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CB: Hello and welcome to the official Genshin Impact Version 1.3 Special Program!

Im your host Corina Boettger, AKA the voice of Paimon!

And once again, Im joined by

ZA: Greetings everyone,

Im your host Zach Aguilar and Im the voice of the male Traveler, Aether.

CB: Ohh, my gosh Im so excited that we get to do this together again.

ZA: Yeah, we definitely had a great time in the last special program.

CB: Our New Years wish came true, Zach

and they actually invited us back to do another version preview! Yes!

But this time we have another special host joining us!

CB: Lets welcome Jennifer Losi!

JL: Hi everyone, Im Jen Losi, and I voice Ganyu, secretary at the Yuehai Pavilion.

Im really excited to join you both for the special program!

ZA: Welcome Jen, great to have you join us!

You sound almost as excited as Ganyu working overtime.

JL: Haha! What can I say, Im just super pumped to do some Version 1.3 previews!

This is gonna be awesome!

CB: Alright, so before we get this thing rolling,

lets take a moment again to thank our viewers for joining us today,

and for their amazing support of Genshin Impact!

ZA: Thanks everyone!

You guys are awesome!

JL: Yeah, thanks everybody!

CB: Guys, it honestly feels like Version 1.2 just came out yesterday,

I mean I cant believe its already time for Version 1.3.

JL: I know, right!

Time flies when you're farming Dragonspine.

ZA: So tell us Corina, how have you liked Version 1.2 so far?

Have you died in the cold yet?

CB: Oh, I died a lot. Sheer cold was like

Take no prisoners, youre gonna die. Because I forgot its existence so many times, so that was my fault.

But I honestly love the mechanic, it was really fun thing to like, figure out oh gosh Im freezing, how am I gonna get to warmth?

Anyway, Version 1.3 is already on the way, which is exactly why were here today!

ZA: Absolutely!

So why dont we do a quick overview of the content coming our way in Version 1.3?

CB: That sounds like the right place to start.

Alright Jen, youre up!

What can Travelers expect in this update?

JL: Okay, I got this!

In Version 1.3, Travelers will be participating in one of Liyue Harbors traditional festivals,

the Lantern Rite!

We will also be getting a brand-new playable character, lots of special events,

as well as some all-new challenges.

And as always, therell be some nifty updates and optimizations to Genshin Impacts overall gameplay experience.

CB: Ooh, my gosh, the Lantern Rite.

It sounds so magical!

JL: Yeah. I was especially excited about Lantern Rite and Ill have a lot more to share on that later.

ZA: Yep, and given that this is an annual festival, itll be another whole year before it comes around again.

CB: A whole year? Oh my gosh, okay,

So now Ill have to put it on my calendar so I make sure I dont miss it.

And you shouldnt miss it either, Travelers!

JL: Also, Zhongli will be seeing some adjustments in the Version 1.3 update as well.

ZA: Ooh, definitely good news for all our Zhongli players out there!

CB: Okay good, great, thank you for the overview, Jen!

Now, lets start with a new trailer for Genshin Impact Version 1.3, shall we?

ZA: Oh, but wait a minute, arent we forgetting something again?

CB: Oh my gosh, yes, the prizes!

As most of you probably expect, well be giving away some redeemable codes for our viewers throughout the stream, so stay tuned for those!

You never know when theyll appear.


ZA: Or you can just sit back and have your friends message you when the redeemable codes show up

CB: But thats no fun, Zach, we want to watch it altogether! And Remember

ZA: Adventuring is about companionship!

CB: Thats right! So youd better adventure with me, Zach. Im telling you!

OK, so, to kick things off, why dont we just give away our first code right now!

JL: Wait, really? Before we even watch the trailer?

CB: Yep, surprise!

Whats better than starting things off with some Primogems?

JL: Nothing is better than free primogems.

Sounds good to me!

ZA: Alright guys, time to message your buddies! Goodies inbound in 3



CB: Primogems!

JL: I hope everybody got that cause that was unexpectedly early.

I bet even Mona didnt see that coming.

CB: So be sure to stick around!

CB: So finally, its now time for our first look at the official trailer for Genshin Impact, Version 1.3

All That Glitters.

ZA: Lets go!

Wow! Such a beautiful lantern! How is it made?

Wow, so many stalls...

Come, try your hand at Theater Mechanicus!

There seems to be something mysterious about this photographic apparatus...

If you're able to... ahem... could you... try to convince Xiao to go with you?

Their voices... I can always hear them

If you cannot bring yourself to kill speak my name

Evil conquering

Do not judge adepti by your mortal ideals


Paimon will help you find her, and we'll spend the next Lantern Rite together

JL: Wow, that was amazing.

Liyue Harbor is already so beautiful at night, but the Lantern Rite is extra special, right?

I cant get over how magical it all is!

I mean, just l ook at the all those lanterns and lights. Thats a lot of hard work for everybody in the city and the development team.

Ive gotta hand it to them for making the festive scenery this stunning.

ZA: Yeah, it looks like the Lantern Rite will be taking center stage as the main event for Version 1.3.

JL: And judging from the trailer, it seems our old friend Xiao Conqueror of Demons

is gonna play an important role in Version 1.3.

ZA: Conqueror of Demons, what a title!

CB: Yep! In fact, Travelers will be following Xiao through his very own Story Quest at the beginning of the Lantern Rite event.

Throughout the event period, Travelers as low as Adventure Rank 23 can unlock Xiaos Story Quest without even using a Story Key.

ZA: Adventure Rank 23?

Man, that practically takes me back to when I first arrived at Liyue Harbor.

JL: So what about after Lantern Rite?

Will the unlock conditions change for Xiaos Story Quest?

CB: Unfortunately, once the Lantern Rite is over, Travelers will need to be Adventure Rank 32 to unlock his Story Quest,

and theyll also need to use a Story Key.

JL: So it sounds like Travelers should take the advantage of the Lantern Rite, and enjoy this Story Quest sooner rather than later.

CB: Exactly!

ZA: So from the looks of things Im guessing our new character for Version 1.3 is going to be Xiao?

CB: Ding! Ding! Ding!

And speaking of which, lets have a first look at Xiaos character trailer together!

Zach, Ill let you take care of his introduction.

ZA: Im pretty sure this might be the Travelers

usual response for requests, but

Leave it to me!

JL: Wow, Xiaos got some serious moves.

I really dig his fighting style.

I wonder what his talents will be like!

ZA: Yeah, our new playable character might actually seem familiar to our viewers.

Many of you may have already encountered him as the mysterious yaksha adeptus at Wangshu Inn.

CB: Oh yeah, hes the guy on the balcony that likes Almond Tofu!

ZA: Thats him!

As a Vigilant Yaksha, he has been battling to protect the city of Liyue for thousands of years now.

He manipulates the Anemo element and wields a polearm as his weapon.

CB: Ooh my gosh, we got another polearm character?

Just like Xiangling and Zhongli!

ZA: Thats right, and hell be our first polearm character for the Anemo element.

Lets take a quick look at some of his attack details.

JL: Yes! Sounds good!

ZA: His Charged Attack is an upward thrust and

Check this out, Xiao has a special Plunging Attack

He wont take any plunging damage, no matter how high he decides to attack from.

CB: Wait


Youre telling me that he can leap off Mt. Hula and

come flying down with his Plunging Attack

without losing any HP?

without losing any HP?

How do I apply that to real life?

ZA: Dont try this at home, kids.

But, essentially, yeah, thats how it works.

Also, Travelers should note that the height from which he plunges determines

how much Plunging Attack damage he deals.

JL: Nice, so it sounds like the higher he attacks from,

the more damage hell deal.

ZA: Travelers will have to experiment and see.

Just be careful out there, guys!

CB: Oh no, Im not gonna be careful, Im gonna mark down every enemy location on the ground

So that way I can come crashing down from the sky like lightning,

boom shakalaka!!

JL: I'm pretty sure we already have an Achievement for that in-game...

You know, like hitting an opponent after plunging through the air for a certain amount of time.

CB: Wait, really? How did I not know that

JL: Maybe you dont jump off things as much as I do.

CB: Okay. Wait, hold on I'm writing a note:

Jen said its okay to jump off buildings, got it!

JL: No! No. dont do that!

ZA: Well, Xiao will be the perfect character for the job.

Now lets get into his skills.

CB: Alrighty!

ZA: Xiaos Elemental Skill is called Lemniscatic Wind Cycling.

In this skill, Xiao lunges forward and deals Anemo damage to enemies in his path.

The skill starts with 2 charges, but the interesting thing is that Xiao can also perform the skill in mid-air.

CB: Wait, Hold on.

He can lunge in like mid-air?

Does he do parkour?

Does gravity just not apply to him or something!?

My goodness!

CB: Oh, by the way, whats that thing Xiaos holding. Is that a mask?

JL: I think so, but

It definitely doesnt look like any ordinary mask.

My guess is that its related to his powers or something.

ZA: Well, youre close!

Its Xiaos Yaksha Mask.

When Xiao unleashes his Elemental Burst, Bane of All Evil, he dons the mask and

takes the form of the Vigilant Yaksha at the price of his HP.

ZA: When Xiao has the Yakshas Mask on, he constantly loses HP, but his jumping ability greatly increases as well as his attack AoE and damage.

And not only that, his attack damage converts into Anemo damage while he has the mask on.

CB: Ooh, so its like a cruel exchange health for more damage!

Okay, I got it.

Ahem, a kind reminder to all future Xiao players:

Please keep an eye on Xiaos HP when you use his Elemental Burst.

Okay, thanks.

JL: Thats a pretty interesting mechanic.

Every new character seems to be bringing something cool to the table.

So when will he be joining the game?

ZA: Xiao will be available through his very own Character Event Wish,

which will begin alongside the release of Version 1.3 on February 3rd.

JL: I dont know about you, but Im looking forward to adding him to my team!

ZA: And, since the Liyue Qixing are helping coordinate the Lantern Rite events,

Keqing will be seeing her first ever Character Event Wish on February 17th.

CB: Yay! Good for her!

ZA: So next up, we have the Lantern Rite events.

Jen, this ones all yours.

JL: Sure thing!

As Secretary at the Yuehai Pavilian, Id be delighted to inform you of the details.

ZA: Haha, nice!

JL: Next on the agenda here comes the event schedule for the Lantern Rite!

CB: Yeah, Im super curious what the Lantern Rite actually entails...

I mean, its obvious something related to lanterns, I hope.

JL: Yeah! Lets take a closer look.

JL: As you can see here, Travelers will be able to receive up to a total of 10 Intertwined Fates by logging in during the Seize the Day login event for Version 1.3.

CB: Yes!! More Intertwined Fates!

JL: In addition to that, Travelers will have the chance to obtain

one of any of Liyues current playable 4-star characters

through one of the Lantern Rite events.

CB: Wait, Any of Liyues 4-star characters?

Okay, lets see who do we have?

Ningguang, Beidou, Xiangling, Xingqiu, Chongyun and Xinyan, right?

ZA: Great, Ill take em all.

CB: Hey! Leave some for Paimon!

JL: Haha, sorry Zach, youll only be able to choose one,

so be sure to choose wisely.

ZA: But Im the Traveler

JL: During the Lantern Rite Event period, there will be a variety of different events for Travelers to participate in.

JL: Character Ascension Materials and Character Talent Upgrade Materials will be available in the Event Shop during the Lantern Rite,

and Travelers can receive more than 1,600 Primogems by participating in various events throughout Version 1.3.

CB: Yay! More Primogems!

ZA: Wow, it seems therell be a lot going on during Lantern Rite.

Can we get a closer look at some of these events?

JL: Before Travelers head to Liyue Harbor to celebrate the Lantern Rite festival, theyll first need to meet Xiao

and join him in his quest to fight demons and protect the city of Liyue.

CB: Sounds like Xiaos not getting any time off for the holidays, huh?

ZA: Well, with titles like Guardian Yaksha and Conqueror of Demons,

off-days probably arent a priority for him.

CB: Well, youre probably right.

Ganyu would like that though.

So, it sounds like the first quest of Lantern Rite will basically be Xiao's

Take Our Travelers to Work Day.

JL: Uh, yeah, I guess you could put it that way

Once Xiaos Story Quest is complete, Travelers can officially return to Liyue Harbor

to participate in preparations for Lantern Rite.

CB: Yes! Now lets get to the festival!

JL: As its name implies, the Lantern Rite is all about lanterns,

and there are several major parts to the festival.

CB: Xiao Market. Uh, wait, hold on

Xiao owns his own market?

JL: Well, no. Actually, Xiao has no connection to the Xiao Market.

ZA: So, the names are just a coincidence?

JL: Yep!

CB: But please tell me that therell be some goodies at the Xiao Market?

And Im talking about food.

I want all the food.

Wheres all the good food?

JL: All I could say is that the Xiao Market will unlock varieties of valuable goods in different stages.

But, probably not any Paimon burritos.

ZA: Sounds good but what do you mean by stages?

JL: The Lantern Rites progress will be indicated by three different stages in the festival,

and Travelers will need to complete requests from Lantern Rite Tales to raise Lantern Rite's Festive Fever.

CB: Festive Fever~

JL: Once Festive Fever reaches the set requirements, the next stage will automatically unlock with more quests, storylines, and of course, new goods in the Xiao Market as well.

ZA: So it looks like well get to experience many stories throughout the Lantern Rite.

JL: Yeah, and with their efforts, Travelers will get to release lanterns into the sky alongside the residents of Liyue.

ZA: Ah, so thats why there are so many lanterns in the sky.

CB: Wait! Back to the Xiao Market, will we be using Mora to shop in the market?

JL: Actually, the market is an Event Shop

CB: Ohh, so well have to earn that event currency somehow.

JL: Thats right! And this is where Theatre Mechanicus comes in.

JL: Theatre Mechanicus will be a new type of event gameplay.

Travelers will need to speak with Ruijin in the Lantern Rite event area to try out this new game she has designed.

JL: In Theatre Mechanicus, Travelers will need to deploy things called Mechanici

to eliminate oncoming enemies.

Up to two Travelers can challenge a stage together.

ZA: But itll also support single player, right?

JL: Yes, it will.

Dont worry, we all know you play alone, Zach.

ZA: Friends? What are those?

JL: Well you can always play with us.

By completing in-game challenges, Travelers may obtain Veneficus Sigils,

which can be used to upgrade Mechanici or unlock more types of Mechanici.

Lets get in the game and check it out!

CB: Oh so it almost looks like a kind of board game...

And those chess piece thingies are

the Mechanici?

And are they dealing damage automatically?

JL: Yes, they attack automatically!

Travelers can win the game by using Mechanici to protect their Ley Line Monolith from being destroyed

or by preventing monsters from escaping the board.

ZA: It looks like the Mechanici all do different things.

JL: Thats right, different Mechanici have different effects.

Itll be important for Travelers to build combinations of Mechanici during the game.

ZA: But how do we get those Mechanici?

I mean, Im sure they dont just appear out of nowhere.

JL: Nope! Travelers will need to spend Veneficus Points to build Mechanici on designated locations.

ZA: Got it, so how do we get Veneficus Points?

JL: By killing monsters or removing existing Mechanici.

ZA: Hmm, okay...

So, that also means we can change our deployment of Mechanici during the game.

JL: Exactly.

After you eliminate a certain number of enemies,

youll have the chance to activate Mystic Arts, too.

CB: OohMystical.

JL: Mystic Arts cost Veneficus Points.

Some of the Mystic Arts enhance Travelers Mechanici on the field,

while others could greatly increase the power of your Mechanici but

not without negative side effects.

CB: So it sounds like there will be some hard decisions to make.

Ugh, no, I can feel the struggles already.

ZA: But it sounds like it might be interesting to take some risks.

JL: And of course, if you do win a game of Theatre Mechanicus,

youll gain the currency to spend in Xiao Market, called Peace Talismans.

CB: That's an interesting way to earn event currency!

Its less about fighting monsters, and more about chess skills

I mean, Mechanici skills!

Yeah, that!

JL: And there will also be a range of different difficulties for Travelers to try,

so be sure to give it a go!

CB: Definitely! Lets see, so far we have a Story Quest to begin with, followed by loads of requests to complete, lanterns to release, a boardgame to play and to top it off,

we have a market to shop in, with hopefully lots of food, I love it already!

ZA: Yeah, sounds like a real festival to me!

And I cant wait to see Liyue Harbor completely decked out for the occasion.

CB: Oh, I know! Liyue is already amazing for taking night shots right now,

so I cant wait to see what it looks like with all the lanterns!

JL: Yeah, I'm going to take tons of photos around the city with Ganyu!

JL: Speaking of which, it seems the event coordinators had photos in mind, too.

Aside from Lantern Rite events, we will also have another festive event called Five Flushes of Fortune,

which will require Travelers to take special photos using the Kurious Kamera.

JL: Players will need to speak with Ji Tong in the Lantern Rite event area and claim the Kurious Kamera from him.

CB: So what will we be doing exactly for this event?

Oh my gosh, please tell me its about snapping pictures of Paimon!

JL: Not quite... During the event Ji Tong will have a different photo subject for each day,

and Travelers will need to take photos of the designated subject to complete the quest

and receive a random photo as a reward.

Travelers will have 10 chances a day to take photos with the Kurious Kamera.

ZA: So whats on those random photos?

I mean, why would those be a reward for us?

They better not be random photos of Paimon

CB: Whats wrong with full scrapbook of Paimon, Zach!?

Zach: Nothing!

JL: I mean I have one.

But thats a good question, Zach!

Each random photo has a color, and if you collect a complete set of five different colors,

you can exchange the set for a Fortune Trove from Ji Tong.

Hence the name, Five Flushes of Fortune.

ZA: Ooh, Fortune Trove, I like the sound of that!

CB: Treasure!!!

JL: Inside each Fortune Trove, Travelers will find some Primogems alongside other random Material rewards.

CB: Primogems!? Oh Im gonna be all over this event!

JL: Travelers will be able to exchange for up to 8 Fortune Troves.

So dont worry, you wont have to grind like crazy!

ZA: Uh, yeah, so am I the only one whos worried about not being able to collect all the different sets of colors?

You did say that the colors are given randomly.

JL: So this is where friends come in, Zach!

Travelers will be able to exchange the colored photos with their friends, which is why every photo will still be useful.

CB: Awesome! So if I have too many photos of a certain color, I can just send them to those whoever else need them!

JL: Thats right!

ZA: Looks like I should start making some friends!

CB: Thats what the festive season is all about, Zach! Play with your friend Zach (ZA: Looks like I finally get a reason to add you) Accept my friend request, Zach! (ZA: No Im just kidding)

ZA: Yeah. Right on!

JL: So thats it for Lantern Rites main event area.

In the next part of our special program, we will get to see an all-new monster as well as another related event.

ZA: Wow, theres already so much new content.

Hey, why dont we take a quick break and reward our loyal viewers out there?

CB: Good idea, Zach! I hope you are all ready!

Goodies inbound in 3



CB: Alright, welcome back everyone!

As everyone knows, Version 1.2 saw the addition of some ferocious frosty monsters, which Im pretty sure killed me quite a few times

And Version 1.3 will also not disappoint!

ZA: Yeah, I also have died more than just a few times

CB: How do you like the all-new monsters in Version 1.3, Zach?

ZA: Well, I mean, they all look pretty tough

And I feel like Im gonna die a lot again.

But I mean, look at them, theyre covered in rock from head to toe.

JL: Yeah, theyre really cool looking but

Im not sure I want to run into one while Im out picking flowers.

They kinda remind me of Geovishap Hatchlings

Just bigger and scarier.

CB: Well, Jen, you are getting close.

They arent just hatchlings, but the big mama Geovishaps themselves!

CB: During Lantern Rite, the Adventurers Guild has been receiving numerous reports of dangerous Geovishaps,

and Katheryne of Liyue Harbor will be commissioning adventurers to further investigate the matter.

ZA: More commissions and investigation, hmm

Sounds like well have some exploring to do.

CB: Yeah, but not quite what youre expecting, Zach.

In the Vishaps and Where to Find Them event, Katheryne will post eight different expedition commissions each day,

from which Travelers can choose four to complete.

JL: Ah, so this event will actually be focusing on expeditions!

CB: Yep, and unlike usual expeditions, Travelers can dispatch multiple characters in one investigation,

with each additional character increasing the possibility of bonus rewards.

Also, Travelers will even be able to recruit one of their friends characters as a supporting character.

ZA: All the more reason to make friends in game.

I guess I should be glad that I dont need to investigate those Geovishaps in person.

CB: Wrong again!

ZA: Huh!?

CB: As you progress through the expeditions, you will unlock On the Hunt challenges

to track down Geovishaps and confront them directly!

JL: And once again, we will probably get killed

ZA: And I thought the hatchlings are already tricky enough

CB: Oh I know, right?

But thats not all, the Primo Geovishap is gonna emerge in Teyvat -

As a boss!!

ZA&JL: Ugh!

ZA: Hmm. An even tougher Geovishap as a boss...

CB: Yep!

ZA: Well, Im ready!

CB: Yeah!

ZA:to die.

CB: Well, maybe.

JL: Im pretty sure we all are

CB: Well, we might need a bit of practice for this one,

but its still fun to have new challenges!

ZA: Yeah, for sure, Ill give it a go!

CB: Alright, thats all we have for new monsters and events in Version 1.3.

Im already super excited for everything weve covered so far,

but we still have some more features to introduce to everyone.

ZA: Well then, allow me to guide our viewers through these final features.

JL: Take us through it, Zach!

ZA: First up, a brand-new Living Beings category will be added to the Archive.

It will showcase info about any living beings that Travelers have defeated, caught, or discovered so far.

Travelers will be able to check out the cool 3D models of those creatures,

the total number of each creature theyve defeated, and check previous tutorials.

In addition, there will also be a separate section for any wildlife Travelers have encountered.

JL: Aww, does that include those cute little doggies Ive seen in-game?

Ive been naming them.

ZA: Well have to wait for Version 1.3 and see!

CB: Ill definitely be checking to see if there is any wildlife Ive missed, because I love cute little animals!

ZA: So question is

Which category would Paimon go in?

JL: Is there a Snacks category?

CB: Hey! How many times am I gonna say this.

Paimon is not Emergency Food!

ZA: Haha.

Alright, our next new feature will be some additions to our Traveler Profile screen.

ZA: After the Version 1.3 update, each Traveler will have their current number of Achievements and Abyss progress displayed to other Travelers via their Profile screen.

They can also select up to eight characters to display via their Character Showcase.

If they wish, Travelers can make detailed information about their characters visible to other Travelers

by enabling Show Character Details.

Showcased characters info, including Attributes, Weapons, Artifacts, Constellations, and Talents will be visible to other Travelers.

CB: Oh thats so cool!

So friends will finally be able to easily check out each others character builds!

JL: Yeah, this will make it a lot easier to learn from other Travelers and improve our own characters.

ZA: Thats right!

And in addition to all the new features, Version 1.3 is also gonna make ascending your characters easier than ever.

CB: Yep, I wanna know that!

Tell me that, I wanna know more.

ZA: During the Lantern Rite festival, Timaeus of Mondstadt makes a breakthrough in elemental transmutation,

allowing Travelers to use an item called Dust of Azoth

to exchange Character Ascension Materials of one element to those of another via crafting.

JL: So if Im missing Character Ascension Materials of a certain element,

I can use Dust of Azoth to exchange what I have on hand for the materials I need?

ZA: Basically, yeah!

CB: Thats a real time-saver!

ZA: But theres more,

Travelers Adventure Rank 31 and above will be able to receive a quest from Lan in Liyue Harbor called Tianqiu Treasure Trail.

After completing this quest, Travelers will receive a new Gadget called the Parametric Transformer,

which can be used to transmute materials.

CB: Transmute them into what?

ZA: Haha, Ill leave this one to our Adventurers to discover in Version 1.3.

There could be some surprises.

JL: Great. Its so good to know well have more options for obtaining materials in Version 1.3.

ZA: And Im not even finished yet

Last but not least, there will a Ley Line Overflow event in Version 1.3.

ZA: During this event, Travelers can gain double rewards from overflowing Blossoms of Wealth or Blossoms of Revelation three times daily.

CB: So that means more Mora!

JL: And Character EXP materials as well.

CB: Hehehehe.

JL: Yeah, itll definitely be easier to level up characters in Version 1.3.

I'm already thinking about new team combinations using the characters I haven't leveled up yet.

ZA: Yeah, I think we can take advantage of this update to work on all our new characters.

CB: And with that in mind, I think its time that we give out our last redeemable code.

ZA: Before we do that, I just wanna remind our viewers that our final section will be about some new soundtracks.

So be sure to stay tuned!

JL: Okay, ready? Code inbound in 3



Lets go!

CB: And were back!

Thanks everyone for staying with us!

ZA: Especially now that all the redeemable codes have beenhanded out.

CB: In this last part of our special program, well be sharing some brand-new tracks from Version 1.3.

Are you excited?

ZA: You know it!

Genshins music never lets me down!

JL: Lets just get right to the music and let the notes do the talking.

CB: Lets have a listen!


ZA: Wow, really great music, you can never have enough Genshin tunes!

And I hate to say it, but its time for us to wrap up the show.

CB: Aww

ZA: So Jen, how did you enjoy your first special program for Genshin Impact?

JL: Oh my gosh, I loved watching the special program for 1.2 and

it was even more fun to be part of one myself!

Its been a blast to hang out with you and Cor to talk about all the new stuff coming in Version 1.3!

And not just because we look really cute in chibi form!

It was so much fun to learn about all the new features,

and I just love that well get to experience such a festive series of events in the game.

CB: Yeah. Kudos to our developers.

Im just amazed at how much content we have to share with each update.

JL: Yeah.

ZA: Yeah! So thanks everyone for watching the Genshin Impact Version 1.3 Special Program,

we wish you all a great time in the coming adventures.

Stay safe, bye!

CB: Thanks everyone! See you in Version 1.3!

JL: Bye, everyone!

The Description of Version 1.3 Special Program|Genshin Impact