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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Style & Image | Make Up Tutorial | Reimagined By Etihad Airways

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at Etihad Airways we take great pride in our appearance today we're going to show

you how simple it is to get the same look as our world-famous cabin crew

order to achieve this look you're going to need a few items foundation blusher

eyebrow pencil 3 or 4 shades of eyeshadow eyeliner mascara and of course our

signature purple lipstick and a lip liner the first step is the foundation

foundation can be in any formula liquid solid you can also go for a BB cream I'm

just going to apply a little bit of product and if I feel the need I'm going

to add some more the movement should be circular so that the product goes into

the skin fast next I'm going to apply a concealer this is optional however if

you like to use it should be lighter than the foundation with at least one or

two tones next we're going to move to the eyebrows then I'm going to take a

brush and brush it so that it looks natural so in order to maintain this for

longer time I'm going to apply a last gel next we're going to move to the eye

makeup going to apply the first stone which is very close to the skin color

like a nude beige next I'm going to apply a darker shade of brown I'm going

to start by applying it on the socket line and just applying a little bit

because I can always come back and add more and then we're ready for the next

stone round

we're going to apply a brown eyeliner I'm going to use a gel and I'm also

going to do a small green if you want to get the right straight line it's very

good to keep the brush close to the eyelash line and inside the waterline we

can also apply an eyeliner this will help us to make the eye look bigger we

are ready to move to the mascara ideally it should be applied two times in order

to have an intense color on the eyelashes latter can be in any color as

long as it matches the skin tone I chose a pinkish shade of blusher to match with

the lipstick and we're ready for our signature Eddie had a purple lipstick

I'm going to apply a little bit and then I'm going to continue with the lip liner

okay now I'm ready for the lip liner the definer has to match of course the

lipstick and it has to be as close as possible and we're done

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