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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: U.S. Senate acquits President Trump of impeachment charges

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now the world witnessed a bit of historic of a bit of a historic moment

in Washington within the past hour or so the US Senate has just acquitted

President Trump of the two impeachment charges against him of finding him not

guilty is what has happened for more on this and other news from around the

world let's turn to our union men John Mitton this was essentially a foregone

conclusion given the amount of senators it would have required to remove him

from office but give us the details sure mark the Senate has just declared

president Trump not guilty on the two charges facing against him which were

abuse of power and obstruction of Congress for the first article abuse of

power 52 senators voted not guilty and 48

voted guilty for the second article obstruction of Congress 53 senators

voted not guilty while 47 voted guilty it all ended the way as many predicted

some two weeks ago when the Senate impeachment trial began after the two

articles were delivered from the House of Representatives

Meteor reports have been saying that Trump's acquittal was always likely

though a majority of senators expressed unleased with President Trump allegedly

soliciting a foreign powers for his own political gain Republican senator Mitt

Romney broke ranks from his party and as he voted against Trump on the abuse of

power article this was the third president impeachment vote in Congress

in US history so far no president has ever been removed by the Senate and now

that includes President Trump in the meantime House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had

sparked controversy after she tore up her copy of President Trump State of the

Union address at Capitol Hill on Tuesday night Democrats celebrated her move as

an act of defiance but the White House called a move a tantrum White House

councilor Kellyanne Conway said she believes Pelosi should be censored by

the house or to have Senate should pass a resolution to denounce her behavior

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