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Top 10 Spider-Gwen Surprising Facts

Hey guys! Welcome back to top 10 nerd. Ill Kelly Paoli, and today, were taking a look

at one of the newer superheroes on the block. Spider Gwen, or rather Spider Woman, has really

picked up steam over the past few years, quickly becoming a fan favourite, and almost immediately

getting her own reoccurring title. So, in case youre wondering what all the hype

is about, weve put together a few spidey tidbits for you all with our top 20 spider-glen

surprising facts list. Also, heads up, theres a few spoilers if you havent read the series.

Youve been warned.

10 Alternate Earth Most fans of Spider-Gwen should know this

one - Spider-Gwens series takes place on one of Marvels alternate Earths, Earth-65,

that made its debut during the Spider-Verse storyline that took place between 2014-2015.

On this Earth, Gwen Stacy is bitten by a radioactive spider rather than Peter Parker, which ends

up resulting in her becoming Spider-Woman. Writer Dan Slott didnt have any additional

plans for the character beyond showing Peter Parker a world in which Gwen Stacey was still

alive, but the fans had different feelings about that.

9 Alternate Reality, Alternate Characters Earth 65 contains many familiar faces, all

of which have taken on slightly different roles though now that Gwen is their friendly

neighbourhood spider woman. This includes Frank Castle, the Punisher, who is now the

Captain of the NYPDs Special Crimes Task Force, but is a bit of a crazy maniac. Theres

Matt Murdoch, who is still a lawyer but has now taken up the mantle of Kingpin. And Harry

Osborn, whose still the Green Goblin, is motivated by Peter Parkers death to take down Spider


8 Jessica Drew Speaking of alternates, Jessica Drew, who

its the Earth 616 Spider woman, isnt completely shafted on 65. Shes part of an organization

called SILK that splinters from SHIELD, owned by Cindy Moon, who on 616 is super heroine

Silk. Jessica Drew is a former SHIELD agent, who had radiation poisoning that Cindy cured.

Oh, and she is now a he - Jesse Drew.

7 Cosplayers Spider Gwens popularity has made her a

bit of a pop culture icon, especially resonating quite strongly with female comic book fans.

She was even one of the biggest cosplay choices for women, and continues to be so, especially

now that fans can purchase her signature hoodie online. But a lot of fans attribute her popularity

to how stylish her outfit is, rather than an actual adoration for Earth-65. What do

you guys think? Did Spider Gwens costume attract you to read her series?

6 Popularity It isnt just her costume that was a hit.

Her comic was critically acclaimed, with IGN saying itits off to a solid start thanks

to a hip tone, strong characterization and vibrant artwork.” Comic Book Resources called

the first issuefun, familiar, energetic and invigorating, that art is engaging and

the character has nothing but potential to offer. Spider Gwen #1 is more than just a

comic with something for everyone its a comic with everything for everyone.” The

first issue was the third best selling comic of February 2015, and sold 250 000 copies

in the process.

5 Gwenom Back in July 2017, Jason Latour revealed a

teaser for something many Spider-Gwen fans were awaiting; Gwenom. Aka, the venom of Earth

65. The predator storyline, which saw Earth 65s Wolverine and Kitty Pryde teaming up

with Gwen to hunt down the Lizard infected Harry Osborne had been dropping several hints

to a potential venom symbiote storyline, so naturally people were excited. Spider Gwen

issue 25 even has a variant cover that matches that of a famous The Amazing Spiderman cover.

4 Miles Morales Miles, the spider man of Earth 1610, makes

an appearance on earth 65, too. His father disappears from Earth 616 and is found on

65, Miles and Gwen team up. This leads to the two having some pretty significant romantic

sparks, especially upon discovering Earth 8, a reality in which the two, in the future,

were married and had children. Unfortunately, the duo parted ways in Spider Gwen #18.

3 Shes a Drummer In what might be the coolest thing ever, Earth

65s Gwen was in a band with Mary Jane Watson. And shes the drummer. And the band is called

the Mary Janes. So on Earth 65, MJ goes by Em Jay Watson - spelt E M JAY. The band got

a bit of a popularity boost when Spider-Woman took on Aleksei Sytsevich during one of their

concerts. Eventually, Gwen quit the band due to Em Jays attitude. But fear not! The

bands song Face It Tiger has actually been recorded by a real life all girl group called

Married with Sea Monsters. And its pretty rad.

2 Peter Parkers Death As weve mentioned, on this Earth, it was

Gwen who was bitten by the radioactive spider, not Peter. And that means Peter also has an

alternate life. Instead of being a hero, Peters journey takes him down a darker course, in

which he becomes a villain after an experiment turned him into the Lizard. The two fight

after he crashes the Midtown Senior Prom - as the lizard - Gwen defeats him, and Peter dies

in her arms, sayingI just wanted to be special, like you.” On Earth 65, Peter is

bullied pretty badly, and Spider woman was his idol. She was blamed for Parkers death

when he transformed back and died of his injuries, and Spider Gwen has been branded as a criminal.

1 Her Costume Debuting in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, the concept

of having Gwen switch spots with Peter came from Dan Slott, but this initial concept was

quite different from what Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez put together when creating

the character. Slott had imagined Spider Gwen to wear the costume from the Superior Spider-Man

plot, but with modifications, matching the colours of her outfit from The Night Gwen

Stacy Died story. But since the Spider Gwen team didnt get the memo - literally - they

did their own thing. Robbi Rodriguezs design for her Spider Woman uniform has been stated

to be the main reasons for the characters popularity before her debut issue even hit

the stands. And this led to the announcement of her own spinoff at the New York Comic Con

in 2014.

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