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It's time to announce the winner of my first ever Eat Sleep Dream English competition.

Are you ready?

There were over 150 people who entered this competition to win a one hour English lesson

with me on a London bus. Thank you so much to all of you for entering. There were some

amazing comments. It was so difficult to choose the winner but I finally was able to do it.

Now before I announce the winner I have something really special to tell everybody. If you have

entered and you didn't win, don't worry because you do have an opportunity to meet me in person.

On the 19th December, that's a Tuesday, I'm going to have my second Eat Sleep Dream English

meet up. That's right! We are going to get together in London and we are going to hang

out together, maybe have a coffee, we'll chat, we'll talk about English, we'll talk about

London. We did it once before and it was awesome and so I thought we'll let's do it again,

ok? So if you are in London on the 19th December (2017), it's a Tuesday, then you can come

along to the second Eat Sleep Dream English meet up, ok? Come and have a chat with me

and ask me any questions you want and just hang out. And you'll get to meet other Eat

Sleep Dreamers as well. It's going to be super fun. There will be more details about what

time and where very soon, ok? But save that date, the 19th December, it's a Tuesday, we

are going to get together, ok? So for all you guys that entered and didn't win please

come along, I would love to meet you all. Alright, are we ready for the winner? The

winner is AmyLee Paris! That's right AmyLee Paris. Now AmyLee left an amazing comment.

She's an artist, a French artist living in London and she's been here for three years

and she hasn't had much opportunity to speak English to other people and she said that

her colleagues are her brushes and her paints and so she doesn't get a chance to speak to

people. She's been a follower of Eat Sleep Dream English for a while and she follows

all my videos and she has a particular problem with understanding people in noisy places.

So AmyLee I'd love to give you an English lesson on a bus which is of course a pretty

noisy place. So that will be great practise for you and yes I'm looking forward to doing

that. So thank you to everyone for entering the competition it was amazing. Congratulations

to AmyLee for winning. But remember guys two things. There are two things that I have to

say. Firstly the meet up on the 19th December on Tuesday, you've got to come along. And

secondly I will be doing another competition and I'll do a Skype lesson competition as

well so that all of you around the world, even if you can't get to London, you can enter

and hopefully win that prize. Ok, so thank you so much to everyone again for entering

I can't wait to do it again. I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the Eat Sleep Dream English

meet up. Until we meet again guys, this is Tom, the Chief Dreamer, saying goodbye.

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