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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: This Girl SURPRISED The Judges With This Song!

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what's your name I'm Olivia Garcia tell me a bit about

you I'm from weekend just weekend the outskirts and lunch okay I have a turtle

in my room I can tell I like turtles I like toaster and watched the turtles

name bubbly bubbly yeah I'm Olivia Garcia I'm sixteen on a

school girl from Wigan I'm here with my mum and dad a little sister and my

grandparents I'm gonna warm fun so I sit there on the setting in the room and I

sort of give her bits of feedback but she went to massively proud I were

watching the show of my mum and dad seemly on a little ice when I was only

six then I just cried I just want you on it was great to be the X Factor winner

just being out this world like so if I don't get through but if I do I'll

probably have a party I think why do we do this the bubbly okay Olivia okay hope

you go


sound that is famous as the place

noise is always loud there are sirens of the round and the streets on me

if I can make it here I can make anywhere that's what they say

see my face and lights on my name a monkey smell now not run away

even the main all it seems they have had fallen trees baby I'm from hungry

now your

these three phone made you Oh

don't you I think you've you got that's an unusual song to choose mm-hmm well

you from Wigan yeah so Olivia Garcia we can sings New York

yeah well as the x-factor Sharon yeah I like you very much

I just keep looking at this song choice though you're very serious with you mrs.

you don't like to sing anything a bit lighter yeah I do but I'll just owner do

my best on the showing voice yeah was much yeah Nicole you have a really big

voice for just 16 but um I I didn't love that song choice for you

I felt like another song maybe could have served you better for today's

audition tell me what Olivia what we're trying to say is be who you are but you

got a great voice Thank You Olivia and I think you look like the perfect pop star

to be honest let's folks um yes or no a hundred

percent yes this girl's really talented Shh Sharon

it's a yes from me Olivia Nicole

this is hard for me Oh

I'll say yes furnish a Olivia oh yes

Olivia take the advice because you're really good

Minda I'm sure thank you sure run happy Wow thinking there she's one

to watch is he a bootcamp


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