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Their numbers are growing,

and you are on foot.

You will never reach the forest alive. I have an idea...

We could ask the Eagles for help. Great idea!

Stop! Just stop with the Eagles!

But they solve every problem we have. No more eagles!

Okay Fine!

How The Desolation of Smaug Should Have Ended

Aren't you going to search me?

I could have anything down my trousers.

Oh gross! Do not speak to me in your sexual innuendos dwarf! I'm just kidding I find that so so hot.

I will be forever in love with you from this day forth. YES!

Together we shall bridge this petty hatred between our races.

All because you alluded to the contents within your trousers.

Wow! So we let me out then?

Oh no. You are our prisoner. You stay in there.

Kill the she elf! Which one is the she elf? Oooo!

Hahahaha! Get it? Because they all look the same!

They do! We ALL look the same!

You... Have.... Bird Poop!

What the!? Well why didn't anybody say anything?!

Oh, this is so embarrassing!

We've awoken the town because we found these dwarves stealing weapons! Boo!

We wish to take back our mountain! Boo!

If we succeed, we'll all be rich! Oh okay. Yaaaaaaay!

I require as many black arrows that you can assemble! Yaaaaaaay!

Because there is a dragon in mountain and we just talked about how that is the only

weapon that can pierce the Dragon's hide Yaaaaaaay!

I mea we're not stupid, right? Noooooo!

I mean it's not like we can just walk in there expect the dragon to be nice!

Actually, dragons are completely misunderstood. They're quite easy to train.

I'm raising my dragons at my children.

Having a luck dragon with you is the only way to go on a quest.

Oh. Okay then. Well, in that case...

I am the last one! Okay! We Get it! We will befriend the Dragon!

What do you think you're doing?

(gulp) um....

Friends?!? He does not want to be friends! I'll show you Friends!

What have we done?!

I am fire! I... Am....


Black Arrow.

Ooo! Right in the... Oh dear!

What the? How did?

I got him! But but where!? How did?

I dunno. I'm not even supposed to be in this story!

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