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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Spending 24 Hours In A TOPLESS HOTEL | Temptation Resort Cancun

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and then after a while she started moving! up and d0wn and up and d0wn

kids this is the story of how your mother and I went nuts at Cancun's sexiest hotel

this is what we're gonna tell our children ten years from now

no! they are going to watch this video and they're gonna be traumatized for life okay 20 years from now

we just got back from the Riviera Maya and I gotta say it was a hell of the ride

to the parents that are letting their kids watch our videos take the iPad away now

do my parents and Janik's parents, don't watch this video if you don't want to feel traumatized

and to the ones that are here to see naked people you're on the wrong platform

so you're only gonna get some naked stories.

Now that that's out of the way let's talk about the craziest, weirdest and sexiest hotel we've ever stayed at temptation

it's located in the hotel area of Cancun where it was the first hotel to be built

by then it probably wasn't what it is today but now it's super famous for its free the nippl3 policy and its wild parties

before we get into it there's one more thing you need to know, Joss.. she hates naked people

I don't hate naked people..

oh yeah true...

I don't want them to see me! -for me it meant a lot of fun

are you ready? -yes -are you ready for some fun?

yes! -well if she would have known...

so there's a couple of women here in the back showing their butts..

and this thing is actually full of secret doors. A safe.. bathrobes.. now we're gonna check out the bathroom

and the shower.. -they could have had like two shower heads, maybe a sofa..

a sofa? haha do you want one? -no

wow a toilet! omg this is insane! -this is the very first hotel where I see that they have these included.. temptation for the win bro! coming back every year

okay so what do you think about this hotel room? what do you think about this wall? -it looks kinda cool... I mean probably not for me forever

and it's kinda weird that there's going to be strippers behind us. I mean of course Janik booked this hotel it wasn't my idea

I was totally my idea.. -Definitely not my idea

but all in all it looks very futuristic it reminds me of a video game called "we happy few"

what do you think? -I think it's cool I will probably put this this picture in my room -only if it is me.. -3 times you? no!

should we check out the balcony? -yes

the balcony is huge and I don't like it that much to be honest.. I don't like this decoration, it looks kinda cheap

but you can watch the ocean so it's pretty nice.. -so all the way in the back we can see the pool with some people

I cannot see the pool at all.. am I to short? o yeah.. -it's pretty far so I guess I'm going to need my glasses

I gotta say I'm a bit overwhelmed because the entrance a guy told us "what happens in temptation stays in temptation.."

but we're sharing it with all of you guys..

after I read reviews of the hotel online I now definitely want to check out the TV

you're gonna see why...

daaaamn I'm starting to like this hotel.. P0%n Olympics?

unfortunately the @dult movies were not part of the package so I was sad -me too..

I came here and I spent over 400 euros... -did we pay 400 euros for this? -yes -to be exact it was 430

Janik! -did we say 400 euros for one night? -yes! to have the experience

are you kidding me? we have no money! we want to buy a house and you just wanted to come here to watch ∞¢#@∞

anyways apart from the @dult movies they also had @dult TV channels and if you're staying in a Bash tower you can watch them for free and guess where we stayed

WTF is this?

ok I'm not judgmental.. he is going for it!

that is way too fast! he is going to break her!

we're gonna spend here a couple of hours -no no!

I can't believe we paid 400 you could have watched this for free you didn't need 400 euros to watch this

that's true.. and now everybody knows in this hotel that Janik Ruehl was watching p0%n

your name is there!

so I know this looks a bit wild because this is a wild hotel, is super open-minded and they don't judge people for whatever they wanna do

but the girl downstairs told us very specifically that they don't endorse this type of behavior

and people swinging with other couples and doing weird stuff -yeah later we were not so sure about that anymore

they just start the party and if guests want to do crazy stuff then they do crazy stuff.. -oh nice look at that..

omg.. he's too distracted to make a video right now

sorry.. -Janik look at the camera!

look! -auch! I can't believe we're posting this on our channel, our family-friendly channel

my nephew that always watches my videos! don't watch this!

I think bachelors would have fun if they come have their bachelor party here - I know where I'm gonna go for my bachelor party

you're gonna stay with me, we're gonna have a bachelor party together

no! let me go! if there's anybody out there that wants to go to temptation with me for my bachelor party let us know.. -me!

no! except for Joss -imagine I go to temptation for my bachelor, and then at the same time you are there!

with all my friends woooh!

she is laughing because she doesn't want to cry..

they b0unce so much...

arg. this is a weird industry..

the Sun is about to go down but now we're gonna go to the pool to see what's happening and to join the action

if you know what I mean ;)

let's join the plastic party! -you are so mean!

okay we're gonna go downstairs, sadly we cannot take the cameras with us because there are a lot of people walking around t0pless

so.. we'll see you later and we're gonna report

it's important to remind you that you don't have to be t0pless if you don't want to -and what do you think did Joss go t0pless yes or no?

at the pool we realized that we were probably the youngest ones in the entire hotel from our age it went all the way up to 70 or 80

but everybody felt amazing! you could tell that everybody was having the time of their lives! especially the grandmas I was like "get it grandma!"

and the grandma actually got it later.. -oh my god we're gonna get to that

so we made it to the beach we went through the hotel, we went to the pool we went to have lunch and how do you feel?

I like it.. -she likes it! -I have to say like people are crazy and they're partying a lot but I think it's like going to a famous person.. can you hear me with the wind?

but I feel like it's like going ro a rock star's party. And they gave me alcohol, I ordered a margarita at the restaurant and it really tasted like a real margarita

after checking out the pool we went back to our hotel room and we found something new...

babe.. was this already here?

what? no that wasn't there!

did you order that? -did yousee anybody coming in? -no -me neither

what happened? -I don't know! I didn't order it! maybe that's part of the package

yeah because we paid 400 euros for this room for one night.. nice! then let's get it popping

I guess they put it here for us to have some k!nky time with chocolate..

so I guess this means.. Joss and I are gonna have some s3xy time


I think maybe they gave it to us because we wanted to go to a restaurant that was fully booked out

and that restaurant has @phrodisiac food.. -food that gets you going

so if you want to go to that restaurant you have to make a reservation and do it a couple of days before you get there because it's super booked out

I'm excited Thank You temptation. I'm starting to like this hotel

and after today like watching nak3d bodies is nothing for me

oh we have to tell them what happened at the jacuzzi.. we have to tell them!

okay so here's the story of what happened at the pool -what we saw we can never unsee, it was horrible

okay so first we went downstairs to get to the pool the party was already over so it was pretty boring there were only a few people there

and the jacuzzi was full of people, super full it was a big jacuzzi but a lot of people

yes and then we went in and I looked at the water and it looked dirty..

I thought "is normal because they're drinking here so probably some drinks have been falling in"

so we were just there chilling our lives, talking to each other -and then first we saw a couple on the other side

a woman with huge br3asts, huge fake br3asts, t0pless and I guess the boyfriend I don't know yeah

they started to kiss very s3nsually okay and he started to touch her br3asts

her n!ppl3 he started to play with it like..

and i was like..

so that's not the bad part, we were just chilling there and suddenly Janik tells me "oh my god what are they doing? what are they doing?"

and I'm like "who?" because the people were not kissing anymore

"not that couple.. this couple" and they were like in between 70, first I saw the guy putting the hand on the b0ob of the woman, of the lady..

and then he started to pull her a little bit onto his lap it looked pretty complicated, pretty exhausting to get there

and then after a while then she started moving up and d0wn and up and d0wn

and I was like "I think she's just floating, I think she's just playing around with the pool"

but she wasn't doing anything with her face, she was like..

one part of me was like "good for them that at that age they're still getting it"

other part was like "disgusting I'm in the jacuzzi with you I don't know what with liquids are coming"

I kept looking, Joss was like I don't know if they are actually doing it but after a while she just didn't care anymore and she went faster

and after a while they stopped and she smiled -OMG and i was like "I'm getting out of here now"

I'm traumatized for life... I mean cool.. good for them.. -but not in a jacuzzi with other people there

but I think it's a cool story to tell

and that was an experience so high five

we're gonna tell that to our grandchildren and we're gonna traumatize them

we're gonna do it ourselves

so I'm happy to say that we didn't get any infections and we are not a hundred percent sure that they were doing it..

no but I'm pretty sure....okay

so that was the story of the day.. right now we're getting ready to go to a party and hopefully things don't get wilder because this is too much for me already

well I'm having fun.. as you're about to see also Joss what starting to get wilder

before we went to the party the hotel allowed us to record the pool from their rooftop bar

they are super strict when it comes to cameras, we had to wait until there was nobody at the pool area so that we could record

on the way down we were allowed to have a look at an even more expensive room than the one that we booked, in case you have a lot of money..

welcome to the master suite here at temptation hotel

so they were nice enough to show the master suite and if you stay here check out what you have

you'll get a freakin' jacuzzi for yourself! are you kidding me?

there's also a bathtub here in the bathroom

I totally want it... I'm feeling myself way too much yeah

so after we checked out the master suite of temptation we went to the party and at temptation they have one party every night

and every night is a different theme, the night that we went to temptation they had "devils and angels night"

and I didn't have anything and I didn't want to buy anything because it was expensive..

sadly we were not allowed to record at the party but just imagine a mix between dancers, alcohol, l!ngerie, angels and devils and a lot of n@ked sk!n

so yeah we really enjoyed the party and the next morning...

ok it's 7 a.m. we're at the sky bar and last night it was wild

yeah that's why now we're super tired because we went to bed at like 2..

we slept for five hours and now we are here -everybody's way older than us in this place and they all partied until 6 a.m. and we went to sleep at 2

but I think I had fun, did you? -yeah -we were just dancing, you know? -my outfit was showing a little bit more than I usually show

and when we went downstairs I was like "holy shit I'm overdressed!" but it felt kind of cool to be in a party full of people that just don't care

nice but now we're here, yeah I want the sun to come out already cuz I'm so cold!

I don't know why I don't feel like going into the pools here anymore after what I saw last night at the party I'm like..

sadly we only stayed one night but after the checkout we were able to stay until we had to leave later that day

so we kept walking around the hotel, we checked out the gym. At the gym there was a str!pper p0le, Joss was like "hell yeah let me try it!"

she went on it -I was doing what I learned from hustlers..

and then there was a guy next to her and when she stopped he said "don't stop now.."

afterwards we went to the restaurant at the pool and I got the table right at the pool so we can see everything

and while we were eating lunch they had a "miss temptation competition"

we're gonna make it short because we don't want you to be scared. -we don't want to spoil it -yeah we don't want to spoil the fun

I'm just gonna put it this way, there was m0aning involved, there was tw3rking involved.. there are cakes involved with a specific shape

and eventually you get to see some sausages too..

and that's why we are questioning what they told us in the beginning, that they're not promoting this type of behavior..

I remember we were just eating and then the m0aning part started and throughout the whole hotel you just hear "aaah!"

you know the girls were like "I'm gonna win miss temptation even if it is the last thing I do in this life"

yeah I was like eating like.. -Janik was like "should we say another night?"

so the question is now... would you go back? -I would totally go back -I know

I would totally go back.. -he looks like such an angel but deep inside he has a very d!rty mind..

what I liked about the hotel was the vibe, the general vibe that everybody is just there to have a good time

yes it's just something completely different to what I've experienced ever

yes me too and actually I have to say temptation changed my life...

because after that day, we we kept going to different places in Riviera Maya and I never again felt self-conscious about my body when I was in a bikini

but would you go back? -I don't think so, I have to say.. wait let me explain!

didn't you feel like it was a bit sad that you couldn't go into the jacuzzi without feeling like you might get pregnant?

I think it's a cool place, I think people have a lot of fun and I don't regret going there even though it was super expensive

but I wouldn't go back at least not in a while because if the hotel would be exactly the same but everybody would be on their 20s like our age uh-huh

I would have had more fun I have to be honest.. -you would go back one way the same age so when we're like 35 -maybe

what do you think? would you go to temptation? yes or no. I can definitely recommend it in case you're open-minded enough

you don't feel like freaked out by people walking around topless and especially to people that want to go on spring break and have a crazy time

yes if it is your bachelorette party go for it

so we hope you liked this video if you did give us a thumbs up! subscribe to our channel we have more videos from the Riviera Maya coming soon!

and we will see you next week with a video from somewhere...!

adios muchachos! Tschüss!

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