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in this video i'll show you how to buy bitcoin in the netherlands in just two minutes to start off

we need an exchange and this example i'm going to be using binance now binance is the biggest

cryptocurrency exchange in the world and does the most volume and i have a link down in description

and that gives you 10 off of all of your fees so if you click that link you end up on this page and

you just want to press register enter your desired email password and then press create account so

once your account has been created we'll be on this page and you want to go to buy crypto in the

top left and then press card deposit so on here we have various ways for you to deposit euros

onto your account now we have bank card which has a 1.8 fee we have bank transfer which has a zero

percent fee and then you had advanced cash account balance which is basically a separate transfer and

that has a one euro deposit fee now you can pick whichever best suits you and then press continue

now once you've completed your euro deposit onto your account you can go to trade in the top left

and then press classic now on this page you'll want to go to the top right and make sure you're

under the euro setting and now we have a bunch of cryptocurrencies that we can trade for euros

now because we're buying bitcoin you want to press btc euro and on this page we have the graph in the

middle we have the order book on the left and we have the currently executed market trades on

the right hand side if you're new to crypto i'm going to recommend that you use a market order

and a market order will basically buy from the lowest ask which you will see on the

left hand side so whoever's offering the lowest current price it will buy directly

from there so all you have to do is enter the amount of bitcoin let's say i want 0.01 bitcoin

and once you press buy it will basically buy right away from there and you have the bitcoin

immediately in your account now if you've been in crypto for a while

or you don't want to buy the current market rate you can press the limit instead and from here you

can set your own price so currently we're at 53 000 and about 500 euros but you can change this

instead to let's say 45 000 euros and then you can set an amount let's say 0.01 bitcoin

and then if you press buy it won't buy immediately what it will do is basically set an order at

the price of 45 000 euros and then if the price reaches your order then the order will execute and

you'll have the bitcoin in your account so that sums up how to write bitcoin in the netherlands

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