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Clinton Allen: Hey, welcome to "River Valley Church Online."

We are excited to be able to worship with you and honored

that you chose to show up.

We love worshiping in this capacity

and God's doin' an amazing thing still.

And my name is Clinton. This is my wife Portia.

We're part of the Crosstown family of River

Valley, and, hey, from the jump, we wanna just speak to George

Floyd losing his life, and we are hurting,

and there is unrest in Minneapolis in particular,

and our lead pastor, Pastor Rob, is gonna come

on later, and he's gonna address it.

He's gonna speak to it and--but we wanna set the tone that,

God, we wanna hear from heaven. We want unity.

We want, especially the faith community, to take the approach

that the Bible tells us in Romans 12:15,

where it says to "Rejoice with those who rejoice,

and mourn with those who mourn."

We have brothers and sisters that are mourning right now,

and so we're gonna pray, I'm gonna invite my wife to pray

over us right now and just to invite God into this space as

we continue to do service today.

Portia Allen: Let's pray together.

So, Father, we thank you that your presence is everywhere,

but, Lord, we are asking that your presence will be made

manifest in every home, God, in every car,

in every situation where people are joining in with us online.

God, we know that this is a time where we are in unrest,

but you are still on your throne.

God, I thank you that, regardless of our circumstances,

that you are still God.

We ask that your peace would be released to every person that is

just feeling grief right now.

God, it is okay to be in grief, but your Word says that you are

near to the brokenhearted.

So we are asking that you would draw near to your people today

and that we, in turn, would draw near to you because we know that

in you are the answers, in you is unity,

in you is a reconciliation that is needed,

not only within our church, but for our city and for our nation.

So, God, we just welcome you, and we know that

you are going to be moving.

You are on your thrown because you are God.

We love you, in Jesus's name, amen.


male voice: Every Scripture has been inspired by the Holy

Spirit, the breath of God.

male voice: It will empower you by its

instruction and correction.

female: Put your hat on. female: Bye, Mom.

female voice: Giving you the strength to take the right

direction and lead you deeper into the path of godliness.

female: Then you will be God's servant,

fully mature and perfectly prepared.


female voice: To fulfill any assignment God gives you.



Clinton: Hey, church, SOAP is our Bible-reading plan to help

us stay rooted in God's Word.

"SOAP" stands for Scripture, Observation,

Application, and Prayer, and it is absolutely vital to us as

people of God, and we, as a family, we love doin' it.

Portia: Absolutely, every day.

Here, in a few minutes, Pastor Rob is gonna be leading us in

Communion, and I want you to know, if you're thinking,

"Oh, my goodness, I don't have the elements,"

all you need to do, grab some bread

or some crackers, grab some juice.

If you don't have juice, water is just fine because they are

representative of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

So we invite you to join with us in Communion today.

Clinton: It's gonna be a powerful time,

including the worship that we're about to lean into right now.

Open up your hearts and your minds to receive all that God

has for us in this service, but especially in worship right now.

Let's get into it.




male: Come on, let's sing together.


male: Sing, "There will be days."

Becca Ketterling: We are so glad that you can join us for

Communion today, so let's get ready to do it together.

Rob Ketterling: Yeah, sometimes we have a real

reflective moment with Communion.

And I don't know what it is about church.

It just seems like we always really focus.

Maybe it's because we know the darkness of the life that we

lived, that it was bad, and we thank God for his forgiveness,

but there's a joy in receiving Communion and be able to say,

"We remember the price that you paid that put us

in right relationship with you."

So I want us to be joyful today as we receive Communion,

and I know that, wherever you're at, you've probably

gathered a few items together to have Communion.

And I know people were sending us

pictures of all different things.

Some people have crackers and different juice,

and we want it to be respectful, but we know that you

can be resourceful with this.

Becca: Yeah, whatever you have around

your home is just fine.

Rob: Yeah, so go ahead, grab what you have,

and also, a couple things I wanna share.

Some of you shared that your kids receive their

first Communion with you.

We leave it up to parents to decide when their children have

a personal relationship with Jesus,

and they can participate in Communion.

And then the other thing is we say that we

have an open Communion.

If you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior,

we invite you to do this.

Matter of fact, he told us to do this in remembrance of him of

the price that he paid for our sins,

and so we'll have the bread, and we'll have this cup here.

And the bread reminds us that his body hung on the cross,

that he paid the price for us, and so the bread symbolizes the

body, and then the cup, whatever you have there--for us,

we have some juice here--it reminds us of his blood

that was shed for us.

And the Bible says, "Without the shedding of blood,

there's no forgiveness of sins," and so Jesus

had to shed his blood.

He had to pay the price for us so that we could be forgiven.

And I love that it causes us to stop and to pause in our busy

day and remember where we were and where we're going

and who made it possible.

It's because of Jesus.

So go ahead and grab those elements,

and if you have that bread there,

I hope you are having a joyful attitude.

I know, again, so many of us, out of habit,

it's just reflective and quiet, but this is a joyful thing.

This is a joyful thing. I'm just reminded of this.

One of the young people that was watching when we did our first

Communion online, she said afterwards--she did her first

Communion, and she goes, "Can we do three cheers for Jesus?"

I love her heart in that.

And although we probably won't do that,

that's the Spirit I want us to have.

Like, this is somethin' that is good news.

It's a good remembrance of the price that he paid,

where we were, and where we're going.

So let's hold that bread together now.

And, Becca, go ahead and pray for the bread that reminds us

of the body of Jesus Christ.

Becca: Yeah, Lord, we're just so thankful for your body,

God, this bread that represents your body and what you

did on the cross for us, Lord.

So as we take this today, just help us to be remind--reminding

us of what you did on the cross, the price you paid,

God, and then it represents that we're so thankful,

and we take it now together in Jesus's name, amen.

Rob: Let's go ahead and eat that.

We also know that on the night Jesus was betrayed,

he took the cup and he said, "This is gonna remind you that

my blood will be poured out for you.

It'll cover your sins."

And he said, "Do this in remembrance of me."

So we're doing that, and we're proclaiming that his death made

it possible for us to be forgiven,

and we have forgiveness of sins, so I'll pray.

Lord, we hold this cup in our hands.

It reminds us of the blood of Jesus Christ

that covered our sins.

We are separated from God, and you made a way for us.

And so we celebrate that, that we've been given peace with God

because we said, "Yes," to the gift of salvation that you gave

to us, so thank you, Lord, for this.

We remember the price that was paid,

and we drink this cup; in your name, we pray, amen.

Let's drink this.

We proclaim that Jesus Christ has forgiven us.

That is something to celebrate.

Live in that good news.

Jesus made a way for us to have peace with God.



female: Come on, sing, "the passion."


Rob: I want to address what happened

in our city, in our state.

We all saw the same video, and we are horrified and deeply

saddened at the loss of the life of George Floyd

on that street in Minneapolis.

Let me be clear, we value life, and all life is

made in the image of God and should be treasured and valued.

This is now frustrating and even maddening for all of us

as we wait for justice.

The legal process is now swiftly in motion,

and right now the eyes of the entire world are on our state,

and I believe that's a good thing.

I believe justice will be done.

Our church will always speak out on injustice,

and on critical issues, we will not remain silent.

We believe in peaceful protests, and we will not condone any

protest with violence, looting, and destruction.

These images and this pain we feel has now awakened us to more

things that as a country we must admit, as a people we must

confess, and as the church we must own

as our responsibility to fix.

Not all of any group, black, brown,

white, or even blue, are all good or all bad.

There's hatred, anger, violence, and racism in

the heart of all mankind.

The Bible clearly calls this sin, and it must be

repented of when we see it and when God reveals it to us.

The spotlight of the media is calling us to search deep,

but the spotlight of the Holy Spirit is calling us to dig

deeper into the darker parts of our hearts and root out these

sins no matter their size or strength.

We are a church that believe God gives us the power to change.

God doesn't want us to just agree and walk away like a

man looking in a mirror.

God wants us to see our sins, confess them,

and change with his help.

And when we change, when we change,

the world will see Jesus by our love for one another.

We're not done, there's a long way to go, and

this journey needs to start with a prayer and

end with love and peace.

Between the prayer and the peace,

there will need to be heavy lifting.

There will need to be confession of sin,

conversations, forgiveness, lots of grace,

and plenty of godly wisdom to guide us to solutions and

healing and God's love for one another.

I'm asking that you would join me in prayer right now for this

moment in time, not to just stir us, but to change us.

Heavenly Father, we pray right now for

the people that are hurting.

So many of us are hurting, but we specifically pray for George

Floyd's family, for those friends,

for those people that were closest to him.

We pray for those that are hurting.

We pray for all that are involved in this situation that

are hurting, and we ask for you to bring peace in this.

Lord, we don't want peace to be a Band-Aid.

We want peace to be something that floods over us,

floods over our city, our state, floods over our nation,

over this world, so they can see that God's doing

something different in us.

We pray that through this that justice can be done,

but we pray, Lord Jesus, that you would prevail in this,

that the world would see that what's in our heart,

what's in all of us is sin, Lord.

We need to confess our sin.

We need to move forward in the forgiveness that you give us,

and I pray that each one of us would search our own heart.

Instead of pointing fingers at other groups, we'd search

our own heart, and we would confess our part of this.

And so, God, I just pray that you would help us to move

forward as people, as a church, as a community,

as a people just crying out to you,

saying, "God, bring healing, bring healing."

I pray that this would be a moment again that doesn't stir

us, but it changes us, and, God, that's what I'm praying for.

I'm praying for real change to take place.

Start with me, start with our church, start with our city,

start with our state, but help us to change.

Help us to change this nation and this world so people could

see the love of Jesus bringing the

light of Jesus to this world.

We know this world needs Jesus, and,

God, we proclaim that.

We proclaim for those that have found you to lead with that and

to lead this change in Jesus's name.

In Jesus's name we pray, amen and amen.



♪ 'Cause we know our world needs Jesus. ♪

We know that our world needs freedom, ♪

so give us eyes to see the hurting and the broken, ♪

and let our lives align with every word you say. ♪

Jesus. ♪




male: Come on, lift that up tonight.

male: Oh, God.

♪ 'Cause we know our world needs Jesus. ♪

We know our world needs freedom. ♪

So give us eyes to see the hurting and the broken, ♪

and let our lives align with every word you say. ♪

male: We know.

♪ 'Cause we know our world needs Jesus. ♪

We know our world needs freedom, ♪

so give us eyes to see the hurting and the broken, ♪

and let our lives align with every word you say, ♪

oh, Lord. ♪

Jesus. ♪♪

Rob: Thank you for being part of River Valley Church.

Whether you're in person or online,

you are part of our church, and I wanna point out three words to

you, "of," "in," and "with."

We believe this: you can be part of the

church in person or online.

You're sayin', "That's the church I go to.

I'm part of that church."

We believe that you're in the church when you get involved in

Lifegroups and in serving.

Even if you're not where one of our campuses are,

you can be in the church by saying, "I'm stepping it up.

I'm giving. I'm serving.

I'm meeting together."

You're doing something whether it's digital or in person.

But there's another level that says, "I'm with the church.

I'm with the mission. I'm on mission.

Like, you could send me to be one of the 500,

even if I'm watching digitally.

I'm gonna be a kingdom builder.

I'm with the church on the mission."

And so we're glad that you're "of," "in," and "with," and

we're praying you'll progress online and in person.

Don't use the excuse of "I'm only here."

Let's keep moving forward.

Now, I wanna say this: it's never been harder for this

generation to pastor because we have some people in the

building, some people outside, some people that are outside

that wanna be in, some people that are outside

that don't wanna be in.

I want you to understand, I really believe there

are three different congregations.

"We should've been meeting all along," "It's about time--do it

safe," and then there's others that are like,

"I'm not sure when I'm coming back--I may never."

And I understand that, and I want you

to know that we love everyone.

We consider you part of our church.

We are not condemning.

We're so grateful for technology that allows those that are sick,

that allows those that are vulnerable,

that allows those that are uncomfortable,

or even can't make it because of distance,

to still be part of our church.

We celebrate inside, we celebrate outside,

because we are on mission together.

We ask for your prayers as we lead and navigate in this time.

I don't want us to judge motives.

I don't want us to be angry with each other.

I want us to be loving and forgiving and definitely not

air it out on social media.

Now, a friend of mine, Scott Hagan--he's president at North

Central University--he did a wordplay on Romans 14,

verse 3, and he changed the word "meat," M-E-A-T,

to M-E-E-T, because there's some controversy.

I want you to hear this, and I think we'll have it

on the screen here.

"The one who eats meet--" notice that it's

"meet," like, "meeting together."

I know it's wordplay. Stay with it.

"The one who eats meet must not treat with contempt the one who

does not eat meet, and the one who does not eat meet must not

judge the one who does, for God has accepted them."

And you get the point.

Paul was writing to the church, and he was saying,

"Some of you are eatin' this meat.

Some of you have these dietary rules,

and you guys are judging these guys,

and these guys are--" and he's sayin',

"Hey, there's room for us to just move forward,

and you guys can do that, you guys can do that.

Let's not make the church ugly over meat."

And I would say today like Scott is saying,

"Let's not make the church ugly over meet.

Let's not do that. Let's celebrate."

And what he was saying here--and I'll read it, what he says.

He said, "Over the coming weeks, do not show judgment or contempt

towards your brothers and sisters.

Some will begin to gather, while others will wait.

Honor the wisdom and discernment of each pastor

and the choices they make.

Let's not divide the church over meet."

Couldn't agree more.

So let's move forward.

Some will meet, some will wait to meet,

some will never be able to meet because of the distance that is

there or the sickness or something that is there.

Let's thank God that we all can be part of this body together.

Now, I wanna just say this, that,

as we get together and some of our campuses are starting to

meet together now, why do we meet together?

And you're saying, "Well, I'm online.

I'm not--" I wanna explain to you what's going

on and why the dynamics.

So, first of all, the church was never closed.

You cannot close the church, okay?

But there's something that we're able to do which is to meet

together, and I would even pray this for those of you that are a

long distance away, to say, "I'd love to meet up someday."

I thought of this, that one of our missionaries was telling me

that he led someone to the Lord in a country where this person

could die for serving Jesus, and he gave him a location--the

person gave him a location in the middle of the

desert, and he said, "We met there."

He goes, "I was afraid he was gonna kill me.

He was afraid I was gonna kill him.

And we met, and we realized we're brothers in Christ,

and there was something about meeting."

So even if you're a long way away,

we'd love for you to join us and be able to do that.

Again, if it's not possible, no condemnation.

We're not gonna split the church over meet.

But there's something about meeting together,

and when we come together, the Bible says,

in Hebrews 10:24 and 25, it says,

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love

and good deeds, not giving up meeting together,

as some are in the habit of doing,

but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day

approaching," saying here, like, "Let's not give up meeting

together," like, "Let's not stop meeting as a church."

And this word that is used, "together," as the church being

together, it's only used in one other spot,

and it implies this, that we're part of the church universal.

We're part of the church in heaven and on earth,

and when we come together, when that's possible,

something dynamic is happening that doesn't

happen anywhere else on earth.

There's a coming together that really illustrates what's

happening in heaven, here on earth,

and it's a beautiful thing.

God's given this to us as a gift that,

while heaven is praising his name,

earth can praise his name, and when the church comes together,

there's a heaven and earth dynamic that is taking place

that is absolutely beautiful.

It's given as a gift. It's not an inconvenience.

Some of us are sayin', "Hey, I love my Sundays, watching.

I can Zoom in, Zoom out."

I get it, I get it.

But this is a gift that God has given to us

to unite with heaven.

Let's not forsake that ability for those of us that have it.

And as you're comfortable, we'll come back in,

and as we--do you get the point?

When we're there, there's something that happens.

There's an ability to spur one another on.

I can see what's going on in someone's life.

I can perceive that.

I can't see who's watching us online.

But there's something about being around someone,

and you're able to spur one another on.

Just being there says, "I made the effort,

I'm here, I'm in on this," and it spurs

one another on to good works.

It spurs us into like, "I like what God's doing."

Sometimes you go to a restaurant, and you see

there's so few people there, you're like, "I don't

know if I wanna eat there."

Man, when people see us there, they see,

"Hey, there's something going on there."

The physical effort shows that commitment.

1 John 4:12, says this: "No one has ever seen God.

But if we love each other, God lives in us,

and his love is brought to full expression in us."

It seems abrupt that he would say,

"No one has ever seen God," but he's sayin' this: when we love

one another, when we are in this together,

the world sees it, and they take notice of it.

There's something going on.

It's like we've made our relationship with God

Facebook-official or with-effort official--you get the point--and

there's an ability that they see these good works,

and they glorify God.

I think about this: Matthew talks about that,

which is--I just quoted it.

It says, "Let your light so shine before men that they see

your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."

And I'm praying that our good works that are out there,

when we come together as a body, it super-sizes the good works.

Every deed is good, whether it's small or big,

but when we come together, it's like it super-sizes it,

and it causes the world to pay attention to things like Boxes

of Hope and things that we could do because we

come together as a body.

I believe this, that Ephesians talks about.

Ephesians 5 talks about "Don't be drunk with wine,

but be filled with the Spirit."

Remember, I talked last week about there's a "from" and a

"to," like, "Don't be drunk, but be filled--"

So, "from" and "to."

And he says, "Speaking to one another with psalms,

hymns, and songs from the Spirit.

Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord,

always giving thanks to God the Father for everything in the

name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Man, part of coming together as a congregation is worshiping and

singing, and there's something about that dynamic,

and as much as I've enjoyed online,

and for those of you that are doing online,

I don't know if you sing in your home or not.

We kind of did.

Sometimes it felt right, sometimes it felt awkward.

We just--but when I'm in the church together,

gathered together, man, I sing and praise God.

And I know that we're very worried

about COVID and projecting.

Does that make it worse?

I'm tellin' ya, that's for choirs, okay?

Most people don't sing like, "AHH," and if you

do, scale it back, okay?

Scale it back a little bit. We know who you are.

God can hear you.

There's something about singing together as a congregation that

is a soul-refreshing dynamic that happens.

The psalms, hymns, spiritual songs,

there's a soul-refreshing dynamic.

That's what people have been longing for.

That's what missionaries that are unable to worship together,

that have been sent out on mission,

when they come back to our church,

they weep in the presence of God because there is a

soul-refreshing dynamic that happens there.

And so I'm praying that we'll take advantage of that.

We won't do--what'd they say?

"No chanting, no responsive readings,

no choir," so all canceled.

We'll just do singing, and we'll do singing with,

like, an indoor voice, okay?

So we won't-- "Ahh," okay, we'll do that.

Man, this is an atmosphere there,

where the gifts of the Spirit are flowing.

I'm reminded of 2 Kings 3:15, when Elisha says,

like, "I wanna prophesy.

Bring in somebody who's skillful to play so the presence

of God can fill this place."

There's something about a singing dynamic

when we come together.

And I'm praying, whether we come together or not,

whether you're vulnerable, whether you're distant,

or however it is, whether you're

uncomfortable, again, no condemnation.

We are not gonna split the church over meet.

We're not gonna do that, but we're gonna take advantage of

what God has given to us, the ability to come together to spur

one another on, to have the singing, to show that we

love one another, that we're not hiding out

behind the screen on purpose.

We are going to come together, so when you're

comfortable, come back to meet.

When you're able to, whether you're

vulnerable or not, join in.

Join in. Stay safe.

If you're distant, I want you to know this: you are part of our

church, and we remain open to the visit at any time.

I want us to pray for this, that we will realize with all of

this, that coming together in the church is not the goal.

Coming together in the building is not the goal.

Being on mission is the goal.

We will be refreshed.

We will be recharged when we come together,

but it's a coming together to go back out.

It's not like, "Finally we've got it."

We are coming together to go back out.

So, church, I pray this over you right now,

and I wanna speak this over you.

Lord, whether we're far away or whether we're in the church

right now--building, it's just a building--whether we're far away

or in that building, Lord, I pray that your presence would be

with us, we would be on mission.

We are not just part of, we are in, we are with.

And as we use all the things we've been given,

help us to be empowered to be on mission for you,

in Jesus's name I pray, amen and amen.

Now I'm speakin' to you right now if you're sayin',

"I'm watching right now online, and I don't know that I'm 'of'

or 'in' or 'with,' and I'm watching,

so I guess I'm part of."

Maybe you didn't even know that, but how would you like to be in

the family, in the family of God?

And if you've never said, "Yes," to Jesus,

I'd love to give you that opportunity.

That opportunity is there for you to say, "Yes," to Jesus,

to say, "I want to receive you as my Lord and Savior."

And if that's you right now and you know that you need to say,

"Yes," to Jesus, you need to say, "I'm in, I'm in,"

I'd love for you right now to agree with me in prayer and

say, "This is for me, this is for me."

Now, I can't see you, but God

can see you, and he knows your heart.

You may be able to, right now, even

raise a hand, say, "That's me."

Thumbs up. Hands up.

Put your hand on your heart. I don't know.

But God is saying he will forgive you,

and it's for you, and I'd love to pray for you.

If you repeat after me, I'd love for you to pray this prayer.

The Bible says, if you confess with your mouth and believe it

in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead,

that he paid the price for your sins, you will be forgiven.

So repeat this after me: "Dear Lord Jesus,

I'm sorry for my sins and all that I've done wrong.

I asked you to forgive me.

I believe you died on the cross and rose again from the dead so

that I can be forgiven.

I pledge to live for you for the rest of my life.

Give me the strength to do that, in Jesus's name."

If you made that prayer, if that was real in your life right

there, I wanna say congratulations,

and I'd love for you to text the word "NOWWHAT" to 94000.

"NOWWHAT" to 94000, and we'd love to say,

welcome, you--that's "part of."

You're in the family. You're with us.

And we thank you for saying, "Yes," to Jesus.

This is the most amazing day, and we celebrate

that wherever you are.

Welcome to the family of God.

For those I hold most dear to me, ♪

for those I call my family, ♪

how could you love them more than me? ♪

Somehow you do. ♪

All these prayers I'm scared to pray, ♪

all these things I wanna say, ♪

all the times I'm in the way, ♪

forgive me, God. ♪

I trust you, God. ♪

Let it be your heart. ♪

Let it be your words. ♪

This weight that I've been carrying, ♪

I know it's never meant for me. ♪

Remind me once again it's in your hands. ♪

Let it be Jesus. ♪


For all the days still up ahead, ♪

lead me from my selfishness

to live and love the way you did. ♪

I want to, God. ♪

I need you, God. ♪

Let it be your heart. ♪

Let it be your words. ♪

This weight that I've been carrying, ♪

I know it's never meant for me. ♪

Remind me once again it's in your hands. ♪

Let it be Jesus. ♪



In the light of eternity, ♪

let your love be the very thing

that brings us all together

and draws us to the Savior. ♪

You are God over everything, ♪

and I know you don't miss a thing. ♪

You're moving in the unseen. ♪

Your perfect peace surrounds me. ♪

In the light of eternity, ♪

let your love be the very thing

that brings us all together

and draws us to the Savior. ♪

You are God over everything, ♪

and I know you don't miss a thing. ♪

You're moving in the unseen. ♪

Your perfect peace surrounds me. ♪♪






Portia: What an amazing time of worship.

We know that whenever we gather together and worship God,

that his presence is right there with us.

And so, as we're closing out this time of service today--and

we're so glad that you were able to join us on "River Valley

Church Online," we want to acknowledge that

we know that you have needs.

If you're sick, we wanna pray for healing.

If you need provision, we know that

God wants to provide for you.

Whatever the circumstances that you are facing in your life

right now, we wanna agree with you in prayer,

knowing that today God wants to meet you exactly where you are.

Clinton: Absolutely; so let's pray, let's do that.

God, we thank you for the privilege now and the

opportunity that we have to worship you,

and, God, as your Word says, to worship you in Spirit and in

truth, we are going to pray the lyric that we've just sang out,

Holy Spirit, have your way.

Do somethin' fresh in us.

Bring unity where there's unrest.

God, bring provision where there is lack,

God, and we just pray that you would show yourself strong and

mighty in this situation, in this season.

God, I pray for anybody who needs healing in their body.

I pray for healing in Jesus's name.

I pray for anyone who needs healing in their heart,

God, that you would bring that comfort and that peace that only

you can do because, Jesus, we believe

that you are the solution.

You are the answer to all of our problems,

to all of life's terrible situations,

and even the mountaintop situations.

We give you praise, and we thank you for the honor and the

privilege it is to serve you, and we love you today and pray

that you would heal our land, in Jesus's name,

we believe this, amen and amen.
















The Description of River Valley Online - May 30/31, 2020