Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Wastebusters - Idling Myths - Connecticut DEP

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( upbeat rock music )

( sleepy music )

( truck idling )

( snoring )


( truck turning off )

The guys have gotta see this!

Dave, Lola!

Get down to Wastebusters Headquarters!

Right Away!

( tires screeching )

( car doors slamming )

Lloyd, This better be good.

Yeah, dude.

What could be so important

that you drag us down here

at the crack of dawn?


We have to come up with

some ideas to help people learn

about Connecticut's anti-idling law!

In many states, including Connecticut

it's illegal to idle your car

for more than three minutes.

Today on Wastebusters

Lloyd, Dave and Lola

will test two idling myths.

Let's get to work.

( car starting )

( upbeat music )

Idling your car doesn't

waste much fuel, right?

Wrong Dave.

Idling your car for 30 seconds

wastes more fuel

than turning it on and

then turning it off again.


With today's economy

who'd want to waste fuel?

I 've got an idea.

Let's see if idling your car

wastes fuel, or not.

Yeah, let's test that myth.

Let's see if the Wastebusters

can bag this myth.

First they connect bags

of gasoline to their cars.

Lloyd and Dave time

how long it will take

to burn that fuel, by idling.

At the same time

Lola will find out

how much gas is used

with her car turned off.

( fanfare )


Let's compare the results!

After one hour of idling

Lloyd and Dave's car burned

a fifth of a gallon of gas!

Lola wins!

Shutting off her car saved fuel!

( car starting & loud bang )

There are 2.3 million passenger

vehicles in Connecticut.

If every Connecticut driver

were to idle 5 minutes less, each day

tens of millions of dollars in fuel

would be saved each year!

That's a lot of cheddar, Jack!

( car starting )

( hip music )

Idling your car doesn't create

much pollution, does it?

I'm not so sure about that Lloyd.

Burning just one gallon of gasoline

produces about 20 pounds

of air pollutants.

Only one way to find out.

Let's test that myth.

Let's watch while the Wastebusters

exhaust this myth.

Lloyd and Dave measure the emissions

from their idling car's tailpipe.

Lola, does the same with her car

turned off.


( loud siren )

Let's check out the results.

Lloyd and Dave's car produced emissions

which pollute our environment!

Lola, wins again!

Shutting off her car

created zero emissions!

( car starting and loud bang )

If every Connecticut driver

were to idle five minutes less

each day

over 140,000 tons

of greenhouse gases

and toxic emissions

would be prevented

from entering the air each year.

The equivalent of taking

23,000 cars off the road.

That's a lot of breathing room!

( people exhaling )


You guys are pretty smart, aren't you?

( Boink! )

At least one of us.

How many miles per gallon

does an idling car get?

That's easy!


The results are in!

Shutting your car off

saves fuel and

protects the environment.

Thanks to Dave, Lola and Lloyd

These idling myths

have been busted!



Definitely, busted!

Thanks for watching Wastebusters!

( upbeat music )

( idling van )

( record scratching )

( playful music )

Aww, Busted!

( van being turned off )

For more information on

Connecticut's idling laws

visit the DEP website at


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