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Maybe between all the people here today, there is someone that may had some problems both physical and psychological. Sometimes these problems can have unexplainable origin. The Dot. Malanga this evening will speak of the matter about the alien. A fact that takes over the fantasy indeed.

For years through research and hard working he managed to contribute for lots of people to find an answer abut some strange behaviour.

Thank you .Then. Thank you for inviting me here. It is an important occasion for saying something . In order to give a basic information at least from my point of view obviously.

So the argument of which we are going to talk this evening, it is an argument that we can callalien interference” . That is it, we will talk about aliens on this planet: about what they do and what they dont.

It is evident that facing such kind of argument may recall a doubt by somebodys point of view, unbelief; there is the sciencesattitude; the politicsattitude; and the churchs attitude.

As a result they become a general point of view that is not really in harmony with what I am saying.

Many enemies, lots of glory someone said. Since my steering wheel was cut some years ago

I worry a bit, but not too much, after all, one bad seed is always followed by another

as usual I found myself inside the case studying this problem, I did not wanted to do it, as usual,

I just went into the case by chance .

Then, lots of year ago, I was in the CUN national ufology centre and

this argument was examined only by the Americans, Budd Hopkins particularly.

Then Dr, John Mack, Pulizer winning author and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School University medical school arrived

Then one day he devoted himself to the alien subject and the university made a process on him.

A process for which he wrote a book that treats 22 events analyzed with the regressive hypnosis

the subjects were saying of remember that they have been taken by the aliens, and these aliens did something to them.

These are the days when the official science is put on danger because

John Mack,psychiatry of Harvard Medical School University was processed. The process from which the university itself will walk out as loser

Because John Mack shows that this case exists, he studied these people that had these problems and so the problem exists .

he didnt say that the alien exists, but he said that the problem exists, it is not few.

During those years I was moving inside the CUN I served as the president .I was the expert about the technology and science

Inside the CUN there has never been any great genius .

There were journalists , historians, archivists, but I was coming from the organicschemical ,

I did all the university path , I studied the quantums mathematics .Therefore I had a mentality completely different, 2 different things. When there was something strange, they saidgo you there you are an expert”.

once in Genova there was a guy called Valerio Ronzi which reported that he has seen some lights went around them self ,

when he was 15 years in camping, and then he forgot what happened later .

they sent me there. It is stared here things ,

I did not wanted to go, but they wanted me to go there , thereby we have stared to study this event.

we found out under hypnosis that this guy was telling the same things told by the American abductees.

it means that the problem is not only American, but also Italians

After that we published the book. That book was published in 2 editions. 35 000 copies sold out, and it became something tremendous,

it made furious the CUN. Why?

They pushed me to publish that book, but once it was published, they realized that there were the forbidden

things which their military friends didnt like to be published.

They got it too late. So they started to say that was a book of bull shit,

which is also possible, but there was the preface of the CUN president Roberto Pinotti

Somebody asked Pinotti how could he make a preface of that book and he answered easily that he made that preface

without reading the book. He ruined more his position in that way saying those words in front of 300 persons in San Marino during an international ufological congress.

So from there I started to detach from the CUN for several motives which I dont wanna tell now. I went on my own way.


Cause it was an error of the CUN,

they gave me an order, i m a man of word, i would die for bringing to the end my duty.

So until now I m here doing my job. I just found myself inside the matter, i didnt wanna go, but i was pusher there and now i m here.

What did we discover then ?

the strangest things of the world that we never could imagine


The book about Valerio Lonzi (UFO in mind) was a bait

for the Italian market in order to see the reaction of people if they would be captured by that case.

Somebody reading the book recognised him or herself in that story,

living again the things that has hidden, disguised, cancelled.

The book includes his experiences reconstructed in a hypnotic state:

his first experience when he was sucked up by that kind of machine,

his hairs were straighten out of the skin, he found himself inside that big room and surrounded

by that entities tall four feet and 3 fingers on hands, bad smelling, big heads,

black eyed that did to him whatever they want.

ars and a half together the Dot. Moretti from Genova.

At that time I didntt do the hypnosis, was Dot. Moretti doing it -

then everybody accuse me, poor me - we were together,

Moretti induced the subject into hypnosis and I went on with hypnosis,

namely I was asking the questions as Moretti didnt know what to ask since he was a psychologist.

I knew something about UFO, I knew where to push,

we even prepared a protocol previously.

I told Moretti that he should induce the guy into hypnosis and then I would ask him that, this, the subject would answer me so and etc. .....

it was in that way always.

Valerio repeated the same things that we read in American books, but he never read it obviously.

but he never read it obviously.

The book was got by 35000 persons, it was read by approximately 35000 persons for three about 100,000 people read that book.

Then I started to receive the letters, calls by phone.

They say: - Listen, you are the author of that bookah really?

I found it just in some bookstore, you knowI found myself there

That was a woman which called me many years ago. - I found myself in that things you wrote, they happened to me also.

But I was not brave enough to share it with anybody.

And she starts to tell me her experiences, dreams, the surgery operations, the things that were done to her.

All the things.

At the end of the call my ear was like a ball, 2 hours at phone after a hard long working day at 11 p.m.

But the people need to be listened.

At the end of call she says me:

now when I told you all these things, please, tell me that Im crazy,

, so we close it here forever.-

And I answer her:

dont think that you are crazy, I think that you didnt dream those things, but they are happened to you really.

3 seconds of silence.

Now it was me that was expecting her to say: - no, sir, you are crazy, you didnt understand a damn.

actually not.

she agreed:

-I always knew that it was real. thats what was happening to me. There were the answers of persons to the things that I wrote (human genesis).

Then we started saying: we need to work more on it, let us try to understand more.

With the test of Valerio Ronzi we didnt understand anything.

We believed that we understood, but actually we understood nothing;

Yes, this subject was taken; the aliens were made in a certain way;

they were taking him to their flying machine;

were doing their business on you and then brought you back home and you found yourself totally bumped off without memory.

There were coming many letters,

we had to understand, so we have invented a test of auto valuation.


has nothing to do with the train speed.

TAV: test of auto valuation, which was modified by time and served to screen all the persons that were writing to us.

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