Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SEXIYAPA 18+ | Comedy Short Film | Moving Frame Productions

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There are three types of girls

ones who wants to do it in the sheathe of LOVE

ones who wanna do it in the swaddle of FRIENDSHIP

AND ones who just wanna DO it.

How did I reached in the balcony ?

How would I know it

there was a girl here AGAIN ?

Which girl ?

This one!

my phone is ..ringing.

you 'Hornswoggle'

because of you we have changed our flat over 49 times!

This flat is owned by Police Commisioner

Stop being so much horny

Its like you've fuc**d half the town.

where are you ?

outside your flat.

why ?

what why

you only called me ?

oh yeah, yeah yeah

give me some time

Actually I need to change my look for this girl..

we will go together, OK ?


Ok then.


I m sorry. ok

She only insisted.

I will refuse everyone from now on.

I swear

Hmm, whose call it was ? and where are you going now ?

It was Jhaant's call

Oh my god!

what a beauty!

Control, where are you trying to reach ?

But look at her man!

I don't quite understand girls

Yeah, they hide what they should SHOW and they Show what they should hide..

What ?

I mean!

Come back to life ROMEO

and give me the Cigarette ?

leave it, I was trying to quit.

take it dude.

ok, get some milk from the market

ok, but why are you looking here as*h**e ?

Please. Please go

Brother, Two cups of tea.

its hot, handle with care.

what happened ? why this nipple like face ?

BRO, why do we fall in love ?

To fu#k

I am serious.

To fu#k

Instead of falling in love you should fall in COMA!

shut up

I am serious.

I am scared of this "Fu##ed" face.

You even scared that girl away!

You don't understand what love is, and you never will.

yes, I don't

Because this love is not something to understand.

Its something to experience.

But you as#h#l#s have made it a disease.

And sorry I don't want to fall in this VISCIOUS cycle!


How should I explain this to my gf ?

she broke up with me last night..

You have been in a relationship from 1 year, right ?


So did you guys do something ?

Hanky- Panky type ?

I mean S#x

No, Never!

Really ? Is everything fine there ?

You are committing a sin my friend

what's sinful in that ?

If not on esha, atleast have some mercy on your monkey.

You don't compromise in kisses and all, do you ?

No Bro, that is all unlimited.

Then you're sins just got doubled.

Now what is with it ?

Have you ever thought

You do kisses FROM up here

Do you ever thought about your monkey ?

That innocent thing gets stressed down there.

it gets all confused "Where to Go!"

And Have you ever thought about esha's...

ok Leave it, Hold this.

Give me your phone

what for ?

I will mend your relationship again

For whole lifetime

Give it to me fast

Take it

When did you bought this ?

just two days back.

open this

But what will you do ?

Hello, yeah Tunnu

Bro bc!

listen, Spit that tabacoo and

tell me where you live.

G.b road Bc!

send me your location ASAP

ok bc!

Bro what are you doing, atleast tell me.

will you stay calm ?

What did you do ?

Your work is done.

just three minutes and then your patch up.

Its her call Bro.

Don't pick it, pick it after 3 rings.

And what if she not call again ?

Bc! Now you are suspecting my talent ?

But what did you say ?

I send her the location of gb road

And wrote "Losing my virginity"

What ? Are you mad or what

Bro, you are going to f##k my life.

3rd call

Now , pick it.

Where ever you are, come straight to my house.

In 15 minutes, no arguments.

Yeah yeah, ok I will come just now.

go where ever she calls you.

And listen, don't forget to carry protection.

one with boils on it.

its not one with boils.

Its called dotted.

Take this knowledge in there!

And listen, have Chocolate shake.

Go! Go! Go!

and listen, Get my hoody.

Bro, how did "Rod" got his name 'rod' ?

One day he had a fight

and he punched a dude

But that dude moved away

and he got hit by a pole.

His bone got cracked.

From then on, his finger remains

Like this!

New look again ?

so are you gonna hookup again ?


Listen, its my office trip

I won't be home this night

ok, but give that cigarette.

and listen, don't call any girl this time.

Hello, Can you meet me tonight ?

ok, bye

Leave it BRO

Sorry bro

I don't want to live with you BRO

Its your daily drama

I can't live with a BOY like you.

bro bro

No, BRO I will leave tommorow morning.




Now, I will have to pay whole flat's rent alone!!!

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