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Of course WKK does not only offer different heat shrink tubing models, but we also offer heat shrinkable moulded parts as well.

Heat shrinkable cable end caps with spiral adhesive coating to protect cable ends.

Heat shrinkable cable breakouts with 2, 3, 4 or 5 cores to split one cable harness into single cables or smaller cable harnesses and vice versa.

Heat shrinkable cable feed throughs with lined adhesive to guide cables from pipes into buildings.

Thanks to the adhesive, the cable feed through protects the cable and wires from moisture and water.

To get an overview of the different types of heat shrink tubing that WKK offer, you can view our flow chart, so you can

easily determine which type of heat shrink tubing will be the most suitable one for your intended application.

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The Description of Heat shrinkable moulded parts