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of 15 unusual aircraft from yesterday to today.

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- [Alex] Number 15.

- [Glen] The Eraole is powered by electricity

that comes from three different power sources,

including solar panels that cover the wings,

providing part of the power, while hydrogen offers some

and a combustion engine running on total biojet fuel

instead of the initially planned

marine algae, provides the rest.

Pilot Raphael Dinelli and his team hope to get the plane

up to 70 hours of flight time, after which they'll have

a test flight from New York to Le Bourget France

this summer, following Charles Lindbergh's

historic flight across the Atlantic.

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- [Alex] Number 14.

- [Glen] Designed by Barnaby Wainfan,

a Northrop Grumman aerodynamicist,

the Wainfan FMX-4 Facetmobile is a low aspect ratio

experimental home-built sport airplane.

The first flight happened in April of '93

and the plane has approximately

130 hours of total flight time.

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- [Alex] Number 13.

- [Glen] A single engined jet aircraft by Metal-Master

the Flaris LAR 1 completed its first flight on April 8th

of this year, test flights confirmed that the lightweight

five seat personal jet could take off

using less than 330 feet of runway,

an incredibly low take off weight,

advanced propulsion and exceptional aerodynamics

give this reduced emissions and low consumption rate.

The LAR 1 can also climb at a rate 5900 feet per minute.

Metal-Master hopes to have certification from Poland

by the end of the year and the European Union

Aviation Safety Agency by the end of 2020.

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- [Alex] Number 12.

- [Glen] The Proteus built in 1997 and 98

is designed by Burt Rutan, the Proteus features

a tandem wing, twin boom configuration

with two rear-mounted turbo fan engines supplying power.

It can carry loads at altitudes above 50000 feet.

And remain on a mission for up to 14 hours.

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- [Alex] Number 11.

- [Glen] Developed in the early '80s

as a replacement for the King Air,

the Beechcraft Starship is a twin turbo prop powered,

six to eight passenger aircraft with pusher propellers

and a front canard wing, a costly aircraft,

this used a fully composite airframe and a glass cockpit.

Designed by Burt Rutan, the Starship had the added

safety feature of being practically stall proof.

If the aircraft tries to stall, the canards stall first

which makes the nose drop slightly and ensures

the main wing continues to fly, allowing for stall recovery.

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- [Alex] Number 10.

- [Glen] French creator LISA invented the light aircraft

Akoya, a blend of impressive performance,

smooth lines a unique versatility.

The two seat aircraft is unique because

it can land on land, water, or snow.

The most important innovation is the patented sea foil

technology that allows the plane to take off from water.

Small fin like wings under the aircraft let it

operate in the water while performing well in the air.

The aircraft's retractable landing gears

fitted with both skis and wheels making it

the only aircraft that can take off

from snow and land on water.

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- [Alex] Number nine.

- [Glen] Founded in 2012, Dinelly Aerosystems

was created with the intention of manufacturing

and developing a multifunctional gyrocopter.

The Exogyro comes in 16 different models.

These aircraft come with four doors,

have up to five seats, a co-ax pusher propeller system

and V tail, a co-ax rotor system

and have full integration of disaster management systems.

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- [Alex] Number eight.

- [Glen] Developed by Carter Aviation Technologies,

the Cartercopter is a hybrid between

an airplane and a rotorcraft.

Slowed rotor or compound technology

combines the vertical take off and landing of a helicopter

with the range, efficiency and speed of an airplane.

Slowing the rotor to about one third of the normal RPM

reduces rotor drag and translates

into better fuel efficiency, a continuous hover

capability and quiet operation.

Carter is now trying to get this jump takeoff aircraft

to market and is focused on production planning,

licensing the technology or forming a joint venture.

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- [Alex] Number seven.

- [Glen] The Rutan Voyager is a twin engine,

twin boom, single wing, home-built aircraft

that was made for long distance flight

and includes 17 fuel tanks.

This is unique in the fact that it is constructed

almost entirely of lightweight graphite honeycomb

composite materials, both engines are used

for takeoff and climbing and then the front engine

turns off to save fuel during flight.

The Voyager was the first aircraft to fly non-stop

around the world without refueling.

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- [Alex] Number six.

- [Glen] Larger than most General Aviation aircraft,

the Velocity XL, the flagship of the Velocity line

has the largest cabin of all four seat kit aircraft,

10 inches longer and five and a half inches wider,

the XL is 47 and a half inches shoulder to shoulder.

One inch increased seat height for the pilot and copilot

and two inches increased on the rear seats.

The XL has a cruise speed of 200 knots

and the recommended engine capacity for this

single engined airplane is 260 to 310 horsepower.

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- [Alex] Number five.

- [Glen] Marketed by BJ Schramm in 1958

as a single seat amateur-built helicopter,

the Schramm Javelin is made of an aluminum body shell,

a tubular steel structure and powered by

a Mercury powerboat engine.

Designed to be easy to fly, this had few components

for quick and easy maintenance.

The helicopter first flew in 1965,

then it was redesigned as the Scorpion

and they claimed to make 250 of them using

Schramm's new company, RotorWay Aircraft Incorporated.

Schramm built the prototype Scorpion in 1966

and production of the kits started in 1968.

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- [Alex] Number four.

- [Glen] The Aventura Aero, made for extended range

and endurance as a cost effective multi mission capability.

This is safe, comfortable and fun to fly.

Easy to operate and to learn, these feature

a highly efficient four blade carbon fiber propeller,

and detachable fuel tanks.

You can ride in comfort with the seat heating system

and side by side cockpit.

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- [Alex] Number three.

- [Glen] AeroflightX based near Munich Germany

unveiled its V600 prototype on April 10th

at the Aero Friedrichshafen 2019 aviation trade show.

The all electric aircraft has two sets of wings,

six propellors for lift, a pusher propellor

for forward flight and a tricycle landing gear.

The completed vehicle can carry three to five people

and can make changes to meet EASA certification requirements

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- [Alex] Number two.

- [Glen] Built near Kindel Airfield near Eisenach Germany,

the Horten HX-2 premiered at the Aero 2019 in April.

This cost effective two seater is a light aircraft

with no hull, the HX-2 flies faster and farther

than comparable fuselage based airplanes

because of its low drag, and is suited for

future integration of any new drive technology.

Horten plans call for an autonomous and multi-seated

versions of the present prototype.

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- [Alex] Number one.

- [Glen] Vision Jet is a jet that is meant to be flown

by the owner and does not require a professional pilot.

A revolution in flying, this fills the void

between a lightweight jet and high performance pistons.

Wasting little time, Cirrus improved on

the Collier Trophy winning Vision Jet

and unveiled the generation two SF50

with a new flight deck, a maximum altitude increase,

Garmin prospective touch, improved high altitude performance

and plenty of cabin enhancements.

And the Vision Jet sets new standards in safety,

with the Cirrus airframe parachute system.

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