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hey everybody welcome back to another video so I know I wasn't expecting to

post a video on this channel ever again but I recently have seen that I have

been getting subscribers on my lana the Hedgehog Channel and I just wanted to

inform you all that I do not upload here anymore

so there's really no purpose in subscribing to my channel here I have

channels but I don't upload here anymore so um I appreciate the subscribe but if you

really want to subscribe to an area where it is active um I'll put my two

channels down below that are active um*birp* excuse me both in which both channels

consists of me doing art work one consists of upload kind of art kind of

things while the other consists of me doing live streams of me doing artwork

so just thought to let you guys know about that so if you want to subscribe

to a place where I will be active please go subscribe to my two channels Artistic

Hedgie or Live Hedgie thank you um and until then I will see you guys on that channel

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