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Syria - September 26, 2012

Al-Qaeda attacks the Syrian Ministry of Defense

Thierry Meyssan: On the right side the van is going to explode

when it passes the wall of the Syrian Ministry of Defence.

It is located right at the entrance of the Umayyad Square and you can see

on the right the tunnel which passes under the Place.

Explosive charge is extremely strong

and is almost shaking the entire city.

A second team has entered disguised as Syrian soldiers,

within the Ministry of Defence with a car

and the second car exploded a bit later.

The attackers, though, enter one of the buildings of the Ministry of Defence

hoping to find the Chiefs of Staff to murder them.

In fact, they set fire to the building.

Immediately, the army withdraws from this building and encircles it.

A battle will follow to neutralize the attackers.

The responsability of this operation has been claimed, on the one hand by the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda;

on the other hand, according to al-Jazeera, by the Army "Free Syrian."

This is not necessarily contradictory since most experts in the United States,

including those of the Council on Foreign Relations,

consider that Al-Qaeda in Syria is a branch of the Army "Free Syrian."

It is in the course of this report that our colleague Maya Nasser was assassinated

by a sniper who was outside

and who shot him in the neck.

You can see that the battle is quite violent

but it is actually doesn't last very long.

The attackers were misinformed.

In fact, the building they attacked was not

the one of the military officials they were targeting.

In fact, the operation requires very few people as they are all suicide bombers.

The requirement, of course, is that everyone knows he has no chance to survive.

The attackers had planned to blow themselves up.

They had suicide belts.

They had to blow up once they had met the heads of Chiefs Of Staff.

Ultimately, they could not make use of these explosive belts.

They were shot before.

As we see, this operation - like the one that beheaded the military command in mid-July

during the Battle of Damascus - was meant to deprive Syria from its army,

of its defense capability, while part of the country has been occupied since 1967 by the State of Israel

and that State of Israel wants extend its territory even further .

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