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- My name is David Veal, I run Solarpro.

We specialise in solar energy, solar batteries,

solar pool heating.

We do car charging, we do hot water,

so we do a whole range of energy efficiency

and whatever we put in is targeted around saving energy.

If it runs on the sun, we can install it for you.


The right designs are got a lot to do with three things,

the right solar system for anyone

depends on three things we say,

how much roof space you have,

how much energy you wanna generate

and how much money you wanna spend on it.

And well, when we find the right balance in all of those,

we've got the right system for you.

So, a system design is all based around the roof.

We've got tight roofs that we need

to get a lot of solar panels on,

so we need to make sure that we maximize

any aspects and the shade and the constraints

within the system that we're designing as well.


I would say 30% of our solar systems we install

are within 500 meters from the beach,

being here on the Northern Beaches.

So, it's really, really important that these people

buy a solar panel and equipment that is able

to be that close to the ocean.

There aren't many solar panels around

that will actually let you install within 300 meters.

We use LG.

LG, you can install on a boat,

so they're very safe to install around the sea.

The wind loading on the LG panel

is twice the industry standard.


Being here on the Northern Beaches,

we get a lot of sea breezes

and a lot of ocean winds, so the soil degradation

and the wind loadings are the best that they can be.


It's really important to get a highly efficient panel

on your roof, because roof real estate

is more valuable than you probably realize.

Why that's important is, we need to generate

as much power as we can off the roof

because as we're moving forward,

we're using a lot more energy.

With the sun, that energy is yours,

and once you put those solar panels on,

it's costing you nothing.


we're putting electric appliances

in like, electric hot water,

we're heating swimming pools with electric heat pumps,

we're now driving cars that use electricity,

so we need as much roof space as possible.

So to use a highly efficient panel

means we're using less in footprint.

We wanna also ensure that that solar panel

has got a long, long life in it as well.

We're looking at really getting a 25-30 year life

out of a solar panel.

There's only a few solar panels around that will do that

and that's why we use the LG panel,

because they are a highly efficient panel

and we can guarantee

that they're gonna be around for 25 years.

A lot of solar companies

are selling what they wanna sell people,

in the form of say a, five kilowatts system,

a 6.6 or a seven.

We sell solar systems by the panel,

so we look at exactly what you need

and we design it around that, we mold it to suit you,

not what suits us

and that's why it's really important

to have someone sitting down with you

at the table, because if you're not being educated,

you're being sold what someone else wants to sell you,

not what you need.


What a home owner should look for, number one,

is does the company that you are buying your system from

have employed electricians that are working for them

or is it a sales company.

A lot of people go down the road of being fooled on price

and utilizing a company that is a sales company

that sub-contract out all of their installations.

We don't do that, we have got a team of electricians

and a team of roofers that install the systems for us.


Solar equipment manufacturers come and go,

we've seen plenty of them over the years,

there's been over a 100 solar panel manufacturers come

and go, and what we're finding is people are being left

with products with no warranty,

so it's really important that you go with big brands,

with big companies that have got a big revenue pace,

to look after your warranty.


Choosing a quality solar system is all about longevity

and about how long that system is gonna last.

The systems we use, we've got a 25 year full system warranty

we can offer on some of the systems we use.

The solar panel we use, the LG,

has got a 25 year product warranty

and that is a full warranty.

A full warranty where they cover the panel

as well as the labor.

- Solarpro, with David Veal and his crew,

look after us in the wider Sydney area.

David has been in the business for over 5 years

with regards to LG panels.

We've seen many systems, he focuses on quality.

He will give you a good financial long-term outcome,

I can highly recommend him.

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