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Its Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and it seems like Addison Rae is not thrilled

with fellow TikTok star Sebastian Topete after he seemingly leaked some of their private

text messages online.

So the drama all started when Tik Tokkers Sebastian Topete and Isaak Presley posted

aSmash or PassYouTube video where they talked about influencers including Addison

Rae, Alex French, Madison Lewis, Mackenzie Ziegler, and more.

Many fans are against theseSmash or Passvideos in general because they can be degrading

and objectifying.

And heres the clip where Sebastian talks about Addison.

I mean, Id smash.

I mean Ive always thought she was like cute.”

Sebastian and Isaak quickly got criticism for their comments in the controversial video,

which has now been deleted.

Fans were commenting things likeliterally degrading women and treating us as if were


AndAbsolutely disgusting hella immature.”

And another person wrote quote, “This is disgusting they are objectifying us and they

think its okay to do that.”

And even Bryce Hall, who may or may not be dating Addison again, got involved in the


In a recent IG Live, Bryce called out Sebastian and Isaak for their video.

you made a video of a smash or pass and then I kinda said that the content was trash

because it was.

Honestly, stick to Tik Tok.”

Cleary Bryce is pointing out the obvious in this video and as we know, he and Addison

have a historyand could even be getting back together!

Bryce continued on and said quote, “Stay in your lane buddy, before I walk over to

the Clubhouse andsmash or passsome f**king sense into you, dudeIf you want

real, good content, watch my YouTube videos … ‘Smash or Passis so 2015, 2016.

And its kinda disrespectful.”

After all the backlash, Sebastian took to Twitter to defend himself.

He wrote quote, “IDK why this mans even pressed when even Addison was fine with it.

I just dont understand when he started talking s**t first, but whatever.”

But the problem that many people INCLUDING ADDISON had with Sebastians tweet was that

he accompanied it with a screenshot of a private text conversation between him and Addison.

In the convo, Addison can be seen telling Sebastian that she quotedidnt take

the video the wrong way,” and that she loves him.

Sebastian has since deleted the tweet and Addison called him out for sharing their private


In an alleged comment, Addison wrote quote, “First, I feel like this is private, so

Im not sure why my text messages are being put out on the internet.

Second, I hate being involved in drama so of course I wanted to make sure Seb knew I

wasnt mad at anyone.”

Addison continued on and said quote, “I feel so uncomfortable addressing this because

this is so private, but I need to because clearly its not stopping.

I hate having bad blood with anyone.

But I dont think anyone should ever post private conversations without consent of the

other person.”

And many of Addisons fans came to her defense in the comments.


Another fan added quote, “SO TRUE!

Disrespectful to post private messages of ANYONE!”

This person said quote, “I mean I would get missed if someone posted my conversation

without asking me --”

Bryce even jumped back in to defend his lady-love tweeting, “this man rly thought i pulled

up to his house to try to fight him thats not fair to the kid, i just wanted to get

the message out to everyone who talks shit behind a screen that they act COMPLETELY different

in person... shut the hell up sebastion telepathy

And this fan chimed in saying quote, “I feel bad for Addison.

Why is she getting dragged into this like their messages didnt need to be put out

into the publicity like that.

Seb needs to chill out.”

So Addisons fans have spoken, Bryce Hall has spoken and it seems like most people hope

the whole Smash or Pass trend will go ahead and PASS because it looks like its causing

more problems than entertainment.

And if you want even more Tik Tok tea, click right over here for all the deets on Addison

and Bryces possible reconciliation.

And let me know down in the comments what you think of all of this Tik Tok drama.

Im your host Sussan Mourad, bye guys!

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