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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HIP Power Accounts

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How does my power account work for me?

Think of your power account as a special

savings account that you can use to pay for covered healthcare expenses.

Every HIP member has a power account. While the state contributes most of the money in

your power account, you will be responsible for monthly contributions based on your income.

What other benefits does my power account offer?

By making your monthly power account payment, you remain eligible for HIP Plus,

which offers better health coverage including vision, dental and chiropractic benefits.

It's very important to make your payment each month depending on your income

you could lose coverage if you don't pay.

If I don't visit the doctor often, what happens to the money in my power account if I don't use it?

If you take good care of yourself and avoid injury, accidents and don't get really sick,

you can have money left at the end of the year that will roll over to the next year.

That could mean your monthly contribution amount would be lower.

But even if you do run out of money in the account, don't worry.

HIP covers any expenses over $2,500.

That sounds like a good deal to me!

If you do have any more questions about power accounts or HIP,

don't hesitate to ask a navigator, or by visiting


The Description of HIP Power Accounts