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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 20 Better Ways to Say “GET WELL SOON” in English

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hello welcome back to the English with

real teachers today we're going to teach

you some real real modern ways useful

ways that you can tell someone to get

well soon we are

I was poorly this week and Harry was

nice enough to tell me to to get better

or he said what are your symptoms which

sounded a little bit like he was testing

whether I was really sick but a lot of

other students were showing there their

kind regards by sending me some well

wishes but we wanted to give you some

more ways to to send some love

if somebody's feeling sick so let's go

straight into them and this word is

really good show you said poorly I'm a

bit poorly at the moment it doesn't mean

you don't have any money it means you're

not feeling well so the first one I

think I I use this with you Charlie or I

have definitely uses with you in the

past oh yeah because ok when you get

sick you know the world knows about it

and we need to check if if you're if

you're okay so I'd say something like

this in a nice soft voice I'd say

charlie are we are we any better are we

any better mmm and why would you say we

you meaning that you're sick as well

it's weird isn't it yeah no so I mean I

mean you but I'm saying we and you could

say how are we as well how are we and it

means how it only but it's a nice

familiar friendly way to say it to have

to a friend how are we you okay how are

we this is really yeah it kind of makes

you feel connected with that person a

little bit more yeah so use we when

you're trying to be extra personal are

we any better charlie how you feeling oh


yes I am better but I wouldn't say we

are better are we now that sounds weird

masers ago are much better thing that's

much better thanks yeah I'm feeling a

lot better hugs

yeah next one how's the patient

how's the patient this is a fun way to

check in with the person who's sick

pretending you're a doctor and say how's

the patient

kind of a little bit humorous right

you'd say it if you don't want to be too

too serious you want to maybe make the

person who is sick if the person who is

poorly make them laugh a little bit

how's the patient yeah how are you okay

how are we how's the patient

exactly my auntie even texts this to me

on Monday she said how's the patient

ah that's nice and what if you sit here

I said dead I'm on death's door I want

death I'm on death's door yeah meaning

nearly dead but in in many situations

where it's just a cold

just a small flu that you've had for a

couple of days yeah you could say it's

all right it's not that bad chin up

it'll be okay yes it will be okay is

what it means right it's like kind of

like a word of encouragement isn't it if

someone's feeling down say come on

chin up you'll be okay chin up you'll be

okay so literally it's like because when

you're down you're like this mmm

even if your chin up a little bit it

could help your mood so yeah chin up

it's gonna be okay yeah yeah I I'd like

to add it's suggesting that you're

you're moaning too much if I was saying

to to Harry I feel so sick every day

which I kind of did he could turn around

chin up right come on it's not the end

of the world you're fine exactly it

really depends on the tone how you say

if you say chin up mate and that sounds

like BRR BRR BRR chin up mate

that sounds like you you don't really

take it that seriously and you think

they're being a bit of a wimp a bit of a

wimp that easily they're complaining too

much but if you say gee not me you know

mate bit softer sounds a bit nicer and

not so patronizing you know me all right

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and let's get back to the video a whimp

that's a good one yeah somebody who's a

bit weak not necessarily just physically

but mentally as well stop being a wimp

and this goes nicely on to the next one

so and if someone is complaining they're

being a wimp

so milk - milk something's to really

exaggerate something you could say to

someone stop milking it stop milking it

chance come on it's just a cold that's

so rude

I'm not milking it actually it's been

very hard for me I've cancelled all my

classes okay I go on to the next one

yeah this one's a rude one and I

actually got it from Lucy English with

Lucy said this on her Instagram but she

was being funny I'm sure she was also

saying stop milking it in some way or

you could

stop being a that made me laugh

when I saw that Lucy had put that so she

wasn't very sympathetic to Charlie's

sickness or his Paulinus so stop being a

and this is it's going to offend

somebody or it's going to make them

laugh but you wouldn't ever dare to say

this to anybody who's who's suffering

with something slightly more serious

otherwise you would be ending the

friendship or relationship instantly

yeah yeah don't say to anyone with a

terminal illness you really need to find

out what the prognosis is need to know

what's going on there maybe ask

something about the symptoms tell me

more about your symptoms before I call

you a yeah okay next one so if

someone is is feeling sick this is a way

of giving them some advice rest up rest

up it means get some rest so that you

can you can recover quicker messed up

yeah yeah another one that's just come

to me um it might be just a household

one but plenty of vitamin C take plenty

of vitamin C plenty of something yeah

it's it's a it's really good it's like

saying you should take plenty of vitamin

C but we don't need to say where we just

say plenty of vitamin C plenty of fruit

plenty of Sun linty fruit plenty of

coca-cola yeah exactly plenty of sex

plenty of cigarettes

I'll get that we'll get you that's a

really good I like that I really like

that one that's very real English

Charlie okay that's that's Harry's

favorite so far all right so the next

one um are you over the worst of it are

you over the worst of it so you're

asking if they feel any better if

they've had the worst bit fairly obvious

but it's a nice way to encourage them to

talk about their sickness because people

like to talk about themselves don't they

people love to milk it yes it's like the

peak isn't it

give the illness the worst bit yeah I'm

over the worst of it I think I'm I'm I'm

on the mend I'm on the mend I'm getting

better on the mend yeah that's a good

response I'm on the mend Thanks yeah

okay next one hope you feel better soon

that's a pretty straightforward one but

we thought you might want to know this

neutral phrase to just show that you

care a little bit yeah you care just to

listen just just a tiny bit yeah yeah

it's like yeah it's the typical thing

that you'd say to someone I hope you

feel better soon

yeah thanks and then you'd walk and say

what a what did you just say no no

I said oh thank you yeah what I think I

heard you say it again did you call me a

no no better soon okay the next one if

you want to find out about the symptoms

and how someone is feeling you can ask

them directly like this you a bit

headachy you a bit cold E you're a bit

drowsy so you want to know it

specifically how the person is feeling

it means are you a bit but we're taking

away the auxiliary verb because it's

colloquial dated a casual speech you a

bit a headache each as hmm very good

yeah and it's an informal adjective

headachy like compared to phrases that

you could say like salty this is a bit

salty that's quite a normal sounding

adjective but this is quite informal

isn't it very very informal yeah yeah

very common very commonly used very

common very common yeah okay next one

thinking of you it's that simple that's

all you need to do I'm thinking of you

do you use this one Harry thinking of

you yeah absolutely yeah and yeah

someone's sick I know you send them or

whatsapp like if you're in hospital

charlie I send you a message and say

thinking of you mate

thinking of you are very sweet thank you


not thinking of you but cheers yeah

pork is you're thinking about the nurse

taking your urine samples every day

next one have or wishing you a speedy


I'm wishing you a speedy recovery that's

a nice one isn't it I wish that you get

well very quickly this one along with

the previous one is pretty good for

written well wishes so if you want to

send someone a card or a text or an

email maybe on email just a little

message to let them know you you are

thinking of them you can say something

like this have a speedy recovery or

wishing you a speedy recovery the next

one on the other hand this one I would

say it I wouldn't write this one well

maybe in text maybe in a in a whatsapp

message and it's another kind of

encouragement kind of like kind of like

chin up but maybe a bit more serious

someone's having a hard time you know

they are sick you don't think they're

milking it and you say hang in there

it means carry on keep on persisting

keep on trying persevere you're going to

be okay but hang in there you're doing


hang in there I often remember the the

cat on the card and it's like holding

onto the clothesline

remember that one hang in there right

okay next one this is is informal and

but it's another written one so you

could say in it send it in a message you

can send it on in a card and hey Charlie

sending good healthy vibes your way all

the best Harry I'd write something like

that in a little card they'd say oh

that's so nice lovely thank you thank

you very much and you can also say

sending hugs and love or hugs and kisses

maybe this is a good one from girls

between between girls that imagine they

dry they sending hugs and love the next

one and so we're getting a bit more

serious now so maybe someones

more serious illness maybe your your

partner is sick or a family member or a

close friend and you can say we'll get

through this

or you say you'll get through this so if

you're going to accompany a company then

through this illness you're going to be

very close with them every day you can

say we will get through this if not if

you're happy for them to deal with the

illness on their own you could say

you'll get through this yeah I won't do

very much about it you'll be fine will

you accompany me to the hospital

bit busy mate but you'll get through


you'll get through this one I'm sure

they say it's very serious you'll get

through it

trust me got a good feeling about this

yeah okay next one take it day by day

you suggest this one charlie and you you

use this one yeah I think if you're

giving out advice and someone's a bit

stressed they're overwhelmed by how how

bad the situation is maybe it's a bit

more of a mental problem or a life

situation and yes is more about stress

maybe you could say mmm okay I

understand maybe try to just take it day

by day just try to take it day by day

not think about the the future not think

about the years to come just take it day

by day that's it yeah yeah could work

was anything could work with a someone

who's broken up from them a long

relationship maybe they're suffering

quite serious illness yeah maybe it's

they're having a hard time mentally so

it's a good flex for one that you can

use in many different ways maybe they're

having a bad time at work

take it day by day and see how it goes

okay so we've just got some extra ones

for religious people out there you could

say praying for you praying for you

which is similar to thinking of you but

just in a in more religious way and the

next more religious one is you are in my

thoughts and prayers okay so probably

use this when when it's quite serious I

imagine yeah but

some yetis you wouldn't say you are in

my dreams would you you and my favorite

players and dreams but mainly much

fiends and especially in my wet dreams I

had a lovely lovely card from the priest

you are in my thoughts prayers and wet

dreams brilliant nice guy a passionate

man ok and then you can also say oh no

that's not how long ago they get alright

well end it there guy

this one this one just simply means how

long have you got left if it's a

terminal illness you might want to ask

how long has the doctor how long have

they given you maybe say it to the

famine but you wouldn't say it to the

dying person you probably say it to

their spouse to one of their family

members how long have they given him and

how long is yet him or her yeah no not


how long are they giving you me probably

about 30 years no not you the really

sick one oh two months so you meant to

say how long have they given him exactly


sort your pronouns out so hope you

really like these expressions and don't

forget to follow us on Instagram to get

more day-to-day posts and stories

helping you learn English in more

dynamic and interactive ways please

write your examples of these expressions

and tell us which one's your favorite

tell us in the comments below and we'll

see you again soon for another video see

you soon guys bye for now


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