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My grandmother would receive money, maize and beans then she sells me off

then those guys would go sleep with me

I got pregnant at the age of 14 now I am 15 years old

I went to pick books from my friends house but upon reaching there her brother defiled me

he then threatened to kill me if I dared to scream

after escaping I went and sat alone crying not to tell even my dad because he has blood pressure

I was in deep thoughts at that time

what were you thinking?

I was asking myself why I even went for those books in the first place

but I stopped blaming myself because I was asked to go pick those books anyway

when I went to report the police officer just brushed me off and told me to go back home

I had to keep to myself

So when you to the police they did not take your complain seriously


Later on I noticed I had missed my periods so I told one of my neighbours

I was taken to Chuka General Hospital where I begun my antenatal care

I finally delivered a child who is now 3 months old

have you ever seen the boy responsible?



he goes into hiding whenever he sets his eyes on me, we don't talk

My grandmother would receive money, maize and beans then she sells me off

then those guys would go sleep with me

how many of them?


where was your mum at that time?

she was mentally ill so she would just run away from home leaving me with my grandmother

I would try to resist but my grandmother would force me

I told her I did not want to engage in sexual activity because I was afraid I might get pregnant

what was her response?

she would insist that I must do it

I could not take it any longer so I ran away from home

I met my moms friend in Ndagani who then brought me to Kelis place

I was brought up with my grandmother in a very humble background

when I joined Form 1 she could not afford to buy me sanitary towels or any other personal belongings in school

I was always in and out of school and while in Form 2 I happened to meet a guy who was able to provide for me anything I needed

he eventually became my boyfriend, I found myself pregnant and had to drop out of school

that was in 2017

In 2018 I delivered and breastfed the baby for 6 months then I went to look for a job

one day while I was working I heard Kelly speaking on radio

I called in and told her all my problems, she told me to go meet her

she even came home

she sympathized with the situation at home then asked me if I would wish to go back to school and I said yes

my grandmother agreed to take care of my baby while I go back to school

In January 2020 she managed to secure a place for me in Muthambi Girls school where I enrolled back to Form 1

My name is Dorris Muthoni from Kathwana

I was forced to undergo FGM not by my parents but by my grandmother

My parents did not want to question or urgue with her because she was the only one who was still alive among our grandparents

she had high blood pressure and so they felt if they questioned her she might end up passing on

my grandmother made all plans, I had no idea, so one Saturday when I woke up I found so many women waiting for me outside our house

non of them was even talking to me

but when the lady who was conducting the FGM arrived that's when I was taken by force from home

It was against my will and in fact I got injured in the process

I lost a lot of blood

I had to drop out of school for the whole year, I was in High School at that time

I only joined after gaining the energy and being able to operate normally

I just want to urge those people forcing young girls into FGM to stop it, because everyone has the right decide on how their life will be

No one should make such decisions for the young ones

My name is Emily Gathure, I am 21 years old

when I finished class 8 all my friends and everyone wanted to undergo FGM

but I refused and said I have the right to decide on what to do with my body

all my friends underwent the cut

my mum had actually prepared everything for me so that I could undergo that too but I refused and went to my sisters place

Both my brothers and sister were the ones who advised me against undergoing the cut saying that it might affect me in future

Later I wet back home and found all my friends whom we had just completed school with had undergone the cut

I was told of one of my best friends who bled excessively in the process and was admitted at the hospital

She has never fully recovered from the ordeal, she is always in and out of the hospital

She was told by the doctors that one of her veins was tempered with and that she will not have a normal delivery in future

the children of today

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