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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HOW TO MAKE THE WORLD'S LARGEST BUBBLE!

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WHATTT?!?!? What's up YouTube! Today, we're going to be making bubbles, you know

It's summertime everyone's outside and what fun way to do some activities outside than to do some bubbles

So I'm going to show you how to make the best bubbles you have ever seen like this


Alright, let's get started shall we I'll show you helping some amazing bubbles

Let's go what you want to do first the main thing you want to focus on is how to make the right consistency,

of the bubble fluid so what you want to do real quick is grab some water

Pour it in I already made these fluids already, so I'm going to show you how to do it really quick

so water

Grab some Sprite because we need a little bit of carbonation

Just to make the little bubbles a lot more thicker a lot more stable

So there you go, just add some sprite, now

You want to add febreze people use dish soap,

febreze does the same thing and adds that little soapiness the little bubble enos , and it makes it smell good

So just add some febreze here last but not least, just grab you know your standard

bubble bubble thingy for a little bit i guess not too much there you go you make everything correctly the sprite and the

febreze should mixture eyes lactate one another

Really well if you mix it really really properly and really really well

It should make a really stable strong bubble as you get to be here

You see how crazy it is. It's just stuff here. You can move it upwards downwards

Upwards again down where it's just so strong this chemical and this formula is

Extremely extremely durable right now. Let's just do some bubbles have some fun with the snake

But see if we could try to make the longest bubble in the world

So let's see if we can stretch the bubble from this wall all the way to this wall. So here

We go real quick add something right here

Now just put here and see if we could go now what you want to do. Here is go very gentle very

gentle and

It will try to extend all the way

Oh my gosh, the football they all flooded let's try that one more time guys one more time, so let's start here and let's go



Wait, wait, okay. It's not doing it right. This is how you make a giant bubble y'all go like this

Cut it off, and you see a giant big bubble, just floating around really cool right the students

We could try to make a bubble inside a bubble, but really quick get your formula down

There you go. This is a bubble. There's already a bubble in here, so let's see if you can try to escape it here

we go ah

Dang it Dang it make a long strand


And then get another football over here ah dang it all right

Well that is how you make a giant good bubble formula?

Let's test it out with other great things so I out here the almighty string bubble

I've never tried this before, but I'm pretty sure will work well put it here with bubbles see bubbles here

And then you kind of like swing it around it's my first time using this so bear with me if I mess up

How do you use this you just like run with it right? Oh, ok ok see you?

We were supposed to run with it here we go

Do it and then we just run?

No also thought that's a cult okay. Let's go here. Oh, there's a bubble right there alright again

See you make some cool bubbles. It's all about safety guys jeez Wanna go then and it's been around 2000

and then

I don't even know to use. I don't know the technique for this stringy one, but I think a really cool contraption

This is called the hula hoop

Bubble blower so very quick same concept let's see if we could fit everything in here. Oh

My gosh look at it

Look at it. Just going to do now. Let's go like this. Oh

Dang it. I can do this y'all I can do this do it again. Go up here

Make sure it cuts off right there

And now if you try our best to make a giant bubble if it doesn't pop like that

This is a giant bubble attempt in part 1 here. We go and slowly

Are y'all let's try one last time?

We go grab a big bubble bunch right here. Make sure it's settled there you go now

You just want to go and whip it

Bake it here

we go and ah

Here we go. I'm just going to go up and down

Alright here. We go. Let's try this again here. We go bring it up like that. You should have a lot

Very nice now

Wanna be careful and

go ah

well, there's a giant bubble here for some reason which is pretty cool ah


Dang it. Oh cool. I can pull bubbles inside the bubble making a giant bubble. Let's try it

There you go let it cut off


if I get to try this again, no

Nope, okay. I'll just grab it three off. This is how you make bubbles inside a bubble here you go?

Dang it. I was gonna. Worry. That was cool. We'll try to get cool

That is so awesome. Thanks guys there you go. I were to go you go here

Sing it


Okay, here. We go. I'm just going to go on


So I hope my vision spinner fan here in my bubble

So let's see what kind of damage this fan does - the bubbles well here we go. I have it ready all right

I'm going to turn on the fan three two one go oh

Sing it turning on the fan and three two one go oh

Dang it alright turn it off


Let's go, okay. Here. We go

No way, I was gonna cool

Wow, you can put like five bubbles with this thing


Go, this is my part here. We go. This is the farting Google

We don't get to do them the trees. I part I diarrhea all right guys

I don't know if this is a good idea, but I'm going to dip this in here

Hopefully, I won't get electrocuted don't try this at home whatsoever. This is just for

Experimental purposes like this video in this channel here we go

Try to get all the curves. I did anything, but let's try it out three two one


That kind of work a little bit. Which is kind of cool dip it in just a little bit more

Very good alright here. We go three two what?


All right

So I'm here is the sister and then she's a dream to

Be in the middle of this so I can just put her inside a bowl so ready to be inaudible absolutely

There we go careful you be careful three two one

Before we get to the grand finale. I just want to play with this even more. Than's is on the ground

I have a better angle so let's go oh

Let's go, let's go

Let's see if I can make a perfect rainbow bubble here. We go might take a little bit of timing, but I got this

All right for the grand finale. I present you giant spire

Vocals I do not suggest this whatsoever. I'm going to do it because it might look really cool here we go

Here we go



Cool awesome. The fire was big

but anyways

Thank you all for watching today summer Bubbles or whatever this video is called in the title if you want some more of this let's

get this video to

All right, let's see you later

Stay Juicy