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In this video, you will learn 10 scientifically based signs that a man is attracted to you.

These signs include both body language clues as well as physiological reactions that we

all experience when we are attracted to someoneSo, if you see these signs, you can be sure

hes attracted , even if he hasnt come out and told you yet. Dont go anywhere,

were starting right now.

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so you arent missing anything. OKon to the signs hes attracted to you.

First, why is it Important that you know these signsWell, perhaps youre interested

in someone who is shy and hasnt asked you outOr, maybe youre interested in someone

you work with or go to school with but you arent sure if he also likes you that way.

Obviously its not easy to come out and ask him because if he isnt interested,

it could be super awkward, right? The good news is that When we are physically attracted

to another person, our body language does a fairly good job of conveying that message,

even before we are aware of itThese body language clues are universal….and many of

these clues are physiological reactions, meaning they arent things that we have control

overand they cant be faked.   So even though he hasnt come out and told you directly,

if you see these signs, you can be confident that he is attracted to you and wants to be

more than just friendsso, without further ado, here are the signs.

1. He is nervous around you So this is such a classic sign…  he gets

nervous and maybe even tongue tied around youThis is because he cares about what

you think and he wants to make a good impression. Perhaps you intimidate him because He feels

you are out of his league and  he may feel that he is falling short and that makes him

show signs of nervousness.   So, does he seem jittery,

does he blush or turn red in your presence?

Is he sweating more than what would be normaland does he seem to have a hard time getting

his words outIf so, these are all signs of being nervous..

And dont get me wrong, nervousness is a good thing.. think about how you feel before

going on a job interview for a position you really want…  you want to make the best

first impression because you want the jobThat puts the pressure on and makes you feel

nervousThats the same thing thats happening here.. he wants you and thus is

nervous that he isnt making a great impressionNow the next one is not as obvious as it sounds,

so make sure you get the details here.

2. he gives you Strong and sustained eye contact / especially from a distance.

When a person is interested and attracted to you, they look at you.. a lot

Now, before I get too far into this one, I also need to say that if a guy is really nervous

around you, he may not maintain locked eyes with you when you are very near.. especially

if he isnt sure of how you feel.   But from a distance, you will always catch

him staring at youSo, if a guy is looking at you and holding that sustained eye contact

and giving you those smiling eyesthats a great sign.

And the second part of this...  if he is close enough for you to see that his pupils

are dilated, thats even better. When we are attracted to someone, our pupils dilate

and it becomes obvious…..  and this one is also one that cant be faked..  unless

youre sitting with him in the dark.

And Lastlyif you notice him glancing around your face.. starting with the eyes, but then

he looks at your mouth, and your lips, then back at your eyes, and maybe your hair

Those are sure more signs of attraction.

3  His Voice is Deeper when He speaks to you. Men deepen their voices when speaking

to women they are attracted toOk so this might be a new one for some of you, but its

been well researched.   Heres one exampleIn a 2010 study at

Albright College in Pennsylvania, male and female study participants were asked to record

messages to be played for fictional recipientsResearchers showed these participants photos

of people they were asked to messageAnd the more attractive the male participants

rated the female recipients, the more likely they were to deepen their voices when recording

the message.   So what does that meanwhen guys are attracted

to someone, they unknowingly deepen their voices when speaking to themThis may be

a means of demonstrating attraction towards opposite sex targets. So yes...  if you notice

that your friend deepens his voice...   particularly when talking to you...  thats a very strong

indication that he likes you.

4.His Palms are Sweaty Sweating palms is a classic physiological

response to attraction. Thats because The brain releases specific neurotransmitters

whenever we're around a love interestThis brain cocktail produces feelings of excitement,

racing heart, breathlessness and moist hands.   Norepinephrine in particular is responsible

for rousing our sweat glands into action, and since our palms have up to 3,000 miniscule

sweat glands per square inch, they can quickly become a telltale signal of sexual interest.

So if you find his hands sweatingor if you suddenly notice him sweating in an otherwise

cool location…  yep.. he likes you

5. He licks his lips or presses them together.. see when youre attracted to someone, your

mouth produces extra saliva….  Hmm.. I wonder why that might beSo yeah.. if hes

doing some normal, Not creepy licking of the lips or biting his lips when hes around

you.. yeah.. hes interested.. Actually.. I know that I do this.. when I like a woman..

Ive caught myself many times.. hahaha

6. He STANDING STRAIGHTER around youThe termpeacockinghas been used to

describe the ways that men make a display of their attraction to someone. This is a

showy behavior that is designed to attract your attention. They are literally saying

look at mewith their behavior.   So, if a man stands up straight, inhales deeply

to puff out his chest, positions his feet and shoulders evenly, he is trying to show

you that he has a strong and fit body..  hes trying to appear attractive to you….

And from an evolutionary perspective, a strong fit body is presumed to be more fertile.

So, for example, He was slouching until you showed up, then he sat up straight or stood

a little taller when you came around. He probably pushed his chest out a bit and sucked in his

gut too. These posture adjustments are done to look more attractive to youThey are

a definite sign that hes attracted to you.

BTWis there a particular thing that you do when you like someonemaybe its something

that your friends have pointed out.. something you do whenever youre crushing on someone..

Id love to hear about itso leave a comment below and lets start a discussion.

7. GROOMING When he straightens his tie, smooths or strokes

his hair, or buttons his coat when you appear, its a good sign that he is attracted to

youHe wont be petting his hair, of course, but he will lightly run his fingers

through his hair. But be careful when interpreting what grooming

of the hair indicates. Yes, it can indicate that he is attracted to you, but it can also

indicate unease and anxietyThats why its important to use this clue in tandem

with other signs to get a clearer understanding of what to do next. Getting this one wrong

really can have disastrous results.

8. He initiates communication…  He finds excuses to talk with you…  Or, he talks

to you outside of the place where you usually see him

(outside of work or school, for example)   If a guy likes you, he might ask you for things

he didnt necessarily need to ask you, or start a conversation he didnt need to have

with you.    He might ask seemingly random questions

seeking your opinion about a restaurant or movie or place to shop.

When he wants to get your attention, hell think of something, even if he just makes

it upAnd not only that, He keeps the conversation going.

When a person is very interested in you, they seek to maintain the communication..  even

if they are super busy and might not be able to respond immediately, when they do, they

put effort into the communication and they seek to keep it going.

There is nothing more annoying than texting with someone who takes hours to respond. And,

to make matters worse, when he actually does, it's usually something lame like a one word

response. Without furthering the conversation. But, You know he really likes you when he

holds a conversation.... when he furthers the conversation and asks you questions that

go beyond the obligatory acknowledgement and response to your text.

9He mirrors your gesturesand copies youA very good subconscious sign to look

for is if hes mirroring your actions back at youand he wont even know hes

doing itIf you make a gesture, like touching or smoothing

your hair then notice he makes the same gesture soon after, it means hes probably attracted

to you. A great way to let him know youre interested too (subtly) is to copy his actions

as well! Touch your face after he touches his, smooth your hair when he smooths his,

and so on.

10 Body Contact and Touching Another behavior that shows interest and attraction

is touch. When someone is attracted to you, they will likely find some excuse to touch

you more, and they will be more receptive to your touch as well. They may even increase

their touching over time, going from friendly handshakes to greeting and parting with hugs.

Or Maybe he will try to get you to play a game that involves touching hands or something

silly. Another form of touching is preening. Not

peeing...  I said preeningThats Picking lint off of another persons clothing or

straightening a crooked tie..  preening also indicates  that the person likes you.   So,

if you notice that he sees something in your hair and removes it...  or if he notices

a hair on your face..  or something out of place and rather than simply alert you or

tell you about it, he removes it for you..  its kinda like hes grooming you.

Heres something you can tryif hes not touching youor bumping into you, you

can try casually touching him and gauge his response.  If you casually touch him and

he abruptly pulls away, yeahthats not a good sign.

Oh.. and here are a couple bonus signs..   He leans in or maintains closer than average

personal space and smilesSo, His posture is open and his feet and pelvis are pointed

towards youWhen hes leaning in (getting closerhes letting you know he wants

to hear you…. Then, does he retreat, or does he stay closer?

Another clue...  He Smiles at you a lot…  Real smileshappy smiles..

He smiles above the mouthReal smiles extend well beyond the mouth:

They lift the forehead and give you slightly squinty eyes. If his smile involves his whole

face, it means you're genuinely affecting him in a good way.

So, there are also clues that a person is in love with you even if he hasnt yet said

those three magic wordsClick here to watch that now..  or click here to watch the video

that youtube thinks youll likeIll see you in that video.

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