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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (Shocked) Why are cats running away from me? [The Return of Superman/2019.12.29]

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Morning is dawning.

Which family will greet this fresh morning?

Which family is it?

Goodness, it's Gunhoo and Naeun.


- Goodness. / - It's Naeun.

- She must be having a sweet dream. / - Yes.

Gosh, I wonder what dream Gunhoo is having.

(He's fighting in his dream.)

- Is he fighting with someone? / - He's...

(I'll protect my sister!)

He's protecting Naeun in his dream.

He's kicking.

(Attacking with his radish ankle)

He has strong ankles.

(This three-year-old baby is brave.)

He defeated all of his enemies.

He woke up. He's up.

(Where am I?)


Hold on.

Right. The place doesn't look like their house.

He's puzzled.

(Right! I'm not in Korea now.)

That's right.

You're in Taiwan.

(Right. I'm in Taiwan.)

- I guess he slept well. / - Of course.

He greets the morning in Taiwan.

Goodness, his face is puffy. He's so cute.

Gunhoo is the first to wake up today.

(Rolling over)

(Sliding down)

He's so cute.

(He obtained pinwheels.)

(Shall I play with the pinwheels?)

I guess he had a good night's sleep.

(This place looks great.)


(Gunhoo, what are you doing?)

(The cameraman is sniffing.)

Is he pooping?

(Is he pooping?)

That's right.

- That pose can only mean one thing. / - Yes.

He must have heard the cameraman.

(He looks for the right place.)

It's hard to concentrate in an open space.

That's right. The cameraman won't see you there.

(Going down)

It's perfect.


You found the right spot. It's perfect, Gunhoo.

I knew it.

- It's the morning poop. / - The morning poop.


It smells. It smells. It really smells.

(Don't annoy me.)

Toddlers feel happiest when they poop in the morning.

That's right.

He is smiling.

His face lit up.

Now he begins to feel uncomfortable.

(He goes to his dad.)

That's right. You should wake Dad up now.

(Put on your glasses and wake up.)

"Dad, put on your glasses."

"Wake up. Open your eyes."

(The thing is...)

"I have something to say."

I'm sure the smell will give him away.



Can't he tell without poking?

(Jooho goes to get Gunhoo cleaned up.)

That's right. He should get cleaned up.

(Let's take a short break.)


Now he feels refreshed.

(Is Naeun awake?)

- He is feeling refreshed. / - What?

- In the meantime... / - Where is Naeun?

(I am here.)

What is she doing?


When did she go there?

(Gunhoo and Naeun look the same when spaced out.)

It's like a carbon copy.

(I need to go out.)

I need to brush my teeth.

She gets ready without being told.

She brushes her teeth as soon as she wakes up.

- Gunhoo, / - She's better than me.

let's brush our teeth.

She even helps her brother brush his teeth.

My goodness.

(Gunhoo can brush his own teeth.)

Naeun is a truly good sister.

- Gunhoo can brush his own teeth. / - Dad.

- Jooho is back in bed. / - Dad, brush your teeth.

She even takes care of Jooho as well.

- Yes. / - Do you want me to wake up?


Did you brush your teeth?

I will brush my teeth after you.

(Jooho lets Naeun brush his teeth.)


Goodness, she is the best daughter.

- Is Gunhoo brushing his teeth as well? / - Yes.

You are the only one left.

(Of course.)

(Thanks to Naeun, the trio brushes their teeth.)

Thanks to Naeun, they woke up to brush their teeth.

(Naeun washes her face haphazardly.)

- All done! / - She washed her face haphazardly.

She rubbed her face once.


He is copying his dad.


Wash your face.

Wash your face.

(Gunhoo got his face and hair washed.)

- All right. / - I bet he feels refreshed.

(I washed my face.)

- How cute! / - Washing his face gave him

- a funny hairstyle. / - What a familiar style.


He likes it.

(I like this hairstyle.)

He likes the hairstyle.

- Shall we go out and play? / - Yes.

We've brushed our teeth.

- Let's go out. / - Gunhoo, do you want to go out?

- They should get ready. / - All done!

They should go out.

I brought you here because I knew you'd love the place.

- I brought you here. / - There is a photo of a cat!

- Cat? / - This is a cat cafe.

- What? / - You'll like it.

- You will love it. / - Cat!

Look at the cats. They are big.

Hello. Hi.

- Hello. / - They love animals.

There are cats.


We need to wash our hands here first.

Wash your hands before you touch the cats.

Give me your other hand.

- The other hand. / - They sanitized their hands first.

Okay. Now make sure you pat them gently.

- That's right. / - There are multiple cats.

- Follow those rules for the cats. / - Hold on.

The food we eat shouldn't be given to the cats.


Do you know why?

They will get a stomach ache.

That's right. The cats will get a stomach ache.

It's the same for dogs.

Yes, they'll get a stomach ache.

There are two cats over here.

- Where? / - There.


(Naeun says hello to a different cat.)

Let it smell you and pat gently.

- Gosh, he seems so happy. / - I know.

(His eyes are fixed on the white cat.)

He is completely absorbed.

(How cute!)

That's Gunhoo's favorite cat.

(How cute!)

Cats like going into small spaces.

(So that's why you are here.)

They like being inside and sitting still.

They don't like being touched too much.

He stopped touching upon hearing that.

They are like you, Gunhoo. Right?

(If there is a box,)

(Gunhoo enters.)

That's right. Gunhoo does that.

Gunhoo always goes into small spaces.

(He doesn't care if the space is cramped.)

How cute!


Big, medium or small,

the size of the box doesn't matter.

- In that sense, he is a cat. / - Seriously.

(He connects to the cat 100 percent.)

I guess Gunhoo likes this white cat.

(I like it. I like it.)

(Naeun plays with different cats.)

Naeun is patting every cat.

Gunhoo is focused on that white cat.

(Gunhoo only has eyes for the white cat.)

Gunhoo, say, "Meow."

- "Meow." / - He is fixated on that white cat.

Say, "Meow."

I knew it. I'm glad I changed the plans.

You guys like this place.

I'd planned to go someplace else, but

you were happy to see a cat yesterday. You always do,

so I brought you here. Didn't I do a good job?

- Jooho did well today. / - He's quite talkative today.

- He wants to be complimented. / - Let's enjoy them.

Come here.

The cats don't like it.

The cats don't like it?

(I see.)

He is meowing.

(Stop it.)

(White cat, why aren't you moving?)


Seriously. Why isn't that cat moving?

Wait, where are you going? It left.

(Gunhoo is confused.)

Gunhoo is bewildered.

(Naeun shakes a cat toy.)

(Other cats are interested as well.)

The cat toy Naeun is shaking

- made the cats gather around. / - Gunhoo, here.


(Play with me, white cat.)

- Gunhoo wants to play. / - That's not how you do it.

Do this. Do this.

Why doesn't the cat like that toy?


(Why isn't it moving?)

(Let me try again.)

It's not interested in Gunhoo's toy.

(The white cat turns its head.)

(What's the problem?)

(The white cat leaves.)

It's leaving.

(But it responds to Naeun right away.)

Why is it like that?

It's the same toy.

(No matter how hard he shakes it, the cat won't come.)

(The cat responds to Jooho as well.)

(But it avoids Gunhoo.)

Why is it like that? What's the problem?

Gunhoo only has eyes for the white cat.

- Jump. / - I really want to know.

(The screen isn't frozen.)

Did he freeze like that?

- Yes. / - Use one toy at a time.

(Gunhoo looks lonely from the back.)

Do this.

(He goes to another cat.)

(Don't come here.)

His feelings are hurt.

(You will play with me, right?)

Gunhoo got hit. I knew that would happen.

(I choose you this time!)

(Walking away)


(He doesn't give up.)

He must be disappointed.

(Forget it! I won't do this!)

He is angry.

(Shaking with anger)

- "How could they ignore me?" / - My goodness.

(What is wrong with him?)

Squeeze it out.

- He gave up. / - What?

(I will play by myself!)


What? Slowly...

(It comes near!)

The cat finally approaches Gunhoo.

(Will you play with me now?)

The white cat warmed up to him.

(He succeeded to connect with the cat.)

(Gunhoo plays well with the cat now.)

Another cat warmed up to him.

(Gunhoo plays well with the cats now.)

Gunhoo could probably play here all day long.

(I am just getting started.)

Gunhoo looks really happy.

(Thank you for playing with me.)


- He's blowing them kisses. / - Goodness, even kisses.

He is sending a kiss to each cat.

(Cats, thank you.)

He is in a great mood.

(Gunhoo is in a great mood.)

Gunhoo, you are so upbeat.

(It's so much fun to play with the cats.)

He played well.

(It's so much fun to play with the cats.)

- It's time to feed the cats. / - Naeun, feed them.

(Naeun gives them food.)

- She gives them food. / - Cats, grow tall.

(Meanwhile, Gunhoo...)

Gunhoo, what are you doing?

Are you protecting the cats?

- Gunhoo, how do cats eat? / - What's with that pose?


How do cats eat?

He is so cute.

(Are you copying me?)

Thanks to you guys,

they filled their stomachs with a meal and snacks.

- Now the highlight remains. / - The highlight?

Let's go to the sea now.

(The sea.)

You can get a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean

at Qixingtan Beach, Taiwan.

(You can get a bird's-eye view from here.)

The sea stretches forever.

(Qixingtan Beach of Taiwan)

It must feel nice to be there.

(Qixingtan Beach of Taiwan)

Dad, it's the sea!



This is Qixingtan Beach.

You can get a good look at the stars from here,

hence it's called Qixingtan Beach.

There you go.

(It's therapeutic to look at the sea!)

There you go. Be careful.

(It's nice.)

Shall we find pretty pebbles?

(Gunhoo and Naeun make a tower.)

- She piled them up nicely. / - Shall we make a wish?

(That's a good idea.)

Do you want to try it?

- There you go. / - "Have a bite."

(Dad, open wide.)

He needs to have a bite.


(You can't eat a pebble.)

He got fooled.

(Naeun piles up pebbles diligently.)

There is a lot, right?

- Will you help me? / - I will help you.

I need small pebbles. Bring them.

Bring them.


- Is this okay? / - Yes.

This pebble is pretty too, Naeun.

- Here. / - Thank you.

Right next to it.

Do you want this as well?

(Dad, thank you for your hard work.)

- Ta-da! / - Is it complete?

- The structure is so secure. / - I know.

(It's complete.)

I hope the entire family stays healthy.

She is so nice.

(Here is my wish.)

(Holding tight)

He's holding the pebble tightly in his hands.

I hope everyone becomes happy like Gunhoo and Naeun.

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