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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Need Spidey & Black Panther Right MEOW! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures "Family Friendly" | SHORT

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Since I had to leave early,

my Aunt May made me a breakfast sandwich.

She's always doing great things like that for me.

Because Aunt May loves to take care of her family.


Sometimes I get so wrapped up in being a super hero,

I forget to appreciate just how important family is.

But I learned that lesson

when I was with my friend, Black Panther.


Is that Absorbing-Man?

I'd heard he was in jail.

He was.

I put him there, after he tried to steal an entire bank vault.

But I expected you to stay there, Absorbing-Man.

Well, you were wrong.

Now I'm here for some payback.



Hey, Black Panther!

I just absorbed your indestructible armor!


(scared shouts)


Get the children off the bridge for safety!

Hi, kids! I'm here to give you a lift.

Next stop? Solid ground!

Hey, where are your parents?

Mom and Dad are over there!


On the other side?

OK. No problem.

Back across the bridge!

(attack yell)

(angry yells)





I want Mommy.

It's OK, little fella.

We'll get you back to your mom.

We must build a bridge across.

That's not going to be easy.

I can't shoot my webbing that far across the canyon.

Then we will repair the existing bridge.

But Absorbing-Man is still all armored up.

He might get away.

They are counting on us to re-unite them with their family.

That is more important.


OK! Pull!


Spidey: Hey! Nice work, Mom and Dad!

My scanner tells me the bridge is stable.

Quickly, children!

Absorbing-Man: You're not going anywhere!

I was mad before, but now I'm really mad.

Spider-Man! Go!

I cannot let him absorb my armor again.

Now to finally get you two back to your mom and dad.



(attack yell)

Spidey: Hey! Absorbing-Man!

Absorb this!

Check this out!

Pretty cool move, huh?


Thank you for helping our family.

You're right, Black Panther.

Nothing's more important than family.

Helping that family get back together made me realize

how much I appreciate my own family.

Especially my Aunt May.

And she makes the best breakfast sandwiches.

Which is why I always carry a spare.




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