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"I had to watch my children go hungry

We were on the edge of starving

And like most people in my village, my job as field laborer only provides seasonal work

so for many months there was no money at all"

We often get

wonderful christmas gifts and that's not what it's all about, it's about


We decided to give the gift of an animal because it would help their

chances of survival

"A tiny house was all we had

Our situation was so grim

It seemed like nothing would ever get better."

This year we decided to give a pair of goats

We decided that would be the most prudent

for us as a family

"But then things began to change

The Bridge of Hope center in our village offered my son Ajai the chance to go

to school

They even told us someone had given us a pig

On the day we received the pig my family was so happy

My son was smiling from ear to ear."

The gifts, some of them are so small you don't have to spend very much on, and some of them are just

so wonderfully large, it's just you have a whole range you can choose from

"This pig was going to be a major source of income for many years

My kids won't have to be hungry anymore."

I wasn't that happy about it at first but then

they explained to me how good it is and how much a blessing it is to the people, and I thought it was great, and I just love doing it

"My wife and I are so thankful

this gift completely changed our lives

Through this kindness we know that Jesus really cares about us."

We get to share Christ all the way around the world

and His love

by buying a couple of goats

or a cow, or a sheep, it's just amazing

And yes, we're going to keep doing it

You can dramatically transform the life of a family in Asia

The Gospel For Asia Christmas gift catalog

offers you a way to give invaluable gifts to those with incredible need

These gifts, whether a goat, pig,

or other life changing item

not only minister to the physical needs of the recipients

but also open doors for the message of Christ to be shared as well

These tangible blessings

Can provide a poor Dalit family

with means to have a better life

And giving gifts like Bibles, gospel tracks, or a bicycle can help

a native missionary share the gift of

eternal life

I would say that it is such a blessing to

be able to participate

whether you're doing it individually, as a family, as a group, however you choose to do it, it

would just be something that we have

been able to reflect on throughout the year and

learn more about it and see how

it's benefiting all these other families, that,

their chances of survival have improved, and again they're being exposed to the word of Christ

that otherwise they might not have been able to. You can extend this blessing even further by giving a gift in

someone else's name

To send a gift this Christmas that will last for years and change

someone's world for eternity

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