Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Animated tales of the world S 2E04 Denmark The Shepherdess & the Chimney sweep EN & German subs

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Sssh. You promised you wouldn't make a noise.

I'm not!


- A big, fat Chinaman. - He's called Grandpapa.

- Whose grandpa is he? - Hers.

- Why is her grandpa a Chinaman? - He just is. He decides who she can marry.

- Him. - He's only her fiance.

- But people marry their fiance. - You're too young to know anything about it.

She has to marry this man. He has such a silly name.

- Goat-Kneed Commander... - (Woman ) I've told you not to touch.

- Goat-Kneed Commander. - Come on now, it's way past your bedtime.

Goat-Kneed Staff-Commander Sergeant, please. Where was I?

They were both so pretty. Made from the finest porcelain.

My dear, clumsy chimney sweep.

My shepherdess.

Are you asking me to marry you?

I'm practising so I can do it properly.


Once I've asked your grandpapa.

Ha! Did you ever hear the like? Left, right, left, right. Attention!

Your grandpapa has other plans and tonight there shall be a wedding.

Without me.

- Fiddle-faddle. - Might I speak?

Absolutely not. Grandpapa has other plans. Grandpapa knows best.

Planning is necessary.

- Grandpapa, you must be nice. - If you'd like to hear what we think...

Regiment on all sides, silence! Or we'll open fire!

That's not fair.

Mrs Goat-Kneed Staff-Commander Sergeant is what she shall be.

I have requested the hand of the beautiful maid.

Grandfather nodded, a nod is as good as a yes.

He has silver and 11 porcelain wives.

You shall be the 12th.


I don't want to be put in a dark cabinet...ever!


Don't cry.

Come closer, both of you.

Watch a flower unfold.

Take a quick peek. It's true love.

So cherished and so rare. It's the prize that awaits you.

Remember, the lovers who reach it are the lovers who dare.

So simple yet so hard to come by true love

That charms me through the darkest night

With promises of happiness and delight

If only I could make you mine

And if all it takes is to leave it all behind

And to burn every bridge and to cross the sands of time

It can't compare to my true love

Should fear and trembling seize me along the way

And doubts assail my faith in you

I know deep down within that my journey's safe

I know your love will see me through

They say love is blind, only guided by the heart

So I won't be afraid when I wander through the dark

I'll find you there, my one true love

If all it takes is to leave it behind. We have to escape.

- The world I know is up the chimney. - Then take me there.

- They're running away! - Hurry, hurry, hurry.

- Do something, Grandpapa! - But tonight should be a wedding.

- Now your world is all there is. - But tonight should be a wedding.

Fire and brimstone.

Will you follow me up a chimney? That is my way into the world.

- Yes. - A betrayal!


- What was that? - Just the door.


Don't be scared. Just hold onto me.

Now. Now look. Look up.

Oh, yes.


- And there you have it. That is the world. - But there's so much.

This is only the beginning.


Quick! Make a wish.

- I wish I were back on the table. - Back, what do you mean?

This is not the way I imagined it.

But... Grandpapa and the Commander.

I shall never be happy until I'm on our table.

What about our love?

I followed you because of our love.

If you truly love me you'll take me home again.

I will go wherever you want.



Oh, no.

Oh, dear.


Don't be sad. We can go back to the table and be together.

It was all our fault. Poor old Grandpapa.

What are you going to do? If it hadn't been for us...

- What am I going to do? Nothing. - If you love me...

See! He can be mended.

Well, I never! Those little rascals.

When Grandpapa gets back he'll make you marry the General.

It was our fault he fell.

When he comes back there'll be a wedding.

A promise made is a promise to be kept. About turn!

(Stags ) Ooooh.

Sssh. It's not finished yet.

There you are.


At last. A bit of order.

Am I to have her, or am I not?

Mmm? Mmm?

Surely a nod is the least one can expect!

Am I to have her, or am I not?! You silly old...

I didn't like her in the first place and 11 wives are quite a handful.


The Goat-Kneed Staff-Commander Sergeant had to make do with his 11 wives.

The China shepherdess and her chimney sweep blessed the bolt through Grandfather's neck

and loved each other until they broke.

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