Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Zośka - Nauka Trików - Legover

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Welcome to footbag tutorials

It's time to learn another trick, which includes circling around the bag with your foot. This trick is legover


Remember to warm-up before training to avoid injuries

You should have mastered toe delay before learning legover. You should be able to do 10 consecutiove side to side toe delays easily


While doing legover, bag should be thrown between hips height and knee height

Remember to bend support leg's knee before throw and switch legs fast after throw. Fast leg switch is key skill in this trick


Similiar as in around the world, you circle around the bag with your calf. To ease doing this trick, tilt your knee outside. By doing so, you can circle around the bag faster.

After doing dex, you need to cushion falling bag by lowering catching foot

Mistakes Here are the most common mistakes

Throwing bag far from the body instead and close to the body

Catching the bag on the outside part of the shoe and bend knee inwards while throwing


While training legover remember about: 1. straight up throw with legs' switch

2. tilting knee outside while dexing 3. cushioning falling bag by lowering catching foot and bending support leg's knee

When you master legover, try doing logever back to back, i.e. first with one leg, then another

When you master it, try doing legover 2 times on one leg, then 2 times on another. Good luck!

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