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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENGLISH ADDICT Lesson 10 - LIVE Chat - TELEVISION WORDS - Wed 27th November 2019

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They say that anyone can do this guess what anyone is doing it hello

everybody and welcome to another English addict live on the Internet

hmm oh that is a delicious cup of coffee I will say many things about myself

sometimes I will be critical sometimes I will boast about my abilities but can I

just say I make the most amazing cup of coffee if you ever get a chance to come

to my house sit down with me and I will make you the most delicious cup of

coffee you have ever had in your life let me tell you now here we go then hi

everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so

are you happy I hope so here we are then welcome to

another live stream from England many people ask mr. Duncan where do you

broadcast from I broadcast from a little country called England you may have

heard of it a few years ago we used to be a big thing but now not so big so

hello everyone guess what we are halfway through the week it isn't the weekend

unfortunately but we are halfway there yes it's Wednesday

we have lots of things to do today lots of stuff so many things to talk

about today we are talking about one of my favorite subjects besides English of

course because I am an English addict also today we are talking about

television words and phrases connected to this subject television I suppose

these days we are kind of used to it we just sit down in front of the television

we never really think very much about it or how it works or how amazing this

technology actually is so today we are looking at words and phrases to do with

television also we'll be having a little historical look at television how it all

began why we have television how it works and sometimes how it doesn't work

and I suppose also we could talk about what many describe as the golden years

of television so some people believe that there was a period of time in the

past when television was at its best I'll give you a clue it isn't nowadays

it isn't now so you can't describe now as the golden age of television

maybe the twilight years but I don't think it is the golden years when we say

golden years we mean the best period of time when something was at its best so

that's what we mean when we say golden years hello to the live chat oh yes

hello to Vitesse nice to see you here today Vitesse guess what a big hello to

Lithuania and also congratulations to you because you are first on today's

live chat I have a haircut this morning I cut my

hair this morning Steve was complaining he said Duncan your hair is so long it

looks white and I said that's a bit cruel I can't help it I can't help being

older so I have decided to cut my hair today you will notice it's lovely and

short now shall I give you a twirl okay then so there you can see I've cut my

hair and now it's nice and short again I look like a billiard ball the top of my

head does anyway so yes we are doing a live English stream english addict for

all those people out there who can't get enough of this lovely language and you

can catch me live on Sunday Wednesday Friday 2:00 p.m. UK time so that is when

I am on the Internet I hope you can hear me today because some of my equipment is

missing mr. Steve has taken my lovely big mixer to be tested today I won't say

why but it is part of another project that I'm working on with Steve no more

news about that when it arrives also a few people have asked mr. Duncan we are

wondering what is happening to your website are you still building your new

website the answer to that question is yes I am it's coming along slowly but

there will be a website some big changes happening concerning my video lessons

and the way you see them whoa are you intrigued I hope so

we have the mystery idiom coming up today as

well plus I suppose we can take a look at one of my English lessons because we

are talking about one particular subject today television

do you watch much television do you watch much television these days maybe

over the years you have watched less and less

apparently you might find this hard to believe but apparently fewer people are

watching television especially live television so quite often people will go

to a streaming service to watch their favorite TV shows that have already been

on or maybe something they missed that was on last week and they watch it again

because they missed it the first time around so apparently a lot of people are

not watching television these days and I suppose there are many reasons why

especially and this is something you might not believe apparently young

people don't really watch TV anymore the BBC here in the UK have for many

years tried to keep younger viewers entertained but apparently they are

failing miserably so fewer and fewer younger people are watching television

however there is a growing age range can you guess who is watching television

more and more I'll give you a clue maybe in 10 years time it will be me watching

television all the time so the growing age group is actually the elderly so

more and more people over 50 or 60 or even in their late 70s are now watching

more and more television I suppose it's the reverse of what used to happen years

ago because I remember when I was a child almost I almost remember being a

child I used to sit and watch television all the

time my mother would put me down on the carpet in front of the TV and I would

stare at the television for hours and hours in fact we used to call it the

babysitter so TV used to be used as a way of looking after the child so maybe

if your mother was busy doing some housework she would put you in front of

the television and leave you there and that's what my mum used to do to me so I

used to watch a lot of television when I was young when I was a child and I can

still remember all of my favorite TV shows that I used to watch years and

years ago hello - Tanya hello - Tanya Martha sweetness Mitra is

here on the live chat nice to see you today by the way a few people have asked

about my new icon have you seen the new thumbnail the new icon that is

advertising my channel a lot of people have said Mr Duncan that doesn't look

like you it looks too young now can I just say that the icon the little icon

that is on my youtube channel it isn't supposed to be a real painting or

photograph of me it's actually an emoji have you heard of that an emoji emoji is

a cartoon character or a caricature of a person or something that shows an

emotion so that's the reason why I've done it so it's not supposed to be a

rape Rembrandt portrait it isn't it is just something that is there to amuse

you so no my my little emoji icon is just something that is there to amuse

you I don't know what's happened to my throat today I'm having difficulty

speaking today which is not very good when you think about it mmm

hmm maybe this cup of coffee will put the fire out let's see hmm so hello to

everyone today hello also to Zeinab flower Espoir hello

to you as well also to say Saima and also Marella Luis Mendez hello to you as

well nice to see you here today on Wednesday we are halfway through the

week hello hamp Hampton Rey who I don't think

I've ever seen your name on the live chat before good morning to those who

are watching in the south of America and also the USA I suppose and also those

watching in Asia shall I say good evening your good night to you if you

are just about to go to bed hello also to Joelle Chou Louise who is watching in

London hello to you I'm watching in London hello to London what's the

weather like there today because the weather here isn't that great to be

honest it looks very murky very misty very damp very autumnal yes

autumn is still here and they're looking into the distance that is the view right

now out of the window so you can see things are looking a little bit murky

someone asked the other day mr. Duncan can you tell me what murky means the

word murky describes something that is not clear so something that is misty

something that can't be seen clearly can be described as murky so the weather

survey is a little murky it means something is not clear it can't be seen

clearly hence the word murky talking of talking of autumn yes of

course autumn madness on Sunday someone asked mr. Duncan has Steve been

suffering from autumn madness well he hasn't this year however last year if

you remember mr. Steve was suffering from a severe case of autumn madness

so there he was last year mr. Steeves suffering from a severe case of autumn

madness it is English addict for a Wednesday I hope you are having a good

day to day are you I hope so hello - ROH sir hello also - Eman hello

also - Ramzan or also Helena Helena has made our first comment about television

no I don't watch television very often it comes with too much rubbish I think

you might be right so I think one of the main criticisms of

television these days is that most of the output most of what comes out of the

TV is not good quality let's just say okay it's a load of rubbish so Thank You

Helena who does not watch much television although I am very pleased to

see that you like watching me hello Irene hello also Ana

hello carne kilo nice to see you here as well hello - Christina in Italy the

weather is still bad yes we are going to have quite a lot of rain over the next

couple of days here in the UK it's really strange one of the really

weird things about the weather at the moment here in the UK is that over the

past few days it's been very warm so yesterday it was 15 degrees outside can

you believe it so it was 15 degrees almost as warm as late spring so very

strange weather we're having although it was a good opportunity for me yesterday

to go up on the side of the house to put up some more of my Christmas decorations

on the house so I've almost finished that

even though the rain keeps falling so yesterday I had a lucky break in the

weather very lucky talking of lucky did you see the news

story about the British couple who won the lottery yes

another big sum of money has been won on the lottery a hundred and five million

pounds wow that is a lot of money imagine that and apparently he that the

couple are now richer than many pop stars actors and also football stars so

they're more they're more rich than those that's incredible so to go from a

small amount of money to a hundred and five million pounds imagine that and

that all happened overnight when one person chose the right numbers on the

lottery can you believe it I don't think I will ever win the lottery well in fact

I know I will never win the lottery because I don't play it so that's the

reason why hello to Guadalupe hello also - Irene nice to see you here I only

watched the news on television because there is homework from my English class

but I don't enjoy watching it so television is something that used to be

very popular in its heyday oh I like that

heyday so when we talk about the heyday of something we talk about when

something was at its most popular or something that was followed by many many

people so the heyday of something is when it was at its best or its most

popular so a lot of people say that television was at its best

during the 1950's so a lot of people see American television especially so a lot

of people do believe that the 1950s and maybe early 1960s was the best period

for television however here in the UK a lot of people believe that the 1970s and

also the 1980s were the best periods of time for television

so the heyday of British television I suppose you could say the 1970s and

1980s which is when I grew up and I must admit I do I do remember a lot of TV

shows that I watched 30 40 years ago however many TV shows that I've watched

recently I can't remember it all they have left no memory whatsoever nothing

whatsoever hello also to Pedro here in Brazil there

is one particular channel that decides to make people brainwashed they want to

brainwash the citizens they support many bad things and they have been destroying

the familiar values I see well this is something that I mentioned last week

when I was talking about news but television is very similar so in many

countries the television stations are actually owned by the government so if

you are broadcasting TV and quite often on the TV there will be news so many of

these things are often controlled by the state or by the government here in the

UK we have fairly free television so you can express many views if you don't like

the government you can go on television and say that you don't like the

government and no one will come round and arrest you or take you away so I

suppose here we have a lot of freedom on television in the UK however there

are still rules and regulations that have to be followed but fortunately

there isn't a lot of censorship on television in this country I'm not

saying that it doesn't happen because it does

there is censorship but not that often fortunately hello Christina I can't wait

to see your Christmas decorations I love the Christmas spirit I always get

excited at this time of year when I put the Christmas lights on the front of the

house and to be honest with you III know that I'm going to sound like a hypocrite

but I don't really follow any religion I'm not a religious person so some

people might find it odd that I get very excited at Christmas although I do love

the festivities of well most religious festivities I actually enjoy getting

involved with I remember many years ago I got involved with some of the

celebrations during the Islamic New Year when I was in Malaysia so it was great

fun lots of food lots of color lots of music it was great and I suppose

Christmas gives me the same feeling as well I love the color I love the fact

that everyone is nice to each other even though it's only for a short time

although the spirit of it is quite nice so yes I suppose I'm a little bit like a

child when it comes to Christmas I do get very excited by Christmas time I am

so happy this morning because my daughter has passed her last exam at

University well done Anna and a big congratulations to your daughter as well

I suppose we can give you a round of applause would you like a round of

applause for your daughter

congratulations to Hanna and also your daughter as well for passing her last

exam at University Theo is here watching television in many ways is a waste of

time there is violence and also catastrophic

news and trash well we were we are going to look at some words to do with

television very shortly but I also thought it would be interesting to have

a look at some information about television however first of all I'm

going to reveal today's mystery idiom here it is for those who are waiting

patiently here is today's mystery idiom i doo doo doo doo doo

just say what you see so there it is today's mystery idiom if you think you

know the answer if you think you know what it is just write it down on the

live chat television is a very interesting subject now I like to look

at the background or behind the scenes of how television programs are made I've

always been slightly fascinated by that to be honest however the history of

television can you believe it the history of television goes on in fact

it's still continuing now television has always been changing as you can see the

shape and size of the television has changed quite a lot over the years from

the 1930s you can see right up to the 2000s so televisions used to be very

bulky very large even though the screen itself was quite small so you can see

there there have been many changes that have taken place with televisions not

just for size but also the fact that originally you could only watch

television in black-and-white and then later in the late 1960s we had color

television suddenly arrived now originally and this is something

interesting this is one of the first ever attempts at creating a television

picture and this particular type of television production is actually

mechanical and there were two types of television production there was

mechanical and also electronic so the first mechanical television the first

successful transmission of mechanical television was carried out by John Logie

Baird a Scottish inventor you've probably heard of this man I would

imagine you have John Logie Baird a Scottish inventor first his first

transmission of simple face shapes in 1924 using mechanical television March

the 25th 1925 Baird demonstrated television at the London department

store Selfridges so you can see that TV has been around even if in the early

days television was rather crude so there it is John Logie Baird sitting in

front of the first televised or and that's what they called the television

so the first mechanical television and that's the way the picture was actually

produced John Logie Baird with his televised or in 1925 however later a new

form of technology came along and this is the form of technology that we use

well we have you used virtually up to this present date

electronic scanning which was created by Philo Farnsworth

so the first scanning television was first successfully demonstrated in San

Francisco in 1927 by Philo Farnsworth a 21 year old inventor using Allen Dumont's

cathode ray tube so the cathode ray tube was a very clever invention and

because of that we were able to transmit pictures electronically so instead of

producing the picture mechanically we could actually do it electronically the

first ever television station was Jenkins W 3xk which started in 1928 so

there it is the first ever TV station was set up in the United States a long

time ago many people over history have been

involved the key figures and also events which led to the television that we all

know and love nowadays so for example we have Paul Nipkow who was a German and

in 1884 he actually presented a patent for the very early formation of

mechanical television transmission however he never actually built the

thing that he invented he never actually built it later charles Jenkins came

along and he produced well as we just saw he created the first ever television

station in 1928 he was also an innovator of cinema as well so he helped to invent

and create the modern form of cinema also we have the first TV station which

was produced first of all in 1928 it started

broadcasting in 1928 we have John Logie Baird also responsible for the

mechanical scanning so that was the very early form of television and then later

as I mentioned we have the electronic scanning and that is the TV that we all

know and love right now so you can see over the years televisions have changed

quite a lot in fact ever such a lot so who would have thought that so many

people would have been involved in the creation of the early television sets in

fact people were experimenting with television in the early 1800s although

they never produced it nothing ever came of it so it wasn't until the early 1900s

that people started to get interested in creating a form of visual transmission

very interesting talking of television we're now going to take a look at one of

my youtube lessons would you like to have a look at an excerpt from one of my

full English lessons where I talk all about television and then after that

we're going to have a look at some words and phrases connected to the same subject

can you see what I'm doing here I'm trying to find something to watch on

television sometimes it is hard to find something good to watch I often spend

many hours trying to find a decent show to watch

I often flick through the channels in the desperate attempt to find something

that catches my eye you flick through the channels you flip through the

channels you scan up and down the channels many years ago we used to have

to get up and go over to the TV to change the channel these days we can use

the remote control this item can cause a lot of annoyance and frustration as it

often gets mislaid has anyone seen the TV remote it was here on the sofa

earlier but now it's gone the TV remote is used to control all the functions of

the television set including the sound level and picture controls the sound

level is called the volume you can turn up the volume to increase the sound

level and turn down the volume if the sound level is too high or too loud in

this case the word volume simply means amount or quantity the level is the

volume which controls the amount of sound coming from the TV a person who

likes flicking through the TV channels can be described as a channel hopper if

a person watches TV all the time that we might describe them as a telly addict

telly is another word for a television set a television can also be called the

goggle-box the word goggle refers to a person's eyes staring at the flickering

picture and box refers to the shape of the TV although these days many TV sets

are actually flat and take up very little space television sets come in

many different screen sizes from just a few inches to fit on a small desk

right up to the ones that resemble something you might find in a cinema

that was quick I thought that went on longer than that but it didn't oh hello

there hi everybody welcome to English addict on a Wednesday and it's mr.

Duncan that's me by the way for those who are wondering who is that strange

man on my screen at the moment well it's me

I'm sorry about that here we go then a lot of people on the live chat today oh

hello hello - carne kilo hello to you hello also - van Lew Guadalupe is here

also we have Christina the first means of communication was the electric

telegraph Morse in 1837 yes before television came along before radio came

along the only way of actually communicating was with Morse code so the

telegraph was the earliest form of communication electronically there were

many other ways you could shout out of your window if you wanted to let your

neighbor know that you were coming round in half an hour I suppose I suppose that

was the early form of email you just used to shout hello - Prady also hello -

LAN view hello to you lots of people at the moment are watching in I think in

Vietnam thank you very much for joining me

Irene says mr. Duncan you are my best TV thank you very much now this is

something that we might talk about now because television has become less

popular over the years for many reasons one main reason of course is the change

in technology so you might say that

nowadays because we can go on the internet because we can stream things we

can look at something at a different time including this live stream I mean

this live stream can be watched again later on so a lot of people don't watch

this live they actually wait until later and then

watch it again so we might say that one thing has superseded or it will

supersede another so this is a very interesting word so when we say

superseded we mean take over from so one thing takes over from another so in the

past a lot of people would use their televisions to watch whatever was on and

here in the UK I remember growing up we only had three channels not a hundred

not 200 just three so when I was growing up we only had a choice of three

channels and most of those channels weren't even on during the day so some

of them would come on later in the day so in the morning quite often there

would be nothing on at least one channel there would be nothing on so to take

over from is to supersede so you might say that the internet and our mobile

phones they have superseded television they have taken over from TV and I think

that's one of the main reasons why there are fewer people watching television

anymore by the way this word this is a very controversial word for those who

love English because a lot of people spell this word using the letter C right

here so a lot of people spell this word with a C here however that spelling is

incorrect you must always spell soup

seed like this even though some dictionaries nowadays also show the

incorrect spelling without mentioning it so if something becomes the preferred

thing to become the preferred thing the thing that you would rather do or rather

have something that takes over from another thing we can say superseded

superseded hello to as worthy I am so glad to see you today me too I'm glad to

see you because without you I don't know what I would do to be honest

hello mr. Duncan how can I get a British accent well there isn't a magic spell

there isn't a potion that you can take to make you sound British so you can

mimic you can copy you can practice to speak clearly so it is something that

you have to learn over time so what you have to do is find something you like

listening to and then use that as a reference so reference is the thing that

you look at and you take things from so maybe you want to use me as your English

reference hi Lee Kwang says my favorite channel is Star movie and also the

Cartoon Network I used to watch the Cartoon Network many years ago there was

a very funny cartoon called Ren and Stimpy who remembers Ren and Stimpy I

used to love Ren and Stimpy he was brilliant

Saima says hello from Turkey hello to Turkey by the way I have been to your

country twice hello also 2pr Chaudhary I am watching

you from India nice to see you here as well we are talking about

television today television how much television do you watch do you watch a

lot of television we briefly spoke about how television became the thing it is

now however there are many words that can be connected to television for

example here in the UK we often say telly when we mean television so telly

is a short form of television and it is quite often used in British English so

you might say I have just brought a new telly I bought it from the local shop in

the sale I bought a telly in the Black Friday sales telly so it is an

abbreviation of the word television we might ask someone to put the telly on

can you put the telly on so if we ask someone to put the telly on we are

asking them to turn the television on they want to see what is on the telly so

can you please put the telly on I'm going to put the telly on so we normally

use this in British English the word telly I like it I like it a lot Luis

Mendez says in the 1970s Portuguese people were crazy about television

Brazilians tell a Novalis that has changed the language in Portugal on

holiday sometimes I had to ask the meaning of some expressions I suppose

you have touched on something very interesting there you have because

television is often credited for changing the way we behave

so I suppose over the years television has been accused of being a good

influence and also a bad influence so yes I can understand what you mean there

Louis because I think that television over the years has influenced many parts

of society not only the way we speak but also the way we behave in fact you might

say that a lot of people over the years have been addicted to television you

might describe them as a telly addict so if a person is a telly addict

it means they love watching television they can't stop so a person who is a

telly addict so again I mentioned this a few days ago the word addict can be used

in many ways so you can have English addict you can have a telly addict a

person who loves television so much they can't stop watching it Rakesh is here oh

hello mr. Duncan nice to see you after a long time maybe after four days but why

your live streams are not every day I want to see you every day

thank you Rakesh well there is a reason why I'm not doing my live streams every

day it's because I have other things that I have to do so my life is very

busy with all sorts of things so not just doing this but also I have other

things that I have to do unfortunately so that's the reason why although it

would be lovely it would be ever so nice if I could be here every day but sadly I

can't for various reasons gogglebox oh so we can call the television the

goggle box if you watch the TV you are watching the

goggle box so this is a great word goggle so when we say goggle it means

look or watch we are using our eyes so watch the box goggle box so this is a

slang term for the television you might sit in front of the goggle box all night

doing nothing goggle box like this there is a TV show in the UK called goggle box

and you might not believe this but this TV show involves people sitting watching

television so we are watching our television and on the television there

are people watching television

that's where we are now in 2019 we now have TV shows that are just basically

people sitting watching television so we sit and watch them watch television

goggle box incredible hello Irene hello - sweetness goggle box I love that word

you can also describe the television as the box that's pretty simple

even though nowadays televisions are not really box shaped are they they're not

really shaped like a box so nowadays they are quite flat so many years ago

TVs used to be shaped like a box so we used to say the box is there anything

good to watch on the Box tonight I'm going to stay in tonight and watch the

box watch television another word we can use to describe

television is the tube now televisions have changed a lot over the years and

for many years a television had a very important part called a cathode ray tube

so the tube is basically the thing that you watched it was like a giant bulb and

what the bulb would do it would scan across the screen many many times a

second and that's how the TV picture was produced so we used to call it the tube

which relates to the cathode ray tube or a lot of people describe it as a CRT a

cathode ray tube and that is how the picture used to appear on your

television by using one of those so many people used to describe the television

as the tube is there anything on the tube tonight

and that's the reason why we also have YouTube so YouTube is a reference to the

old word for television tube the tube

and in American English a lot of people used to describe the TV as the boob tube

I don't know why maybe it was the shape because some TVs the screen was was not

flat so maybe that's the reason why the boob tube is what Americans used to

describe as their television of course not everyone likes TV there are some

people who don't like television there are some people who don't like watching

TV there are some people who think that television is bad

and they describe it as the idiot box so this is not what I think so this is not

my opinion so please don't write to me and complain however some people do

describe the television as the idiot box because they think that the people who

watch television are not very clever also maybe you could describe the people

who appear on television as being idiots so over the years people have described

television in many ways some of them positive and some of them negative so

the idiot box and that's used by people who don't like

television someone very famously referred to television as chewing gum

for the eyes so when you have nothing to do maybe you have a spare moment maybe

you are looking for something to do to entertain yourself or to press the time

away maybe you will watch the television even if you are not really interested in

what is happening on the screen chewing gum for the eyes so you are watching

television you are doing something but really you are doing nothing we describe

it as chewing gum for the eyes an idle activity someone once described

television as the sewer in your living room because of all the rubbish that

came out of it the sewer in your living room I always remember my English

teacher at school telling me this and I always thought it was brilliant I

thought it was one of the funniest things I've ever heard the sewer in your

living room another negative way of describing the

television I like that one so you've come home from work you've sat

down and you're trying to think of what to do I think I might have a night in

front of the telly to spend a night in front of the telly it means that you are

sitting down and you are watching television you are having a night in

front of the telly it means you're sitting down to watch the television and

the word telly is often used in British English so I hope that has been helpful

what about you do you watch much television now I don't watch as much TV

as I used to I used to watch a lot of television when I was a child but not so

much anymore to be honest hello - Kevin Cheung hello Kevin Cheung watching in

China hello to you Christina also Guadalupe thank you very much for

joining me today I will be going soon but before I go I will give you the

answer to today's mystery idiom so I'm here for another three minutes if you

want to say hello please say hello if you don't want to say hello don't worry

you don't have to the mystery idiom what is it now normally when I have my

mystery idioms you can just say what you see so all you have to do is say what

you see on the screen so this particular mystery idiom is and here it comes now

the answer oh the answer is you haven't got a leg to stand on

and this is an expression that is used quite often the meaning to have no

options or choices of how to react to a fight back against someone or something

if your options are zero we can say that you haven't got a leg to stand on you

have no argument you have no one to help you you cannot be saved there is nothing

you can do to change the situation you haven't got a leg to stand on and there

it was today's mystery idiom I hope you enjoyed that you can watch all of this

again later on for those who want to get in touch

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will never miss another one of my lessons whether they are recorded or

live and for those who are wondering yes you can catch me three times a week in

fact you can catch me on Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2 p.m. UK time so I

will be back with you on Friday at 2 p.m.

Thank You Pat chu Thank You Luis thank you also to Noemi I I don't like missing

people out before I go by the way can I just mention Belarusian who picked up a

lovely award last week and can I say thank you Belarusian for your lovely

message and also the photograph of your award 25 years since Belarusian

graduated from dentist University so congratulations to you as well

what a lovely way to end the show Thank You Carl

thank you once again to sweetness thank you so much for another amazing

livestream as always I'm glad you enjoy it if you did enjoy it tell your friends

if you didn't enjoy it tell me thank you Saima Thank You pal Mira thank

you also to Pedro thank you very much for your company today I am going I hope

you've enjoyed this as we pass three o'clock here in the UK

this is mr. Duncan in England saying thanks for watching I hope you've

enjoyed this SuperDuper hour for all you English addicts watching out there and of

course I'm back on Friday 2 p.m. UK time yes the website is coming that's all I'm

saying and of course until the next time we

meet here on YouTube this is mr. Duncan saying to you...

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of ENGLISH ADDICT Lesson 10 - LIVE Chat - TELEVISION WORDS - Wed 27th November 2019