Practice English Speaking&Listening with: zelena || you'll never know what hit you [+5x19]

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I'm your sister.

How can you say that to your own daughter?

Find out that my mother abandoned me, that my father never wanted me!

Then I'm the last person you should consider.

I mean, look at me. I'm wicked.

I don't want a gift from you.

Oh, but you shall have it.

You see, my gift to you is this sad, sad day.

Use it to dig into our past, Regina.


Don't touch me!

I'm sorry, I can't help it!

Because you're not my daughter!

You haven't won, Regina.

I will get your heart.

I will get everything you ever had!

I killed her.

The moment I stopped feeling like someone who wasn't wanted.

The moment you agreed to train me.

Then everyone will see what you really are...


That's not yours.

Story of my life.

So, Regina...

...has the job.

I'm gonna make you pay for everything

you've done to me.

What're you waiting for?

Just do it!


How's it possible?!

My sister got everything I ever desired

and she didn't even have to try, that it was all just handed to her,

that she doesn't even know what she has!



What a beautiful echo.

Wicked always wins.

Envy is just another word for ambition.

Hello, dear husband.

No matter how you feel on the inside, Zelena,

remember to always put on a good face.

Hello, sis.


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