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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2012 KIRIN「氷結 やさしい果実の3%」Balloon篇 CM&Making-English★Perfume

Difficulty: 0

This time "3% of the gentle fruit" were replaced with a new one.

I feel fruity than it is before it.

Not only a package changed, but also the taste is a strange feeling, too.

Yes. The taste changed, too.

A fruity feeling improved more.

This is delicious.

Q:Which is good in four flavor?

All are delicious.

I choose you for the present feeling. I am at a loss.

I like all.

After all I think that I choose you for the feeling of the day. Yes.

I all like it.

A new version wants "3% of the gentle fruit" to drink to everybody.

Oh,gone flying

Balloon collection corps.


Hand power!

Narration recording.



Goes on

Thanks for your great work

The Description of 2012 KIRIN「氷結 やさしい果実の3%」Balloon篇 CM&Making-English★Perfume