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- Can you receive care packages such as toiletries

or vitamins from family back in the U.S.?

- You can.

The best way to do is ship it via

either a mule service or a DHL.

They don't really have a traditional postal service here.

I have heard of people having stuff shipped

through the post office.

Don't ask us how that works because I have no idea.

- Yeah, well, the post office is also been being liquidated

so it's on the verge of not existing at all anymore,

and it's really not a functional system.

It's called Correo del Ecuador,

and it's government run

and it is on its way to not being existing anymore.

- But DHL is tried and true, FedEx,

and I've seen some people using UPS now,

so you can ship it that way.

- Yes.

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