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In this video I'll show how to make a belt loop.

A "belt loop" is a strip of leather that holds the tip of the belt past the buckle.

The literal translation in Russian is 'belt loop' , but I never found the exact term.

I'll just call it 'loop', and you can correct me in the comments under this video.

The swivel knife is polished. The design is transferred into a narrow strip of leather. Carving the contour line.

Now I use a knife with an angled blade, but on this simple design a straight blade may be used.

The angle blade need where design is very tight and small.

All lines are carved, now starting to bevel.

In the previous videos I showed you how do that with beveller.

Now instead of a stamp, I'll use a stylus with a small spoon point.

Stylus does not compress the leather as much as a stamp, but it gives greater accuracy and smooth lines.

On small designs use of a stylus is justified.

On the large ones it will tire fingers quickly because beveling with a stylus requires greater effort than stamping.

Beveling even such a small item like that belt loop with a stylus can callude your finger.

If you're experienced with clay, playdoh or polymer clay, then the work with a stylus and the vegetable tanned leather is not something

And when you learn to work with the leather, you can try working with clay.

Once the stylus lowered background around the picture, I'm smoothing the design.

That makes the design look nicer.

Shiny black work surface is a granite slab.

You can use granite, marble, quartz or any polished stone.

Stone is convenient because it is cold and it keeps the leather moist for longer period of time.

These boards are very cheap or even free, you can get one in the workshops where they make kitchen countertops.

They cut and throw away long rectangular pieces with rounded edges.

These are removed from the countertops to make space for a sink.

Carving and beveling is done, this belt loop is much nicer than a regular flat belt loop in a regular belt.

Carving my name with a swivel knife.

Typically, makers stamp their names, but I like it carved.

To determine the length of the loop, I wrapp it around the belt folded in half and mark the line.

Important not to mark it on the centerline of the belt.

Because in the center of the belt loop, on its inner side a screw hole will be punched.

Cut off a couple of mm shorter markup line. We'll see later why.

Punching holes.

Stitching with a thick waxed linen thread and a blunt needle.

Actually it can be any thread, it'll be hidden, but the thread should be strong.

The blunt needle is important - it must pass through the already punched holes and not to pierce new ones.

Tying and cuting off the ends of the thread.

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