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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Korean Snacks | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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It's iced...

It makes your brain all iced up

and... and make you never think again

Hi I'm Suvi

I'm Sienna

What kind of snacks do you guys normally eat?

Chocolate chips

Cheese sticks


I don't like anything that doesn't

really cause cavities

Today, you're going to be trying snacks from Korea.

Have you ever heard of Korea?


Suvi, you're Korean.


Bring out the snacks!

Hey I knew this was it because I ate this before!

Is this chocolate? Oh that's... I think it's chocolate!

look it.... another eyeball

hmmmm I'm still a bit nervous

I'm just gonna try it cuz it looks like

it has some chocolate kinda stuff and

marshmallows and chocolate.


tastes like a doughnut.

Is there, is that marshmallow?

Yeah. I love it. I love it. It's so good.

These are delicious!

Can you help me?

Oh, thank you for breaking it.

Yes! I got this part.


I'm first... I had it first. Ok.

I think I could try it one more time.

They kinda look like potato chips.

They are potato chips.

You mean potatoes are made out of honey and butter?

What are these?

It's sweet.

I don't really like them but I'm just, I just, I'm just eating them.


They're honey, which is my favorite. But, butter

with honey isn't very good for texture.

Tastes just like rotten butter.

So do you like it or no?

Then why are you still eating it?

I'm just gonna eat it for now.


Do you like it?

Not totally down, just halfway.

Pocky! It's Pepero

So it has the taste of pepper?

Tastes like normal pocky.

I'm a walrus.

Do you know what I'm thinking? What?

Putting it in the water.


And open.


It looks like a real fish.

The fishy is stuck in the bag. You gotta get him out.


Well he's not real.

Smells like fish.

Why is there a big fish in here?

Why is it frozen?


Do they eat it like this?

It's iced!

Lets eat his lips first.


Heh! It looks like it has a mouth.

One day I was swimming the tree, now dead.

I'm just gonna put it on here.

Kinda tastes like chocolate.

Does it taste like ice cream?

It tastes like waffle ice cream.

Have you guys gotten to the brown stuff yet? Nope.

Brown stuff? I'm almost there.

Oh, I see brown stuff.

Oh! I taste it.

Chocolate? Yeah.

Or that's the ribs.

Oooh Woah

root beer?

It's actually made of red bean paste.

How come it tastes good then?

I like it.

Try it! It's actually good!

Does it taste like fish?


I thought that was sushi ice cream.

Sushi ice cream?

Are you kidding me?

It is good!

What was your favorite?

Everything but the chips.

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