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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: У картин мастеров

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I. Ryakhovskaya. Music by Paul Mauriat "Symphony of the Sun and the Sea".


From the rough soil of grey canvas

the essence of the objects appears under the brush,

and the quiet glow of warm faces

in the light-air aura, it flows.

Everything breathes and lives

Poppies sprout with hot blood

from the canvas, waving in the grass.

And I remembered the scarlet fields

roadsides on Greek soil

and the praises of ancient Olynthus

And poppies of childhood: snow-white Sevastopol,

behind the house is a field of poppies, and until you pass it,

not enough children's strength to fight with a dope dream.

And the scarlet flame trembles before my eyes,

as if it was all yesterday, –

but through life I feel that heat

Looking at things and the landscape,

I go further and deeper, behind the frame

and I'm sinking into the otherworldly,

into a world created by brush and talent,

I smell flowers and herbs

and I hear the sound of a silver stream.

There's a bunch of grapes on a copper platter,

the languor of the sun's juices oozes out.

And a cool breeze blows over

the figure of a woman leaning over a child.

Her smile turned to him,

I'm strangely familiar with it

that's how my mother looked at me

And the golden light at noon, all illuminated,

pulsating, emanates from within.

And warms ...

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