He's 6'6".

The linemen are all 6'5", 6'6".

How can you see over them?

So, you got to find those

passing lanes to get rid of the


>> 6'3" O'Donnell overshoots

Adrian Murrell on a little

short-side screen.

Ron Rice the safety was in there

to foul up the Jets' plans.

>> Well, this is a double


I think Neil O'Donnell -- well,

he gets tripped up a little, I

thought, but he fakes to the


He spins to the right.

If he got himself under control

to throw that ball, it is gonna

be maybe a touchdown.

The Jets had the defense fooled.

Two blockers were out in front

of him.

>> And both receivers on either

side -- Richie Anderson was the

other guy, number 20, on the

left side.

He was open.

>> Third and 10 with

Richie Anderson and

Leon Johnson in the backfield.

Bill Parcells' first year in

New York with the Jets, at 56,

with a remarkable coaching job.

Looks at third and 10.

O'Donnell steps up right into

the Lion pressure.

Flags fly.

Luther Elliss was the man

leading the charge for the

Lions, the number-one pick of

Detroit three years ago out of


>> I'll tell you.

This defensive line just

exploded off the line of


The offensive line had no

chance, along with

Neil O'Donnell.

>> Illegal hands to the face,


Penalty is declined.

Fourth down.

[ Crowd cheers ]

>> Bill's yelling at Malamala,

so it must have been him.

>> I think it is.

Look to your right.

Siupeli Malamala gets beat with

the speed rush.

It might be hands to the face.

It's also holding with both


>> Arms around the waist.

[ Chuckles ]

>> So, Brian Hansen in to punt

with Glyn Milburn.


And it skips downfield.

It takes a Jets' roll and will

die around 33-yard line.

>> Tracy Scroggins, number 97.

>> Robert Porcher, 91, was

there, as well.

>> But I think it was 97,


I mean, actually, what

happened -- just look at the

time that was taken.

No, it wasn't.

It was Porcher.

It was Porcher from the inside,

from the left-hand side.

>> What about the timing?

>> Look at the punter.

Look how much time he takes in

the backfield.

This is the punter's fault.

Watch what Hansen does when he

catches the ball.

Watch him stop.

And now he turns the ball.

And then he starts to go again.

You got to be turning the ball

and you're moving towards the

line of scrimmage.

>> Barry Sanders on first down.

Draws a crowd again to the

35-yard line.

And Sanders with 3.

And Barry Sanders, they

figure -- Bobby Ross said, "I

made a mistake in the first two

games of the year."

This sort of situation

developed, where Sanders didn't

make any big yards.

He figured, "Well, we can't run


He said, "You've got to keep

running him.

You've got to give him the


>> Yeah, I think Bobby Ross,

like any new coach, when you

come into a job, it takes a

while to learn the players.

And even he, I think,

underestimated the greatness of

Barry Sanders running the


>> Just 20 yards in the first

half today, and Mitchell looked

for him, then throws down the

field incomplete.

Closest receiver, David Sloan,

the tight end.

He wanted to go to Sanders in

the flat.

>> He wanted to go to somebody

that was open.

There wasn't anybody open.

That's who he wanted to go to.

>> The Jet defense, I will say


You worry about sometimes

they've given up some big plays

in the passing game, especially

the corners, Otis Smith.

But the one thing they do have

is the capacity -- every once in

a while, they come out, and they

can completely shut down.

>> Doing a very good job in this


>> Third down and 7.

Remember, Herman Moore with

100 catches and Morton with 78,

without a reception thus far in

the half.

Mitchell travels, throws to


Sanders stop and go, but tackled

from behind short of the first


Only three yards on the play.

Punting team on for Detroit.

It's Leon Johnson with Jett's

punt to the 29-yard line.

38 on the punt, 5 on the return.

Jets after the punt from their

own 30.


Hit! Blindside by Porcher.

And that gives him 12 1/2 sacks

this year.

[ Crowd cheers ]

Porcher, the man who blocked the

punt just moments ago.

>> Kyle Brady is on the outside,

number 88.

And his job -- Porcher goes

right inside him.

He gets no help by the tackle,


>> South Carolina State --

Robert Porcher.

Moved back outside by

Bobby Ross when he came here to


Give to Murrell, and Murrell

tackled at the 28, where it'll

be third down and 12.

Porcher also involved -- people

around the state of Michigan

know the face well because he

represents one of the Michigan

societies that encourage men to

be better role models, better

parents for their children, that

the men have a tremendous

responsibility, too.

And so he's recognized as much

as a Lions star as he is for his

work around the state.

Third down and 12.

[ Crowd cheers ]

O'Donnell hands it off to

Leon Johnson.

Breaks one tackle and drives to

the 35.

It'll be 5 yards short of a

first down.

Reggie Brown with the stopper,

along with Ron Rice.

>> I like that about Porcher.

We hear so many things about


We talk about them on the field.

But we never talk enough about

what they do in their


>> How about Troy Aikman in the

pregame show?

Wasn't that a touching spot, to

see how hard he's working,

trying to make some unhappy kids

much happier?

Glyn Milburn back.

Hansen hurries this one away.

Milburn gambles and does get

away from the first man.

Breaks three tackles!

Looks for open -- almost broke

it down at the 35, and saving

what could be a very long play

was rookie James Farrior.

10-0, Jets.

Barry Sanders, the Lions super

ballcarrier, held to 20 yards on

8 carries.

Mitchell, first down, throw.

Complete and Herman Moore has

his initial catch of the game,

close to 10 yards.

Victor Green made the tackle.

Moore playing with two

dislocated little fingers and a

very bad ligament injury in the

bottom of his foot.

>> Well, he's such a good target

to throw to.

Does a good job of getting a

little separation from the

corner and going back towards

the quarterback -- a good,

veteran receiver.

There's a reason why this guy

catches a hundred passes a year.

He does all the little things

right -- good example right


>> He and Jerry Rice the only

men to catch 100 balls or more

three consecutive years.

Mitchell checking off.

Second and 1.


Fumbles the ball!

And the Jets have recovered at

the 22-yard line!

Not marked officially yet.

No, somehow the Lions got it


The signal is Detroit maintains

possession down at the 21-yard


Dwayne Gordon was the man who

made the hit and forced the

fumble on second and 1.

>> Lookit.

The Jets are moving around.

Victor Green, the safety's

coming up.

Scott Mitchell trying to check


A lot of uncertainty for the

Lions offense.

Scott Mitchell, big play.

Fumbles the ball under the

pressure of all the Jet

defensive players.

Everybody trying to pick it

up, trying to score a touchdown,

and the Lions somehow come up

with it.

>> Well, that's Gordon's fault,

number 54.

He tried to reach down and get

the ball.

When he did, he knocked his own

man off the ball.

You're just supposed to fall on


>> But they go from second and 1

to third and 22, and now they

don't get a play off.

That will be delay of game.

[ Whistle blows ]

Well, Mitchell, trying to escape

the rush, ran himself right into

disaster or near disaster.

>> Delay, offense.

5 yards.

>> You wonder why they've been


That was a good example why the

last play on the fumble, all the

movement by the Jet defense --

the Lions like to come up.

If you're gonna play the run,

they like to throw it.

And if you're back, they like to

run it.

The Jets really confused them

with their movement on defense.

>> Third down, 27.

Buying some time.

Flag down.

Mitchell able to get out of


Being chased by Rick Terry.

[ Crowd boos ]

And the boos cascade down on the

floor of the Silverdome.

>> Larry Tharpe, number 71.

>> Holding, offense, number 71.

Penalty is declined.

Fourth down.

>> I think he's holding -- it

looks like that's Mo Lewis,

number 57.

Here it is here.

Tharpe -- there's not holding


Not yet.


[ Laughs ]

When you grab by the shirt.

>> So, the punt by Jett with

Leon Johnson waiting for it at

the 38.

Hit and dropped at the 43, a

5-yard return for Johnson of a

45-yard Jett punt.

3:18 left in the half.

10-0, Jets.

The quick throw is to the

tight end Baxter.

Immediately hit by Kevin Abrams.

Good play the rookie corner.

And he's getting up slowly.

>> Can I ask you a question,

old quarterback?

Are these really designed 3-yard

patterns and 1-yard patterns?

>> Yes, they are, Paul.

You try to pick out the guy that

you know it's gonna be open.

That was almost the exact same

play that we saw earlier.

Well, it was the same play to

Kyle Brady.

This time Neil just throws the

ball into coverage.

The receiver cannot see the

corner coming off to make this


Kevin Abrams outside just

waiting for somebody to come

towards him.

Fred Baxter's running that


You leave it up to the

quarterback not to throw the

ball or lead you into trouble.

That time Neil O'Donnell,

unfortunately, did.

>> Second down and 8 for the

Jets, just outside their own

45-yard line.

In case you weren't with us at

the start, first drive by the


They went 60 yards to a

John Hall 32-yard field goal,

and in their next possession,

they marched promptly 70 yards,

7 plays, and Adrian Murrell's

14-yard run around the left side

gave them the 10-0 lead they

now enjoy.

Meanwhile, the Lions offense

totally shuttered.

Murrell, nothing there, and

tried to skip outside and takes

the loss, as Bryant Westbrook

came up to finish the work.

>> Boy, this is just superb play

by the corner and just being

patient to stay outside.

Watch Bryant Westbrook, who's

number 32.

Watch how patient he is.

He's outside.

He just gets up, takes him down

at the ankles for a loss.

That's a nice play.

>> Bryant Westbrook, who picked

out of the University of Texas,

the number-one Lion choice, from

Southern California.

Turned down several college

basketball scholarships to go

to Texas.

Third down, a long 8.

[ Crowd cheers ]

O'Donnell in the shotgun calls


He was running out of play time,

and that stops the clock with

2:05, just shy of the 2:00


Third down, 8.

Just before the 2:00 warning,

first half.

O'Donnell steps up.

Dumps it off.

Incomplete to Murrell.

Juggled as he tried to run

before he caught it.

The Lions have held at the 2:00


Bad news for the Lions --

they're down 10-0 and really

have not been able to generate

any serious offense.

The good news is, they have 2:00

to try to move it, get on the

board before the intermission.

Glyn Milburn back.

Punt by Hansen.

Milburn, fair catch at the

14-yard line.

Flag is down.

36-yard punt if...

Illegal man downfield is the

call against the Jets.

See what the Lions' choice is.

With the man dangerous on the

returns, Milburn from Stanford,

they may elect to have

Bill Parcells kick it again.

>> They'll make them kick it


The thing about it is, having a

single returner back there, like


>> Ineligible, number 51 on the

kicking team, down prior to the


5 yards -- replay fourth down.

>> The thing with him back there

by himself, Dick -- he has no

one to tell him that he has room

to catch the ball.

They're trying to hold the guys,

the Jets, at the line of


So, Milburn's back there by


He usually has a pretty good


That time he could have fielded

the ball.

>> It's only the 79th penalty

all year against the Jets, the

first today.

They're third in the league,

fewest penalties.

>> Right in the middle.

You can't release downfield

until the ball is kicked.

Did it again.

>> That's a driving, low kick.

Milburn with a chance.

15, 20.

And to the maybe 21.

Chad Cascadden makes the tackle.

Well, there's more good news for

Lions fans who must be searching

for something positive.

Well, there it is.

Final 2:00 of a half, first or

second half, the Lions lead the

league in most points generated.

>> And the Jets this week --

Bill Parcells, he noticed that

watching the films and his

coaching staff.

And they probably spent double

the amount of time working on

the 2:00 offense, their defense,

getting ready for it because of

these situations.

>> They start with Mitchell

sending both wide receivers,

Moore and Morton, to the right.

And throws over the head of

tight end David Sloan.

1:38 remaining in this first


Detroit with all of its


>> Some idiot threw something on

the playing field right at the

players just before the ball was


And it's sitting down there

about the 11-yard line.

This thing here looks like tape.

>> Tape, yep.

I think the big thing here for

the Lions offense --

Scott Mitchell, it hasn't gone


Do not take a chance and force

something just trying to get

the offense moving.

Be careful.

>> Barry Sanders takes it out of


Stops the clock.

Cascadden, the linebacker.

But very short gain on the play

of about 3.

>> Well, they have plenty of

time, 1:32, Detroit.

They have 3 time-outs remaining.

So, the biggest problem is, it's

third down and long.

>> So, the Jets have a lot of

time, too.

Now the Jets are on the sideline

going, "Wait.

We got a chance to maybe run our

2:00 offense."

So, they're getting ready,

thinking about using their

time-outs if they have to.

>> Morton split left.

Moore in the slot.

On third and long, Mitchell gets


Slides and has -- well, it's

gonna be close.

It's where the ball is in the

arm, not where the feet are.

They're gonna mark it at the

31, just enough, I believe, for

a first down.

Time-out, Detroit.

>> He was telling us yesterday

he doesn't run a lot, but he's

got some pretty good speed for a

man that's 6'6".

This is all Mitchell now.

Watch what he does.

He's gonna step up.

He sees right now, "All I have

to do -- now I have to run.

I can see the red marker on the

other side."

Good play.

>> But you know what he also


One thing I've always said about

him -- for a big man, 6'6".

He's now in the 240s.

Usually he plays in the 250s.

But he says, "I do move around

well, but don't say that

tomorrow 'cause I really don't

want people to know those


>> Well, then don't say it.

>> Okay, I didn't say it.

>> I didn't.

>> But I think he does.

He does run well, Dick.

And the one thing I've noticed

in watching games of him, he

throws on the run very well,


>> With two time-outs remaining,

1:19, you could still give the

ball to Sanders.

>> Those are pretty meager

first-half numbers, total of

47 yards produced.

First down with 1:19 left.

Out of the backfield, Sanders.

Runs it out of bounds at the

35-yard line, a gain of 4.

Barry Sanders -- that's his

total on his jersey thus far,

20 yards rushing.

111 from 2,000.

>> So far, the Jets have stopped

him, and it's nothing special

they're really doing.

They're just being more

disciplined, and it really goes

back to what you teach these

guys probably day one of

training camp, "Just do your

assignment and don't overcommit

on things," and it works well

when you always work as a unit.

>> Second and 6.

Mitchell steps away and hits

Morton, his first catch.


Has the first down out at the


Clock running.

Jerome Henderson made the


And time called by Detroit with

1:03 left in the half.

That leaves the Lions with one


>> Well, what happens when you

give the quarterback a little

extra time?

Watch Johnnie Morton coming

across the field.

When you give the quarterback a

little more time, it makes the

defense commit.

And what happened is, the Jet

defense was looking down the


So, Johnnie Morton --

Scott Mitchell gets that extra


He finds him.

He looks down the field.

All of a sudden, he sees the

short receiver open, gives him

the football.

>> Who will be part of it, the

Lions or the Jets?

New York leading, 10-0.

1:03 left in the half.

[ Whistle blows ]

And movement before the snap.

Illegal procedure, false start.

>> Prior to the snap, false

start, offense, number 87.

5-yard penalty -- still first


>> You know what I see when I'm

looking at this Jet team?

It goes back to what you said at

the beginning of this telecast.

You see Morton up on the top,

number 87, move.

At the beginning of this

telecast, what Parcells said to

his football team -- "Don't you

be the one..."

>> Yeah, that's right.

>> "...that ends this season for


And they're all playing like


>> Good point.

>> First and 15 for Mitchell.

Throws complete.

Tommie Boyd with another catch,

and he's tackled by Mickens on

the field of play.

The clock runs.

Mitchell trying to hurry them up


50 seconds.

A blitz.

Mitchell throws.

Moore catch, his first, but it's

good for only 3 yards, and the

clock continues to run.

He had been better off had he

not caught that one.

>> Well, the big thing is here,

just try to get the first down.

Still plenty of time, time-out

to go.

>> 28 seconds as he takes the


Good coverage by the Jets.

Finally runs out of bounds with

a first down at the 41.

He wanted his receiver to break,

Boyd, down the sidelines.

They could have had a touchdown

there, but Boyd didn't read it.

>> Good job by Scott Mitchell.

He's looking for the big play.

He knew he could run and pick up

the first down.

At home you could probably hear

the crowd starting to yell.

If he'd have thrown that ball

down the field incomplete, well,

then, there might have been a

few boos at the quarterback.

>> Yeah, 'cause you're looking

at fourth down, but Mitchell

looked like, the way he was

running, it was slow motion.

He was trying to run the clock


>> He was hoping Boyd would

break free from his man.

He was single-covered on the


So, 21 seconds, 1 time-out left

for Mitchell and the Lions.

Flag down.

The throw incomplete to Morton,

no flag on the defense of the

Jets, as Green, Henderson, and

Austin collaborate on the


>> You know what you really


You see a guy like Morton going

up in the air, and he almost

gets himself killed down there,

and there's a guy back in the

backfield holding on offense.

>> ...offense, number 71.

10-yard penalty -- repeat the

down, first down.

>> That's Tharpe again.

>> Well, what's happened -- the

Jets are doing a lot of

movement inside, and the Jets

all year really haven't been

able to do much damage with the

pass rush.

Good job by James Farrior,

making a hard move in.

Catches the tackle Larry Tharpe

off guard.

He has to tackle him, or he's

gonna hit the quarterback.

>> Third penalty on the Lions

that brings it back on their

side of the 50, with 15 seconds

left in the half.

The passes he has completed have

been very short -- only a

6.4 average.


They pick it up.

Sanders with a good block.

Wide open is Sloan the tight


And he stops the clock as he's

hit out of bounds at the 32.

>> Well, Barry Sanders does

everything, and you talk about

all the things he does, Dick,

and he really did.

Barry Sanders makes an excellent

block to give Scott Mitchell

a chance to step up.

Barry Sanders is right on the

other side of him.

He gets a super block.

Mitchell makes a good play.

>> Sloan, the tight end from

New Mexico, stops the clock with

9 seconds -- time for one play

if they can quickly call a

time-out if it's in the field of


They're in position for a long

field goal, nearly 50 yards, at

the moment.

>> That's a good point, Dick.

There's plenty of time for the

quarterback, if the receiver's

open down the middle, to give it

to him.

>> The throw, catch, and the

tackle at the 27.

And the time-out called with

3 seconds left.

Mickens made the defensive play

for the Jets, and Bobby Ross

hoping to at least get 3 out of

the final 2:00 drive.

>> Well, that's a good job of

the Detroit Lions offense.

When you start that 2:00

offense, what you really hope

for is at least give our team a

chance to get some points.

They did that under some tough


>> Jason Hanson on his way to

the Pro Bowl in the NFC.

The kicker from

Washington State missed only 3

all year, 24-for-27, and 2 of

the 3 were 50 and 52 yards.

This one will be spotted at

about 43.

And John Jett will be the


Now it's gonna be 44 yards.

Just emotionally, this crowd and

the Lions need the 3 here.

Bad snap.

Great kick!

[ Crowd cheers ]

And on the final play of the

first half, the leg of

Jason Hanson gives the Lions

their first points.

Jason Hanson, whose 44-yard

field goal gave the Lions their

only points, on the final play

of the first half, kicks it off.

Leon Johnson, Aaron Glenn both

with a kickoff return for a

touchdown, are deep.

Glenn gambles from 5 yards deep.

And it's gonna pay off.

He's out to the 27 and almost,

but for an ankle tackle, had a

lot more.

Let's take a look at the

Coors Light halftime statistics.

Not much offensively.

169 yards for the Jets, only 107

for Detroit, and over 60 of

those came on the final drive of

the first half.

So, much like the

playoff-pressure game, it just

appears that every play from now

on carries so much importance.

>> Well, and that's evident by

Bobby Ross not gonna be patient

with the quarterback situation

now for his team.

Scott Mitchell struggles early,

bring in Frank Reich because

they know they have to win the


>> Keyshawn Johnson on the first

play of the second half, as

O'Donnell starts this half as he

did the game, going to the big,

rangy Keyshawn Johnson.

Neil O'Donnell 12-for-20 and

110 yards.

Scott Mitchell 12-of-22, not

much difference in yards or

completion percentage.

But it appeared, as you watched

it, that O'Donnell had the

better half.

>> Well, he managed the game

better, Dick.

Well, he led his team to two

scoring drives, and it looked

better to us.

Scott Mitchell got a lot of

those stats in the last drive,

when he had to manufacture some

of those plays by moving around.

>> Richie Anderson for

Adrian Murrell on second and 2,

and he's close to a first down.

Robert Porcher and company the


>> Well, the game plan on both

sides of the ball -- if you are

a coach, you sit at home, or you

sit there during the week, and

you draw it up.

It really played out almost

exactly the way they would want

it to the first half.

The offense, they tried to keep

the Detroit defense off guard,

and the same thing for their


They changed it up enough for

the Detroit offense struggle.

>> And the other reason it's a

10-3 ballgame -- no turnovers.

They're playing mistake-free


>> Barry Sanders -- when

Jim Brown talked about the

greatness of Barry Sanders said

that what impresses him most of

all -- the Jets do pick up the

first down -- is that Sanders

has rushed for 100 yards or

more in an NFL record 13

straight games since the slow

start this year.

13 in a row -- his consistency.

Then you factor in the fact that

all the defense trying to stop

him and the fact he has only

20 yards in the first half today

gives the Jets defense very high


>> Well, that, Dick, but the

thing is with Barry Sanders, a

lot of times kind of stop him

for a while, but every play,

he's capable of going for 50 or

60 yards, and that's what

usually drives him up over 100.

>> Ball deflected in the air.

Intercepted by Mark Carrier!

And Carrier, the former Bear, is

at the 35 and down at the 31!

The first turnover of the game

goes to the Lions.

[ Crowd cheers ]

>> Well, when you pressure the

quarterback, you make him move

around, you make him throw the

ball before he wants, what

happens is, the quarterback gets


You're Neil O'Donnell, you move

around a little.

And now he's gonna throw a short

pass, quick play-action fake.

Nobody's open.

Now he moves.

You get a little excited.

Throws the ball just a little

harder than he wanted.

Richie Anderson can't come up

with the catch.

>> Mark Carrier, who led the

Lions in interceptions, now has

his fifth on the season on the

deflection, and Detroit with a

break at the Jets' 32.


He'll try to stretch the

defense, and the Jets, true to

their form of the first half,

deny Sanders -- only 2 on the


Hugh Douglas led the charge.

>> What did I just say a few

minutes ago, they've played

mistake-free football -- both


But that was just a heads-up


>> It was a heads-up play by the

defense, but that is a real

danger zone for any offense,

when you throw the ball short

and over the middle.

Anytime the receiver bobbles it,

especially when they let it go

up in the air, it's always

picked off for an interception.

>> Second and 8.

Herman Moore to the right,

Johnnie Morton to the left.

Sanders the solo back.

They go with two tight ends.

Mitchell, pump fake.

And goes for 6.


Intended for Johnnie Morton.

Covered by Otis Smith.

Third down, 8.

Mitchell, good protection.

Wide open is Herman Moore!

And Moore is inside the 15,

first down.

[ Crowd cheers ]

>> That just has to be a blown


Herman Moore, who came into this

ballgame leading the

National Football League with

100 receptions, and is free


>> Herman Moore, number 84,

what happens -- Scott Mitchell

takes a lot of time.

See the defense?

When the quarterback gets that

extra time, the defenders start

spreading wider and wider.

Herman Moore just stood there,

wide open.

>> 16 yards on the play, his

second catch.

Open this time is Morton, and

Morton is inside the 10.

Hit immediately at the 8.

Jerome Henderson the defender.

>> Even though Scott Mitchell,

Phil, has had 2 or 3 completions

in a row, but watch.

He's really not throwing the

ball with a lot of authority.

And his ribs aren't really

bothering him.

>> Well, his ribs are sore, but,

Paul, the good thing is, you

don't want to, especially when

these little passes here over

the middle -- they're short.

Throw them soft so the receiver

can catch them, doesn't bobble


>> Second and 4.


Lot of great moves but all to no

avail, as he's wrapped up by

Dwayne Gordon.

He may have actually lost a


Now they're gonna spot it no


>> Just watch the Jet defense.

They all scoot along the line of

scrimmage, don't overcommit.

Mo Lewis, excellent job of

staying in position, letting

Dwayne Gordon, the linebacker,

come from the inside and make

the play.

>> Have you seen Mitchell

play-action with Barry Sanders


Fake to Barry Sanders and throw?

He has not done it.

And that has got to be one of

the best decoys that you're

gonna have.

>> Third down and 4.

[ Crowd cheers ]

Cascadden chasing Mitchell.

Mitchell has to throw it away.

So, the turnover, but the Jets

defense stiffens inside the 10,

and on comes the field-goal


>> There's one reason why

number 53, Cascadden, is


Watch this guy hustle.

Here he goes.

He breaks the double team

inside, and watch this.

This guy is movement all the

time he's on the field, and they

have to get him on the field.

>> So, Jason Hanson on, former

Academic All-America, 3.80 in

premed at Washington State.

A 25-yard attempt.

And the Lions have their second

field goal.

Mark Anthony Carrier had

10 interceptions as a rookie out

of Southern California with the


Top ball hawk has his fifth of

the year to lead to 3, and it's

a 10-6 Jets' lead.

Aaron Glenn.

Aaron named after the great

home-run slugger.

Waits on the goal line for the

Jets as Hanson hits a high


Glenn up at the 5 to take it in.

The man with the big wallet,

Leon Hess -- he's the one who

reached out and said, "I want

Bill Parcells as my coach of the


Restore the Joe Namath miracle

Super Bowl win in

Super Bowl III.

Can the Jets make the playoffs?

They lead, 10-6, and they draw a

false start, as Fred Baxter

leans offside.

The thing about Parcells is he

doesn't condone penalties.

And it reflects in...

>> False start, offense,

number 84, prior to the snap.

Still first down.

>> That's only the second

penalty in the game, only the

80th this year, third fewest in

the league, and he also has the

least number of turnovers, least

number of interceptions.

>> Well, Dick, a lot of that

comes from the fact, when you

practice with this team, every

day it's like a game.

He tolerates no mistakes in


So, it carries over each Sunday

for his football team.

[ Crowd cheers ]

>> The Lions fans roar on first

and 15.

The swing pass to Anderson.

Hit immediately by Reggie Brown!

[ Crowd cheers ]

>> The defense for Detroit, they

are playing so well.

They're gonna force the offense

to do something.

>> Well, you know what?

The 5-yard penalty the Jets

had -- that's a big, big play.

It gives the defense the crowd.

It gives everybody a little


Now, Neil O'Donnell drops back.

He can feel the pressure.

He doesn't want to add to the

things that are going wrong for

the Jets.

Drops it off quick.

Good tackle outside by

Reggie Brown.

>> Loss on the play.

It's second and 18.

[ Crowd cheers ]

Throw complete to Baxter, who is

topsy-turvied by Ron Rice, the

safety from Eastern Michigan,

out at the 25-yard line.

It'll be third and 10.

>> I like the play.

It's a 9-yard play.

You pick up half of that


Now you're back to third and 10.

You have a chance.

>> Well, you like the play,


They don't have any choice here.

It's a blitz by the Lions.

They have to throw what they

call to the hot receiver, which

is Fred Baxter the tight end.

Good job of him seeing the blitz

and catching the football.

[ Crowd cheers ]

>> O'Donnell gets away from the


Open field.

Slides with a first down out at

the 43-yard line.

Big scramble from the veteran


>> Neil O'Donnell does a good


It's a blitz by the

Detroit Lions.

Neil O'Donnell knows the


They can't pick it up.

Look at the top of your screen.

All the blitzers come.

The Jets do not pick it up.

O'Donnell protects the ball,

steps up, and when you're a

quarterback and it's a blitz,

look at all that open space in

front of him.

>> So, one of the things that

happens when he breaks out -- he

sees all the defensive backs.

They're all facing down the

field the other way.

So, they don't even see him

break out.

>> That's right.

They're chasing receivers.

>> It's the longest run here in

the 16th game of the season --

the longest run by O'Donnell all


And Robert Porcher walks off


Part of that I think just

frustration that he missed


>> Well, Robert Porcher said

yesterday he's gonna get a

little pressure on

Neil O'Donnell.

He gets sandwiched by two of the


That would hurt.

But he said yesterday he was

looking forward to rushing

Neil O'Donnell and this Jet

offense and him as a

quarterback, Dick, because he

says, "He doesn't move around."

And defensive linemen love

coming after a quarterback who

stands there.

>> Wayne Chrebet in as

Keyshawn Johnson out.

And Ray Lucas on first down.

Fake. Roll.

And throw.

Beautiful throw and Kyle Brady

with a first down inside the

Lions' 40-yard line.

>> Well, the Jets trying to

confuse, changing up --

confusing the Detroit Lion


What they do, they bring in

three tight ends.

So, if you're playing defense,

even though Ray Lucas is at

quarterback, three tight ends on

this side.

One went in motion.

Here comes Kyle Brady across the


Look at that big hole.

And we said earlier, Ray Lucas

can throw the ball very well on

the run.

He demonstrated it that time.

>> Lucas 2-for-2 as he has

completed his first two NFL


He stays in.

Hand-off to Anderson to the

36-yard line, a gain of just 1.

Ray Lucas, the former

Scarlet Knight of Rutgers.

He was on special teams, in on

that tackle.

There's his first NFL pass,

completed to Keyshawn Johnson,

on the option, a gain of 19

and another first down.

And you've just seen him drill

a first-down pass to Kyle Brady.

>> Now, you know when Ray Lucas

is spreading out, throwing that

ball, he's hyped up.

That ball's got to be coming out

of his hand as fast as it can go

because this guy is excited

about playing quarterback again.

>> Second and 9 in the biggest

game of the year.

Lucas stays in, keeps it, rolls.

First down, as he skips along

the sideline, sees the sticks,

and ducks out with a first down

at the 26.

>> All right, this is against

the linebacker, Reggie Brown,

number 59.

He's the guy that's on the

outside of the line.

Watch what he does.

He goes inside.

And when he goes inside, Baxter

makes the block inside, Lucas

gets outside.

There's nobody there.

>> Great point.

When Ray Lucas is at

quarterback, if you're outside,

the one thing you got to do is

stay outside because his speed,

he's gonna run there most of the


>> Speaking of outside,

Neil O'Donnell is outside

looking in, as Lucas running the

offense here in the third


6:30 remaining in the third, as

Lucas on first down throws.

His first setup and throw and

complete to Chrebet.

And what isn't he doing right?

He's 3-for-3 throwing.

>> Well, I don't know.

That sheet Coach Parcells showed

us yesterday, with his plays on

the offensive calls, I think

they've used them all already.

So, it's maybe drawing some new

ones this time.

>> But Parcells really had to

make a decision, Joe, before

this game as who he was gonna

play as his backup quarterback

or third quarterback.

>> And we're seeing the reason


Well, Glenn Foley still not

feeling well, but we see the

reason why he wanted this guy to

get in the game and make some

plays for him.

>> Amazingly, Lucas, on two

rushes has more yardage gained

than Barry Sanders in the game.

Hand-off to Richie Anderson,

down to the 20-yard line, a

pickup of 2.

That will bring up third down

and about 4 1/2.

>> Most importantly, what

they're doing is they're staying

in bounds, they're completing

passes, they're running the

ball, and the clock keeps going.

>> And you, know, Paul, the big

thing is, the offense -- you

said it.

They were struggling.

The Lions defense starting to

play well.

You're the coach.

We got to change the momentum

here, somehow.

So, he inserts Ray Lucas, and it

does change the game.

>> Leon Johnson and Lorenzo Neal


Lucas, who was a free agent,

undrafted by New England last

year, as Parcells picked him as

a special teams' player.

Third down and 4.


running out of room, throws.

That's incomplete.

Flag down.

Jerald Sowell was the intended


Holding is the call against the


>> Parcells is livid.

Malamala is the guy that comes

out, number 75, and he's


What he's trying to do really is

to protect his quarterback.

That's the one thing.

>> Holding, offense, number 75.

10-yard penalty -- repeat the


Third down.

>> Siupeli Malamala from

Washington, the right tackle.

>> There's Malamala right here,

number 75.

Now watch. See the holding?

The flag comes out right here.

Lucas goes out.

The ball is thrown down.

I don't know that I would really

take the penalty here.

I'd put them in fourth down and

make them kick the field goal.

>> But the Lions take the

penalty, moving it to the

29-yard line, where it is third


>> Surprised they're keeping

Ray Lucas at quarterback, quite


This type of situation, it looks

for a pass down the field,

something he hasn't done so far.

>> Third and 14.

Down the middle.


Back comes Ron Rice.

Out of bounds.

So, the Jets are denied!

[ Crowd cheers ]

>> Boy, there should be a flag

at the end of this on Ray Lucas

because he just throws Ron Rice.

After he's out of bounds, he

throws him into the camera

people that are down on the


This is a terrible pass.

>> Well, it would be, Paul, but

we got to realize who it's

coming from.

Ray Lucas has never seen this

type of coverage.

He thinks the tight end is gonna

be open down the middle.

Nobody there.

Ron Rice standing, looking at

the quarterback the whole time.

But watch Lucas.

He's a special teams' player.

>> They do throw the flag on


Watch what Lucas does.

He throws him out of bounds.

There's a 15-yard penalty tacked

on top of it.

Not only do you throw the

interception, but you make the

dumb mistake of hitting a guy

out of bounds.

Well, you're gonna see Lucas now

with Rice.

He's gonna throw him out of


Watch at the end of this.

Think defensive backs don't'

protect their own?

There's Lucas standing there.

Watch number 27, Mark Carrier,

who got one of the other

interceptions earlier in the


Here he comes in.

"Hey, hey, hey."

>> And with the penalty, the

Lions start at their own 42,

trailing 10-6, 4:00-plus

remaining in the third quarter.


Incomplete to Johnnie Morton.

Otis Smith very quick to the


>> It looked like hesitation on

Scott Mitchell's part that time.

I watched him in the first half.

I didn't think his ribs would be

a problem, but I noticed him a

few times walking down the

field, grabbing his right side,

adjusting his equipment.

That's usually a good sign that

something's bothering a

quarterback, when they get a

little fidgety out there.

>> Bobby Ross, who brought great

success to the Chargers, trying

to get to the playoffs his first

year in Detroit.

The hand-off to Sanders.

Sanders trying to get out.

Cannot get around the defense of

James Farrior, the rookie from


>> Remember I said earlier in

this game at the beginning, if

you just stay home and wait,

he'll come back to you?

Well, Farrior, you talk about a

great play by a linebacker.

And all Farrior does -- he's on

the left-hand side.

You won't see him yet.

He'll wait.

He stays there.

He's not even in the picture.

See him waiting?

Here comes Sanders right back to


He waits to the spot where he's

supposed to be.

Tackles him for a loss.

>> Update -- only 21 yards for a

man who has rushed for 100 or

more in 13 consecutive games.

Third down, 11.

Jets again showing Mitchell


His throw to Moore out of

bounds, short of the first down

at the 49 of the Jets'.

That's a full yard plus short of

the first down.

What will Bobby Ross call?

He's gonna send in the punt


>> You watch Herman Moore on

this play here, Phil.

You talk about what a great

receiver he is.

He saw that he needed another

yard and a half, and he just

couldn't make it.

He couldn't make his legs get

him there because a defensive

back was on him.

>> They're not taking any


Ross trailing by 4.

Leon Johnson now waiting for

John Jett's punt.

>> ...and hope that the Jets go


>> Johnson lets it bounce.

It will take a lateral bounce

out of bounds around the 17-yard


Jets lead, 10-6, closing in on

the final minutes of the third


To the winner, the playoffs.

And the Detroit Lion defense has

played very well this second


No gain as Murrell hits a stone


[ Crowd cheers ]

Second and 10 for O'Donnell.

Quick toss to the tight end


Breaks a tackle and cartwheels

out to the 28-yard line, a yard

shy of a first down.

Rice and Spindler,

Marc Spindler, make the tackle.

Ray Lucas watching.

>> At this time of the game, you

see some of the blitzing still

by the teams.

They're making Neil O'Donnell

throw the ball short and quick.

Good job by Kyle Brady being

ready for it.

That's a big man rumbling

forward for a few extra yards.

>> O'Donnell using his

tight ends -- 6 catches by his

tight ends.

[ Crowd cheers ]

Third and a long 1.

Leon Johnson stuffed in the


Number 57 Stephen Boyd.

The Lions leading tackler made

the stop and denied the first


>> Stephen Boyd, number 57, has,

going into this game, 118 solo


Watch number 57.

This is how to play

middle linebacker.

You see the hole?

You fill the hole.

You make the tackle.

>> Played at Boston College.

He's only