Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teddy Bear BEHIND THE SCENES

Difficulty: 0

Tuzu: Dog, dog, dog!

Tuzu: Oh, wow

Tuzu: Let's draw the scenes of the murderes

Tuzu: Like childish drawings, you know what I mean

Tuzuz: yeah?

BamBam: Yasss

Paula: There are color pencils, yeah?

Tuzu: yeah, yeah

Bambam: Oh, cool


Tuzu: I hate those color pencils

Tuzu: COOL

Tuzu: I hate it

Tuzu: When I'm texting with you, you respond like that

Bambam: Me?!

Tuzu: Yes

Tuzu: Yeah, COOL

Tuzu: Yeah, we'll find each other [refers to a past conversation]


Bambam: I didn't say-


Bambam: I didn't say I hated it

Bambam: Did I say I hated it?

Bambam: Tuzu, I didn't say I hated it

Tuzu: No, you didn't, but like...

Bambam: So what did I say, what wrong did I say?

Tuzu: COOL!

Bambam: When?!


Bambam: Okay, stop talking about those PLUMS, dammit

Tuzu: Paula went bring some gloves cause she's afraid of glue

Tuzu: Cat, are you aware of being a cat?

Tuzu: You can't lie to yourself forever

Paula: OOOOOO, I have an idea

Tuzu: Ouch! It hurt me :(

Tuzu: Oh, JESUS

Tuzu: I'm trying to make a new friend

Eliza: Damn

Tuzu: I don't have any comments

Tuzu: We gotta talk with each other

Bambam: yeah, exactly

Tuzu: plum, plum, plum, plum

Tuzu: You like it, Teddy?

Bambam: How about a cookie?

Tuzu: oooh, thank you!

Bambam: Hey, but not the entire plate!

Tuzu: We have to run through this

Tuzu: *mumbles sth about the table*

Bambam: The table can run away with us?

Bambam: I heard it could run with us

Paula: Welcome to my party, so, I...

Paula: I'll pour you your cups of tea

Paula: So... Princess Tuzu...

Bambam: I told you she shouldn't speak

Bambam: Or talk about some nonsense that doesn't fit here

Eliza: I dont know, "be-be, be-be"?

Paula: Live or not to li... no, wait

Paula: *quotes Adam Mickiewicz*

Bambam: One, two, three

Tuzu: Someone knocked aon the door!

Lenor: Who could it be?

Bambam: We hadn't invited anyone!

Paula: Pizza man!

Paula: What the fuck

Tuzu: Pizzaaaaaaaaa

Bambam: Hawaiian!

Tuzu: WHAT?!

Bambam: Hawaiian!

Bambam: You! Did you know about THIS?

Bambam: Did you know about all the things she's done?!

Bambam: She's so horrible, TERRIBLE TEDDY, AGHHHRRR!!

Bambam: You evil teddy!

Bambam: What have you done, what have you done?

Bambam: Look at me! How could you do this?!

Bambam: You evil Paula, how THE FUCK could you do this?!

Bambam: How could you?!

Bambam: You go out of this house!

Bambam: I'm opening the dor for you, you go out

Bambam: OUT

Bambam: You evil teddy! How could you?

Bambam: Go, go out of this house, I don't want you here anymore!

Bambam: You're a horrible teddy!

Bambam: oh, I mean, I'm sorry, haha, QUIET!

Bambam: Go away, go out!

Tuzu: Ohhh, it's so sad

Tuzu: C'mon, c'mon. Just - don't swallow it

Lenor: Yeah, seriously

Bambam: mm?

Tuzu: Go

Tuzu: Now

Paula: But the light is wrong

Paula: Can you switch on the light in the corridor?


Tuzu: Okay, it's perfect now

Paula: She'll swallow it

Tuzu: And this is Eliza

Bambam: Hawaiian!

Tuzu: Someone knocked-


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