Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Natasha Brenner, Animal Rights Activist at 96

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I'm Natasha Bremer. I just had my 96th birthday. I'm a vegan. I live in New York

City and I'm very fortunate because I live above Whole Foods and they are

loaded with all kinds of vegan foods. I'm an animal activist-that's what I try to

spend my days doing; actions on my computer every single day. This is the

protest at City Hall for the animals. I like that one. I love being a vegan

because I'm not hurting any animal. I've been vegetarian since 1972. Is that the

cutest thing? That's me. If you saw a child on the street that was crying or

suffering or whatever, you would do what you could for that child. Well I don't

see the difference if you saw an animal of any kind. They have a language. Just

because we don't understand it doesn't mean it isn't there. Certainly they have

pain and suffering. And I don't want to be contributing to that. My wonderful

friend called me from London and said go to your computer and this is what she

sent me. London Vogue, first of all, those are not that-she's not wearing animal-

friendly clothes. You know? Her boots, her collar. It's not animal friendly

at all! Just awful. Oh I hate it, but there it is.

Don't you dare-don't you dare. I love the new Beyond Burger. It's absolutely

fabulous. I don't even like it on a bun. I just put it on the plate with a little

ketchup and I'm in heaven. When I say I'm 96 really truly amazed and then when

I say I'm vegan they say "oh really?" You know, very interested and

surprised and just surprised. I don't know why, but they are. I have health

problems, yes because I'm 96, but otherwise I'm fine.

And certainly my diet has tremendous amounts to do with it. You're doing it

for animals that suffer and you're doing it for yourself because it gives you angel

wings. Haha. I don't believe in angels, but it makes you healthier and you're doing

good while you're here.

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