Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DIMASH KUDAIBERGEN - adagio REACTION

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very good to all and welcome to this that is gamefantasytech my name is lily and we are here

in a new reaction at the request of the public first of all I want to thank everyone who is

there doing the stamina always throwing good vibes to those who are new since welcome

to those who did not subscribe I invite you to do so to have the reactions instantly

when I am uploading them well people today we are going to be reacting to a dimash kudaibergen theme

the name is adage I hope you like them to enjoy it and here we go

well, here we are told by the 24-year-old interpreter revelation from kazakhstan and winner of the

highest musical awards in asia stands out for having a very broad vocal range equivalent

to a baritone and even a soprano at the same time well we were reacting previously to

a His theme and the truth is that we saw the ability to go from the lowest sound that exists to the highest

that change of tonalities is impressive and now it is n to be able to enjoy in this new theme


what beauty of theme

no no no in fact deceased

what forest they have is impressive 2 i

and I well it

is incredible the change of voice it has is very impressive


apart from that you must super feel the theme because I eat it His interpreter sings

the way he feels it is noticeable on the surface

and here what a good vibe this rhythm takes me to another


impressive song impressive what God sings in love with his voice please yes

well he talks a little about someone that he left and he is waiting for us


the same

yes terrible terrible terrible

in March of more

than that forgetfulness

it cannot be God he advanced it after a touch because yes incredible

to people who can be said before this voice by God incredible theme adage from dimash

kudaibergen the truth without words without words is a genius a capo I have been listening and I have

been seeing comments from people saying that his voice is incredible and here we have

the proof of this congratulations ag Enio really people this was our reaction

today I hope you liked it we are seeing each other soon in another of them I send you

a huge kiss this was gamefantasytech my name is lily and see you in the next bye bye

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