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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Things That NEED To Be Invented Already!

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There are so many things that need to be invented right now like this circular shower that rinses you from every angle

I hated in the shower when you're like you're watching the front, but then your back is cold all of you

Everywhere worse or if you like cold showers you weirdo

But then you can be cold everywhere to electromagnetic dumbbells and adjust their weight

Automatically what you can just set it?

You don't have to be like I need like ten different

Dumbbells one needs to be five pounds one needs to be Ten. No this one it changes. No matter

What a highlighter that fades in six months, so you can actually sell back your textbooks

This is brilliant like how many times

Do you have a school textbook, and you're like I can't write in it

But it would help me so much for studying and for school now

You can because this in six months when you're done school

It fades so the next person can use it and use their fading highlighter - this is brilliant nice

This would only suck if like you wanted it to stay and you

Accidentally use the wrong one like you'd have to be like this is my fading highlighter

And I can't mix it up shoes that turn into shelters what I'm okay guys

I don't know about you, but I don't need this in my life

I don't see why I would ever need this in my life. Why would anybody need this in their life

So weird a hamper washer/dryer all in one unit oh my god, so you just throw your dirty clothes into the hamper

But it's really just a washing machine and dryer

Actually, you know what washing and drying machines do exist and they stuck they don't work as well

They do not wash your clothes as well. They do not dry your clothes as well a hybrid

Date and stapler gadget, which would be perfect for teachers perfect teachers no use for me, though

So we're gonna keep moving on a towel rack that dries your towels and disinfects them

What do you never have to wash your towels again? It's just like with lasers is except

bacteria gone

So you can keep drying your hands dry yourself after shower put it back on and it's clean save so much life

So much life and time a reverse microwave that makes things cold fast this eat

Why doesn't this exist we have microwaves, but what about cold? There's nothing worse than like you're like

I really want to drink this drink, but I just bought it, and it is it was been sitting in the car all day

It's hot I just want it to be cold. I want this drink to be cold now

Can be or like you want to make a wanna make a iced coffee no problem different types of car horns

they should have three different types guys one a polite little deep deep that's how cute

It's like you're in my way. I'm not mad at you though like you're in my way. I'm not mad

You could use please move to the side like sometimes like it's like people honk and it's so aggressive

But they're not trying to be aggressive like you're just literally in the way to an anger hog

This is like you almost killed me you mother

Trucker I I'm like a very like

Zen chill person I don't actually get mad like I I don't I think Jordi's only see me mad once this whole time

We've dated, and it was deserved

And I'm so sorry hun right cuz sometimes like you messed up like sometimes you mess up

And you really want to be like I'm so sorry for almost hitting your car

I'm so sorry for running over your tomato, and then you gotta have times with sorry honk guys

I like this I feel like this would cause an argument though computer screens with vitamin D. Oh

my god this would fix so much issues like so many people that don't go outside and just

Sit at home and record YouTube videos all day

Talking about myself and then some people who just sit and play video games all day like this isn't

The perfect solution because it's just like you're enabling the situation

But at the same time at least they're getting their daily fix of vitamin D. This is brilliant

Let's invent this a water sterilizer for cleaning fresh fruits and vegetables. I just rinse mine under the sink

Why is this water looks so fuck this is?

Actually happen is this how dirty my fruits and vegetables are cuz like there's there

There's been the odd time when I'm like. I'm too lazy to wash this don't judge me

There's probably lots of chemicals on there

You shouldn't be eating a floor plan light switch for people who have big houses and are too lazy to walk to rooms are far

Away, I'm actually surprised. This doesn't exist. This is really cool. You just click on the room. You're like oh damn it

I'm already in bed

But I left the kitchen light on so you just press

The kitchen and the kitchen light turns off like it would blow if I was on maybe so you would know and I feel like

Lazy people would save so much electricity this a coffee table that catches gifs and puts it back into the cup

Because you can't waste that little drip that drip needs to be drinking

This would work great for ice cream cones to the dripping ice scam get sucked back in so you don't waste any ice cream

Like because you're always sitting there yeah trying to lick

I've done this too, and I spilling drinks

And it's like you're trying to lick it off more because you don't want it to land on you

Then like you try to save for that last year, but it's a win-win guys. No no no spilling on your clothes and

It's for short people perfect for washing cars and getting things from high shelves need this in my life. I'm like five five sometimes

Getting things from tall shelves. It's annoying

I usually just ask Jordan to get it for me

But it'd be a lot easier if I could just have these boots lying around it I get it myself

I would have so much fun with these a solar-powered AC. They'll cool your car while it's parked in the Sun brilliant guys

There's nothing worse than going into a car after it's been sitting in the Sun for hours. You're walking. You're like

You guys know what I'm talking about unless you live in the Arctic

Then you have no idea and oops button on the elevator if you accidentally press to go to the wrong floor on an elevator

Long press the button to cancel

This is brilliant because then you have to wait for that floor

And you're like I didn't mean I didn't mean that but now you can take it back

But I feel like people would mess with each other like somebody would press their floor, and you'd be like

Long press prom dresses with matching ties. This is so cute. Then will you you and your prom date can match?

Exactly. I don't know when it's like you're trying to match and the colors a little off

It just looks a little off a treadmill with a laptop

Built-in so this basically what's happening this one is the treadmill when you're running

You're generating internet, and your downloads are downloading as fast as possible

But if you stop running you you're losing entering your Internet is shit

I would be so fit like I would do anything for Internet guys

It's like Internet's my homie like I need Internet I would run like I've never run before

Spray-on rapi beep this one's my favorite guys. This one is my favorite look. How cool

It is perfect spray every time. They hit wood perfectly wrapped the box or so times

You know you get a gift, and it's an odd shape and you're like how the hell am I gonna wrap this

I know how to rob boxes, but weirdly shaped. I don't know you're wrapping

Can I please have things this would make everything so much better?

And then I'd be like oh you did such a beautiful job wrapping it. I'm like huh, so don't thank me

thank my spray-on wrapping paper a

Transparent hole punch if you guys have ever hole punched a paper

You know how annoying it is because you can't see where your hole punch a half the time you end up with like a little

It's like half off the page like a little Halfmoon. You know what I mean, and you're like great this

Hole is not gonna do shit for my life waterproof books. Why are books not waterproof?

I want to read in the shower in the pool in the bathtub in the rain

I want to be able to spill all over my books Paulo figure it out

Why doesn't someone invent a cleared hosters you can actually see how toasted your toast is while it's toasting


Oven right because you're like always like trying to peer and then it let's be real you can never really see what's happening

And they're always in the back your cookies are getting burnt and nobody wants burnt cookies everybody wants perfect chewy

little bit crispy cookies

Anyways back to toast it's your toaster never burn because you could just look at it if it burned and that's your fault

Yeah, you can't blame the toaster anymore this one guys

I think is my second favorite a personal vending machine that only lets you pick one item a day

so you put all your junk food your chocolate bars your can of your chips your

Soft drinks whatever it is that you have zero control over with because if you're anything like me you have still zero self-control

I have zero self-control if I go out and buy a thing of chocolate

I will just eat it though that day and it's like great

I don't have any chocolate the rest of the days, and I have a stomachache

But this way you can control you can be like this you set an amount you're like

I only want you to give me like one

Bar or one piece or whatever it is that you've set your limit to in this vending machine

It will listen it will never give you more than what you asked it to brilliant

And if you really want something else like if you have friends over you can just go store and buy it I need this in

my life right now a toilet seat with a pedal ha ha they should do this in all public restrooms because

It's always like you're like Oh

someone just wiped their butt and

Flushed and now I have to flush

And I don't want to touch nothing I always get toilet paper and flush because I'm like super paranoid about germs

But now you don't have to be paired enough because you just use your shoe and everybody uses their shoe

Why doesn't this exist in public restrooms? I'm sure it exists somewhere in the world but majority of toilets

I've seen actually all the toilets i've seen it's always on top of the toilet

We do have some automatic ones, but sometimes. They don't work. You know like sometimes you're like automatic nests

Why aren't you being automatic and then you're like I would have to press that little button

Guys washer and dryer with text notifications. Oh my god, my life is different my life is different seriously, though

Why don't they invent a washing machine and dry with a system that texts your phone to alert you when your clothes are done?

So many clothes would be spared from wrinkles. It's true. I would still leave it in but it now

I can't blame the dryer a mirror that saves past reflections once you can compare reflections to see Fitness progress

Skin health progress and how tall you've grown. That's so cool. I was like why and then I read this

I'm like that is cool. Like you could like do like a time-lapse of your life

Oh, but then like what about all the times

I'd like you to sit in front of the mirror naked like that's like recorded. This is this is could be dangerous

This is like how like celebrity news would get leaked for sure people will just break in and steal the mirror okay

I take it back. I do not want this mirror my life dear cell phone companies

Please it meant and unsend my text option

This is true like they have it on on Gmail so if you send an email

If you're really quick about it like I think you know gives you a couple seconds

And you press pause then it

Doesn't send this should be an option like you even have it on skype where you can like delete a message

And it doesn't show up anymore sometimes like you something's my accident if you guys have seen some of my other videos like

Accidental text sent it happens Pizza, Delivery cars should operate like ice cream trucks and has spare pizzas you can purchase on the spot

Yes, and then they need their own song because the ice cream truck has its song and the pizza guy would have his own suck

So you could be like oh, that's ice cream or oh, that's pizza

You could just like run down and get your ice cream or pizza

Ice cream there should be a movie rating based on how awkward it be to watch with your parents

Oh, this is so true

I remember cuz when I was younger me and my family would always on Sunday nights have moving it

So we would all go to Blockbuster doesn't exist anymore

I don't know if you guys remember if you guys if this is like that old

But it was like you could rent movies there like physical

Movies and we would go and you'd rent like two or three movies, and we'd have that movie night

And we'd watch all them

But then there'd always be like that one time that there'd be like some awkward sex scene or something

And like me my sister would be sitting there with my parents and like and nobody would be commenting on it

But we'd be like all like awkward like this is happening. It's all just like you know

I don't know like this would like rate awkwardness for watching my parents

It's good Facebook should add a feature called break up so you can immediately remove all traces or even slight

Connections to your ex damn. This is like when you want to forget them and like never talk to them again

It's like it's gonna delete all mutual friends cuz you don't want to see their friends anymore or maybe not

I don't know me this has to have levels like how pissed are you this person?

But you don't want anything do them

You just want all the pictures of them removing all their comments

Cuz you don't want to like feel like heartbroken, and then you stumble across like a comment that they made

And easier way to text sarcastically, I wish sarcasm was available as a font. Oh my god

This is so true like sometimes you like say things to people and you're like you don't want to be serious

But then they take it the wrong way

And what if they never tell you then they'll forever be like what and it's not even their fault because texting just can be misconstrued

Misconstrued a safetrac app Oh guys

This is so smart

Instead of like sometimes like you you don't want to call 9-1-1 if it's not an emergency right?

But sometimes you're like in a fishy situation

You're like is this unsafe like I'm not sure enough to call 9-1-1

But then what if it ends up being unsafe, then you could press this button and it

Would like it wouldn't call the police, but your location would be sent to them so that if something did happen

They would know where you were like it's like a GPS thing that turns on for a bit like sets your PIN or whatever

So then when you feel like okay, I was fine

You can be like okay guys fine

And they could check in on you like if it's like oh we haven't heard it from them in five minutes

Like what if they're not okay, and then they send somebody look for you

I think this is brilliant

Or like you could even do it like somebody like one of your family members like when you're like walking home from school

Maybe you to walk pass a bad neighborhood or something so they can like track you

A chair made of pages what it actually looks like

weirdly comfortable

And you could set the comfort like you could be like I want a lot of padding in my back or I want a lot

Of padding in my butt or I want equal pouting this isn't the most useful invention

We've seen on the list guys, but it suits

It's not bad a levitating chauffeur that stays put via a giant magnet pretty much

They're asking you to invent a frigging cloud for your house. I'm so down look

How comfortable this thing looks and like look how like majestic?

She looks like I feel like you're just sitting you'd be like yeah, I'm an angel

I need this an extension cord that lies flat on the ground so you don't trip

Why why doesn't this exist already extension cords are the bane of my existence you always have to put them like

throughout the house

And then you're always dying because you trip over them breaking everything not this

Why doesn't this exist bath stones to keep your water warm for a long time?

Yes, because you're always in the bath, and then like eventually it gets cold

And then you have to pour more water in but this would just keep the water warm

What would you burn yourself if you touch the stones no cuz it would be the same temperature like this the water

I like this a gadget that converts. Chalk doesn't to new pieces of chalk brilliant

It cleans and it reduces a memory phone chair that feels like you're floating on air hmm

This isn't looking as comfortable, but it probably is I like it

Where is this one it must exist somewhere right a toothbrush?

It doubles as a dog toy, right because like dogs

Don't let you brush your teeth

But now that he will because he's just thinks as a toy you trick them. You should see me like here's a toy meanwhile

I'm making sure you you're clear teather. Oh

Clean well there you have it guys

Let me know there's other

Inventions that weren't on this list if you're like this needs to happen right now and let me know in the comments

I want to read them all because this is so interesting. I'm just like now

I'm thinking of all the things that I want in my life that don't exist I love you guys so muuuuch

bye bye


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