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Cite While You Write for Macintosh Formatting the Bibliography

Select Configure Bibliography from the Bibliography drop-down list.

The first tab, Format Bibliography,

allows you to select the bibliographic style to be used in the document.

You can select a style from the drop-down favorites list,

or click the Browse button to bring up a list of installed styles.

In the installed styles list, select a style, then click the Choose button.

There is an option to hyperlink citations to the matching references in the bibliography.

On the Macintosh,

it is best to leave this box unmarked until finished with editing the document,

to prevent jumping to the bibliography whenever clicking on a citation.

On the Layout tab, select the font and font size that will be used for the entire bibliography.

To add a simple title, type it in the Bibliography Title field.

To format that title differently from the rest of the bibliography, select the title's text,

then select the Text Format button to change the font for just the title.

If using a numbered style, the Start with bibliography number option

will let you start that bibliography with any number you want.

This does not apply to footnotes.

For footnotes, Word controls the numbering and placement of the footnote.

First line indent will change the indentation of the first line of each reference.

Whether or not there is a hanging indent is set in the style,

but here you can change how wide that hanging indent is.

The Line Spacing option applies to all the text in the bibliography.

Select double to match the APA requirements.

The Space After option adds extra lines after each reference.

These would be in addition to the spacing set using the Line Spacing option.

When all options are set, click the OK button to apply the changes.

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