Practice English Speaking&Listening with: AUTUMNAL FLAT 3D LEAF NAIL DESIGN

Difficulty: 0

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I'm gonna show you how to do a gorgeous Autumn Design.

We're gonna do flat 3D.

My fave at the minute.

So, we have this gorgeous nail that we've filled

and we're gonna completely transform it and redesign it.

The background I'm gonna use is this, which is Cabinet.


Adam: Cabernet Kirsty: Cabernet.

Andrea: Cabernet Kirsty: Cabernet!

Kirsty: Is that some? Adam: Guess you don't think...

Kirsty: Is that some red wine? Adam: Do you not think it's red wine?

Kirsty: Cabinet duck on cabinet.

Andrea: Put that on cabinet, please.

I'll have a bit of cabinet with my steak.

Kirsty: I don't... Adam: This one tastes a bit woody. Is it corked?

Kirsty: Oh my God! Yeah, bit of that anyway.

Yeah, I'm a gin lover not a...

not a red wine lover, clearly...


Andrea: Oh, it's French, isn't it?

Andrea: Cabernet! Kirsty: Cabernet?

Andrea: Mmm!

Kirsty: Right! Well, it's a gorgeous colour, anyway. Andrea: Yeah.

Kirsty: Beautiful.

Kirsty: So, this is gonna be our base colour.

And I'm gonna do two coats of that.

Pop that in the lamp.

Right! So, now I'm gonna topcoat this.

I want to work on a shiny surface, we're doing flat 3D on the top of this.

I want it to be nice and smooth.

I'm gonna use High-speed Liquid

and I'm gonna use my favourite product for this, which is

Caramel Dream, and you can see it matches this other nail quite nice as well.


because it's going to be an Autumnal Design,

I'm gonna do some leaves.

I'm gonna start by doing a very thin layer.

I'm gonna make it up as I go along.

So, we have one sort of teardrop shape coming into the slight point.

And I'm gonna come in with another one.

You want to sit them close to each other and then slightly overlap.

It's gonna give you a dimension by slightly overlapping them.

I'm gonna tuck

one in here.

Again, very similar shape,

just a different size.

Keep that separation low between each part.

Same again.

We can overlap that a touch.

And again, we're gonna overlap this a little bit as well.

A lot and smaller this one is here.

So, you've got all the different little sections of this leaf.

Do not ask me what this leaf is, I've completely made it up out of my head.

Gonna do one here.

I think it's the pretty leaf from the pretty tree.

Kirsty: That's what it is.

Yeah, the pretty leaf from the pretty tree. Andrea: Where did you find them?

Kirsty: I've got one in my garden. Andrea: Have you?

Kirsty: Yeah.

It's obviously completely imaginary and I can only see it with my eyes.

Don't think... I think only pretty people can see it.

Andrea: Oh, dear. Kirsty: I'm only joking.

Adam: Does it use unicorn manure? Kirsty: Of course! Only the best.

Kirsty: Right! So, I've just added some little tiny bits in.

We need to do one here as well.

So, you should get a small bead,

I'm just pulling in

like a little line,

just to create more detail.

So, this one will kind of look like it's folded.

Then I'm gonna use Belgium Fountain.

And what I'm gonna do is add some depth with that and it'll also add a little bit of shimmer and sparkle.

So, you want to think about where the shaded parts are

and you also want to think about adding colour to this leaf.

You can see as soon as you start to add

those bits of colour

it starts to come alive.

[Kirsty singing]

Sorry, a bit of glitter is showing there.

Kirsty: This is called Uber Carrot.

Adam: Really? Kirsty: Uber carrot.

Andrea: Uber Carrot? Kirsty: Uber Carrot.

Kirsty: Use it nice and thin

to just add a little bit of orange, a bit of orange colour.

Kirsty: So, I've got some polycolour paints, I've got...

...I nearly read that wrong.

Adam: Giallo di Napoli.

Kirsty: That bit? Adam: Naples.

Kirsty: I nearly read that bit wrong. Andrea: Not nipples yellow.

Kirsty: I think you've got to worry if you've got yellow nipples, duck.

Adam: Never seen yellow nipples before. Andrea: I think there's something seriously wrong.

Kirsty: What? Adam: I've never seen yellow nipples before.

Kirsty: No, I think you've got something wrong if you do. Andrea: Yeah, I think it's a bit of a woman.

Kirsty: Yeah! And we've got Titanium White,

Red Ochre, which is sort of like a burnt orange...

perfect for this design and then, we've got Burnt

Adam: I can't see that. Kirsty: Umber.

Umber Dinger. Burnt Umber.

Bit of Burnt Umber. I don't know where they get these words from.

I know they come, like, from English language and stuff but...

these names are kind of very strange. Right!

Andrea: Especially naples yellow.

Kirsty: Mmm! Naples Yellow.

Somebody tell us what that means, Naples yellow. Andrea: I've been to Naples and it wasn't particularly yellow.

Kirsty: So, I've watered that down and I'm just gonna feed some of that

into the shadowed area.

So, wherever it's gonna be shaded, sort of where those

sections meet

and then we'll go here as well.

We want that to look like it's kind of folded

just to add a little bit more depth.

Gonna come along here.

And then I'm gonna go into the Burnt Umber.

Burnt Ochre. Burnt Ochre, that's the one.

Kirsty: Which one's the Umber? Adam: Red Ochre and Burnt...

Kirsty: Red Ochre, Kirsty & Andrea: Burnt Umber.

Kirsty: This burnt orange colour...

and I'm gonna do some lines with detail,

which will also add colour.

Gonna mix the yellow and white to make like a lemon colour.

I'm gonna highlight.

So, I've just dipped my brush into some Gel residue Wipe-off Solution just to make sure there's no

paint on there. A bit of quick clean round.

Gonna take a dry Lint-free pad and just

clean anything off that needs cleaning.

Like finger marks or anything like that.

I'm gonna finish this off with some

Microbeads and a little bit of bling.

Alright! I'm gonna take some It's Clear Dear from the Urban Graffiti AcryGel range

and I'm gonna use that as the adhesive

to secure the stones and the little Microbeads.

Gonna put a tiny bit of topcoat on them,

on top of that AcryGel

so I don't have no sticky layer.

You wanna make sure you press the stones into the product

and I'm gonna press the microbeads into the rest of it.

And what I'm gonna do is fill in any gaps

with these Microbeads.

Right! Pop me that in the lamp.

Gonna finish with some Cuticle Oil.

There you are.

We have a gorgeous leaf with a bit of bling.

Bit of hand-painted work.

Kirsty: I can just see you now around the campfire

Andrea: Hmm! Kirsty: I can just see you...

Andrea: Mhmm. Singinging Ging Gang Goolie? Kirsty: Ging Gang Goolie or Kumbaya. One of them, anyway

Andrea: In my brownie house. Kirsty: Yeah, in your brownie house outfit.

Andrea: Yeah. Kirsty: And then, you can hear the crisp...

Andrea: Yeah, the crackling of the fire Kirsty: Yeah, and the crispy leaves rustling.

Andrea: Yeah.

Kirsty: I can just see it now. Andrea: Yeah.

Kirsty: Yeah. Andrea: Yeah!

Kirsty: Hmm! Yeah.

Kirsty: There you are, guys! I hope you've enjoyed that video and everything I've done...everything I've used

is listed below in the description box

and I'll see you guys in the next video. Bye-bye!

Hi everybody, I'm Kirsty Meakin

Adam: Kirsty Meakin. Kirsty: Kirsty!

Adam: Are you Kermit the Frog? Kirsty: Yeah.