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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 TIPS FOR A CLEAN HOME | HABITS FOR KEEPING A CLEAN HOUSE

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- Hi guys, welcome back to my channel.

In today's video I'm going to be sharing with you

my top 10 tips on how to keep a clean home.

These are habits that I do

to make my house look clean and organized.

It's very difficult to keep it clean

with young children.

I have three boys under the age of six

so sometimes as I'm cleaning

it feels like they're literally behind me,

messing up my good work.

But there are 10 things that I do that I think

keep my house looking clean and organized.

So I'm gonna share them with you today.

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and yeah I hope you like these tips.

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I swear my viewers have the best ideas

but anyway, enough from me.

Let's get into it.

So my first tip is a really quick and easy one

but it is so effective

and it is to make your bed every morning.

Just by taking a couple of minutes to make your bed,

can make your whole room look so much cleaner.

After I get ready in the morning,

I will just run around and make the kids' beds as well

'cause they're still a little bit young

and it just makes the whole upstairs look tidy.

My next tip is to fold clothes

in the Marie Kondo way of folding.

I recently read her book which is called

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it inspired me

to reorganize all of my clothes like this.

So you basically refold your clothes

in these little parcels and then you line them up

in your drawer and it makes finding things

so much easier and quicker especially for my children.

They can just open a drawer and find what they want to wear

easily without taking every item of clothes out.

It's also really space saving

because that drawer was full but now I have extra space

and with smaller items I like to buy these little containers

from the pound shop

and then put the smaller items in that.

So I Marie Kondo'd even his pants

and then I've got his socks and his school socks

and his accessories.

And I've gone that little bit further as well

and actually labeled

all of my little containers and drawers.

This makes life so much more organized.

My next tip is to invest in some clever storage solutions

around your house and if you have any problem areas

with things building up,

it is to find a clever solution for that.

This is the boy's toy storage.

I also had a problem with all of our plastic cups

so I got these little baskets from Poundland

and although it still looks a bit disorganized

it is honestly so much more organized.

I also had an issue with just shoes building up

at the front door every day

and it would drive me crazy.

So I actually got a carpenter

to build us an under the stairs storage unit like this

which just slides out.

It was dead space we didn't use anyway

and it is the best money I've ever spent.

It just hides all of the shoes

and it makes me so, so happy.

I also had a problem with towels

because we have a very small family bathroom for five of us

but now I have hooks on the back of the door.

One for each boy so everyone knows

whose towel is whose and it's just been really, really good

to find solutions like this.

While it's great to have good storage

it is also really important to minimalize your things

every six months or so.

I like to take out all of my clothes

at the change of every season

and just go through what I want to keep

and what I want to throw or give to charity.

If I haven't worn it for six to 12 months

it is time to say goodbye

because I'm obviously not gonna use it

and I also regularly do this with my makeup

and also with the kids' toys

because it really builds up.

My next tip is to have clear counters

and that may seem like a very obvious tip

but I think it's worth saying

because it makes such a difference.

It's a bit like making your bed

to make your room feel clean.

If I ever have people coming 'round

I will concentrate on putting everything away.

I even have places for bigger appliances to go

and then just wipe down the counters

and once that's done

I feel like my entire kitchen

just looks so much cleaner

and same goes for bedroom surfaces as well.

If everything is off of the surfaces

it just looks so tight.

If I'm ever doing a deeper clean

I like to clean from the top down

so I would dust from the highest point

that I need to dust from.

Then clean all of the surfaces

and then finally do the floor.

There is no point in doing the floor

if you are then going to put dust on it

from cleaning the surfaces.

With bigger tasks I like to break it up

and do a little bit a day.

If you've followed my channel for awhile

you'll know that I love a routine

and my cleaning routine for laundry

is to put on a load every morning,

dry it every afternoon and then fold it

and put it away every evening.

I find this is so much easier

than doing a dozen loads at the weekend.

My next tip may seem a little bit strange

but it honestly motivates me so much to clean

and that is to invest in nice and clever cleaning products.

I used to hate hoovering but now that I have

this very lightweight hoover

which is a Dyson V6 I look forward to hoovering,

as sad as that sounds.

I also got a really clever dishwasher product

where you just put the washing liquid into the handle of it

and then it's much easier to wash dishes

and I really enjoy using it

and I also have this amazing mop.

I know loads of my viewers have already bought this

because it's in my cleaning routines

but I love it.

All you have to do is fill it up

with the liquid and then you can spray it around your floor

and clean your floors really, really quick and easily.

And it's kind of fun to use.

Even my kids want to try it out.

So I think by buying and investing

in a few cool products like this

it will really make you want to clean more.

It's a bit like getting new gym gear

so that you work out more.

My next tip is don't sit down.

At the end of the day, once your kids are in bed

and you're really tired,

don't sit down until you've done everything

that you wanna do for the next day.

In our house we like to get everything done

before we go up to bed

because it's so nice to come down to a clean house.

So as I'm making dinner I will get jobs done

like make lunches or snacks for the kids.

I'll do all of the dishes before we actually eat dinner

because it's just so much easier to get it all done then.

We just know that once we sit down on that couch

and our tummies are full and the TV is on,

we will not be getting up and doing anything else.

So sometimes our dinners eat a little bit colder

just because we want to get everything clean

and done before we sit down

and the last that I always do at the end of the day

is to put on the dishwasher

and then it's so nice in the morning

when you come down to a clean house.

And my last tip is to get help and delegate.

My little boys love to help me

even though they are so young

they'll help me empty the dishwasher

and also tidy up their toys at the end of the day.

It's also great to give your partner some jobs,

maybe they're in charge of laundry

or helping you out with the dishes.

If you cook, they wash et cetera

and if you have the budget and you hate cleaning,

why not get a cleaner?

If it helps you out and it's something you don't enjoy doing

then it's worth the money.

Right, so that is it for this video.

I really hope you enjoyed my tips.

Please let me know what you think

in the comments below

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I post three videos a week

and I would to have you as a viewer

and yes, thanks so much for watching

and I'll see you soon, bye.