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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 不要再用"very+形容词"! 加大词汇量、学习更地道的英文 | Stop saying very!

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Maggie today we're talking about some

advanced additives to replace the format

berry plus acid if there's nothing wrong

about saying something's very good or

very bad it's just that if you want to

sound a little bit more advanced or

professional in your English you might

want to consider these words we're going

to talk about today before we start

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now with all that being said let's get

into the video first one we're gonna

talk about is very good feat only snack

time like show up Morgan cool most sure

about someone is very good at something

you can say this person excels at this

for example I excel at excel that's just

it's a joke

I don't excel at Excel I suck at Excel

for example you can say this person

excel in sports in plus now or excel at

doing something tom is doing very good

in debate class tom excels in debate

class he should be a lawyer next one you

can also use she is an excellent cook

top-notch best in the business

amy is the best in the business best in

the business

- Raja honey I don't own links in it

well amy is the best in the business

her stuff is top-notch top-notch

whatever she does right maybe she's a

painter her paintings are top-notch

I actually made another video talking

only about replacements for the word

good if you're interested in other

alternatives to the word good go check

out the other video it'll be linked in

the card nice let's look at very high

for example let's talk about something

real a hug the real estate prize in

Silicon Valley is very high you can also

use astronomical the housing price is

astronomical in Silicon Valley 90s

Senegal called eagle very high Joe sure

astronomical Georgia magna hiking

illegally the housing price or the real

estate price in Silicon Valley has gone

through the roof have gone through the


yes missing role very high these take a

night's repeat alcohol you follow the

real estate price in Silicon Valley has

gone through the roof next one let's

look at very big for example I have a


on my face on my chin you can say

massive I have a massive zit on my face

for example that's a huge building or

that's a very big building this building

is massive massive or you can use

humongous humongous is not necessarily a

more advanced work but it's definitely

used a lot in everyday conversations

humungous this building is humongous

humongous humongous next one happy I'm

very happy right now I'm ecstatic I'm

ecstatic that means you're beyond happy

or you can say I'm beyond happy right


that means I'm very happy I'm beyond

happy right now I'm excited

egg-static ecstatic next one very bad

this restaurant is very bad awful this

restaurant is awful I would never go

back there again

this restaurant is awful I would never

go back there again or lousy what a

lousy restaurant what a lousy restaurant

that also means very bad lousy and awful

next one very busy I'm very busy right

now I'm swamped right now I'm sorry I

can't make it to your party tonight I'm

swamped with work I'm swamped next one

very tired I'm very tired right now I'm

exhausted I'm exhausted I had such a

hectic day I'm exhausted oh yes

hectic can be used to replace busy as

well for example I have a very busy

schedule you can say I have a hectic

schedule hectic I've had a hectic day

I'm exhausted

next one very dirty this place is so

dirty this place is filthy

filthy it also means dirty this place is

filthy I'm very scared

I'm very scared about the future I'm

petrified about the future petrified

have you heard that song first I was

afraid I was petrified that's a good

time girl listen to it I really like

that song petrified petrified last but

not least very mad I'm very mad right

now I am enraged right now enraged I'm

enraged or I'm pissed I'm pissed pissed

or enraged alright that is it for

today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it

I picked out some of the most used

structure I guess very + adjective

structure hopefully it's helpful to you

guys and I think in daily life you can

use these words that's why I picked them

hopefully it's helpful thank you guys so

much for watching I will see you in my

next video




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