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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG SUBS) FRENCH GIRL REACTS TO WHYRU - EPISODE 1

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Hello everyone, welcome to my channel

I'm making a reaction video on WhyRUtheseries episode 1

So, I know a bit about the story, because I did read the English translation of the book

And let's watch episode 1 together

I'm not ready~

come on, let's go~

I'm not ready at all

Not at all....not at all


I really love how it is filmed

oh wow

It's so beautiful!!!

It's in an amusement park?


The image quality !

The image quality, guyss~~

He looks lost

*Screams like a hyena*

Saint Saint

He's so cute

Haha that stare




They look so good together

They did a cartoon

hu I mean Animation

It's so well done


The drawings are outstanding

I love it *I look like a 3 years old kid*

He is running away from him

Ahhh it was a dream

I love the quality so much, till now I love it

I. L.O.V.E. IT

ZON, Passion: writer haha

Zol is so cute, it's not possible *to be that cute*

If I do that with my mom....

NO, I don't do that with my mom, she kills me, she has eyes everywhere

I would have been super excited too if it was me

Ohh what a killjoy, what a killjoy

She was right tho if you can't do then *shut it ;p*

It's definitely a sister and brother kind of fight


Not a bad deal, really

that wasn't very nice sir

or miss, i don't really know who that is

awww he is tooo cute

*what's the voice i used *crazy one as usual*

he really is too cute

He can give me English lessons too , I wouldn't mind

Our favorite basketball player


They really did shoots of him


its not gonna end well

He stained his shirt

I love his face, his facial expression when he pulls the...the book

hmm I mean his notebook


He doesn't need help

Chew Chew

I guess this is the cafe where he (Tutor) works

Who the hell is this one?

No he is not here



Who does he think he is?

What's that thing he has in his nose?

Such clients deserve slaps

*me imitating slaps, in case you didn't get me xD*

Yeah, I can tell!

*laughing at my own stupidity*

Yes pull it well,

I would have done the same

It's Fighter's fault

He is all stained my poor boy


And it's not even the due-date

And how rude he is...well to be truth when you saw how he entered *sigh*

I want to pay for him

I'm poor but I want to help him xD

ohhh! Hell NOO!

Why doe he touch him like that?!

don't pinch him!

I will throw you the... (plushie)

Yeah, do it half half~ * I think I'm negociating with him there --"*

I'll throw you this, you'll see who will be your wife ! *upset*

He is disgusting me


Same, I would have done the same !

Throw him his money on the face like this

come on come on

It's true,

You can do it !

Ahhh, that's the scene where we will see him topless



You can tell he went to the gym

So cute

He has such a where you want to just protect him like this *tf am I doing with my hands tho?*

He is so cute

He is happy

From one scene to the other...

Why does he only have a towel?

She is soo cute, I like her

A cutie pie

She forgot why haha

What did you do?

U-oh, it looks serious

This is the worst when your parents want to speak to you but you don't know why


haha 2.5

He really doesn't want to work hard or is he really not good at it?

It was sure

*Patting its head to comfort Zon haha*

Everything will be okay

Poor boy

It hurts~

Oh It's Saifah playing guitar

He looks popular with girls

Does this happen in real life?

Ah, okay, they think they (Saifah and Zon) are together

well I mean they ship them

Junior.....I Love him !

We all have a friend like this,


Ohh they upset him


It's so cute, he is sad for his friend

I was going to say offended --'

I thought he just had a stomachache


Do you have a human stuck in your mouth?.... I mean in your throat?

Attention, give them some space

They look so cool

Junior's facial expressions are KILLING ME

And he repeats haha

Tutor's soo cute!

Really Junior?

Does he have to be this mean?

Small people's problems!

I would probably have to do the same if I have to fight with Saifah

I'm so small

His Egooo

You don't think much of yourself Saifah, do you?

But why do they hate each other so much?

He didn't do anything to you ~

I want to know why you are annoying him too

uhh Junior haha


He is joining them

They're so cute together!

And he had to ruin everything,

Let them talk a bit ohh

it's so true

They're so cute with their faces all painted

aww it's the cutest among them all

it doesn't leave him unaffected

You don't write a name like that just because you want to, at least write it correctly sir

and he can't say anything because he is a junior

Why do they gather the signatures?

These are supportive friends haha

He doesn't have a choice

It's an excuse to see him again~

hhmmm smart~

He is frustrated poor him

Saifah's face haha

with his two small ponytails haha

I love this scene so much

I saw the spoils on twitter

The intensity~~ of the stare

There is something with Tutor too...

I's sure he loves him or he has some feelings because look at how he stares at him and all

I don't know

They're taking turns to annoy each other in this relationship

You can't do that~~ *yes yes my brain took a few minutes to register that*

oh noo

and the other one he drinks it right away haha

Look at Tutor's face ...

it's not kind

She is in the clouds haha

Ohh he still has the ....the thread attached to his arm

.the thread attached to his arm


I would have gathered my things too and ran away from there too

still writing ~

I jsut...took the time to reach my brain...I just realized it was BoomPeak on the..... the tablet

aww Tharntype

See on the...that's it *me giving up trying to explain it-*

took time to reach my brain...

It could have worked, if she had changed the university and all

haha she really thinks they are dating

She is so cute...She. IS. TOO. CUTE

ahh so this is when they said, he (Zon) interrupted him (Saifah)

That's not something to do

You don't see two people at the same time

I mean you... *I'm lost in my own mind sorry haha I mean don't cheat!*

Poor him !

How to run away from that situation haha

What's the difference?

He needs to stop being mean like that,


And of course she saw that


Don't do that

He sweated so much

They're kids haha

It was a dream

Uh-oh who are they? (I already saw a spoiler of this scene)


Already? in episode 1?

I want to scream but I can't

Anime again

It's very very well done

I love it so much

The Infernal Duo haha

You like boys

I love this series !

I loved it !

Honestly, it was really well done ! The animation...the anime I wasn't expecting it at all

And the kiss neither by the way !

That's it!

I hope you guys enjoyed it

And see you for episode 2