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- [Narrator] No matter how good a game is,

there are always going to be a ton of glitches.

And no matter how random those glitches might be,

people somehow still manage to uncover them.

Within "Fortnite" chapter two's second season,

there are a handful of game breaking glitches

that players have discovered and shared online,

from simple cosmetic glitches

to game-breaking automatic wins.

Season two has not been without its bugs.

Some of these glitches are so crazy

that you need to see them for yourself to believe them,

and that's what we're here for.

Sit back, relax and enjoy today's episode

of "The Countdown" as we cover hidden glitches

within "Fortnite" chapter two season two.

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Now, let's get into it.

Number eight, Midas pistol.

The golden tier 100 skin of season two, Midas,

is one of the more memorable "Fortnite" villains

of the past few seasons.

Not only that, but Midas triggers a weird cosmetic glitch

on the flashlight pistol after he drops it.

If you pick up a flashlight pistol

that was recently held by a Midas skin,

the lighting effect will be completely gold,

turning the gun into a strange golden plate-shaped gun.

This glitch honestly makes the flashlight pistol

look like some sort of sci-fi weapon

from "Halo" or "Mass Effect" games,

and it has a pretty cool design for happening on accident.

Number seven, ka-boom emotes.

This next glitch is a weird way to change all of your emotes

and it can be activated by heading to the oil rig.

Set one of TNTina's red ka-boom propane tanks

as close as you can next to a helicopter.

If you've gotten close enough,

the propane tank will glitch into your harvesting tool

and will become attached to your character model.

At this point, you can run through your different emotes

and see just how ridiculous they look

with a ka-boom tank attached to you.

You'll actually be surprised

at just how entertaining this ends up being.

Number six, teleportation.

The "Fortnite" teleportation glitch

is activated by almost the exact same method

as the season one invisibility glitch

that we covered in an earlier episode.

This time though, you're going to be using a helicopter

instead of a boat.

Fly your helicopter up in the air.

And once you've reached a good height,

you need to disconnect your internet

and continue pressing the boost button.

Yes, really.

After 30 seconds, reconnect your internet

and you'll discover that you can only move by boosting now.

You're also invisible

and you can use this to scout nearby enemies on the map.

When you exit the helicopter or switch spots,

you will teleport back to where you were

when you first disconnected your internet.

Is this glitch worth it?

Uh, we'll let you decide.

Number five, spawn island.

Spawn Island is the small location where everyone gathers

before the beginning of a game of Battle Royale.

Thanks to this next glitch,

you'll actually be able to access the island

after the game has already started.

First off, grab a helicopter.

Next, fly that helicopter towards Spawn Island,

making sure to pass over Coral Cove.

Once you get close enough to the island,

a glitchy first person mode will be activated.

Keep pressing on towards the island

and you'll eventually fall back

into a third person point of view.

At this point, you'll have full access to Spawn Island.

There's not much to do, but enjoy.

Number four, box boat.

The next glitch is another one that made our list

purely for entertainment purposes.

Grab a creepin' cardboard and a boat.

Next, you can place the creepin' cardboard next to the boat

and jump on top of it.

If you time this perfectly,

you can enter the creepin' cardboard

and the boat at the exact same moment.

As a result, you'll see your character driving a boat

with a box on their heads.

This might not help you grab a dub,

but it'll certainly give your opponents a good laugh.

Number three, floating cardboard.

The floating cardboard glitch will give you the ability

to sit on a creepin' cardboard

high above the rest of the map.

To activate this, begin building as high as you want

the cardboard to be placed.

Once you're ready, build the right side of a ramp

and then put a platform on top off it.

If done correctly, the top of the half ramp

will stick out above the platform.

You can now throw a creepin' cardboard

on top of the piece of the ramp that's sticking out.

Now, stand on the box

and destroy the rest of the structure below you.

You'll remain floating in the air,

meaning you can spend the rest of the match

driving your opponents crazy.

Number two, ride along.

The ride along glitch will allow you to launch

one of your teammates from a helicopter.

Picked up a downed teammate and head to a helicopter.

Hope onto the rear passenger side of the helicopter

and drop your teammate.

Now, pick up your teammate and switch to the driver's seat

at the exact same time.

Your teammate will be glitched into the helicopter

and will be flying around with you,

even though you can't see them.

Now, if you press the shoot button,

your teammate will randomly reappear

and be launched from the helicopter.

Number one, a cheap win.

During the first week of helicopters in "Fortnite,"

players had found a pretty clever way to use the vehicles

to easily win a Victory Royale.

Squads would grab a ton of healing supplies and a helicopter

then hover far above the map,

making sure to stay within the circle.

They would do this until the circle disappeared

and would spam their remaining health items

until the players down below died from the storm,

giving them the victory.

While this is pretty clever,

it's definitely considered cheating,

and Epic has since patched the glitch out of the game.

Rightfully so.

That covers our list of 10 crazy glitches

from "Fortnite" season two.

Which glitch was your favorite?

Let us know in the comments down below.

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As always, thanks for watching.

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