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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: XOXO FRIENDS - Toy Makers Studio Escape Room Challenge

Difficulty: 0

- [Child] Tic Tac Toy!

(cute upbeat music)

- Our line of toys for Tic Tac Toy

are gonna be so adorable, Maya!

- Tell me about it!

I love every one!

- With 24 XOXO Friends

and 36 swappable wings,

the possibilities for fun are endless!

- I know!

And let's finish naming the rest of our XOXO Friends.

- Addy O will be right next to Maya X.

- I'ma name this cute poodle, Clair.

- Hey Maya,

our Tic Tac Toy fans helped us name this cute kitty, Button.

- And they helped us name this cute koala, KoKo.

- Wow, they did an awesome job at naming our toys.

Now let me find Bops.

Oh, here it is!

- And I got Maya O!

- Okay, which one did we name Stella again?

- Stella's the pink unicorn!

- Oh yeah, pink unicorn.

- Okay, so I have Glitter and Sutton left.

- Oh Glitter's this adorable Frenchie!

- Oh you're right!

And next is Sutton.

- Oh, it's the kitty below Button.

Okay Maya, we have two names left,

Pearly and Pepper.

- And we have two XOXO Friends left.

The bear, and the piglet.

- So which one should be which?

- Well Pearly would make a cute pig name.

- Totally agree.

And I guess that means you are Pepper.

- [Both] And they're perfect!

(dramatic music)

- And there's the package.

(dramatic music)

Now back to the Toy Vandal's headquarters

and onto my second task.

(dramatic music)

(door creaking)

- Oh perfect!

The package arrived just in time!

I can't wait to get this to the toy maker studio

to show Addy and Maya!


- Can you believe how cute these accessories are

that come with our XOXO Friends, Maya?

- My favorites are the unicorn backpack

and the puppy popping out of the presents.

- Those are cute,

but my favorites are the notebook and the guitar.

- Hey girls, I got some super duper

exciting things to show you inside this box!

- Ooo what is it?

- The prototypes for all of our XOXO Friends,

the swappable wings, the bracelets,

and even the accessories!

- What are prototypes Boss?

- They're the first rendering

of what our toys will look like.

If they meet our standards,

the factory will start making the real ones!

- Wow, that's beyond exciting!

Let's check them out!

- Okay let's do it!

(tape ripping)

- I can't wait!

- [All] Toothpicks?

- So where's the XOXO Friends?

- And the swabable wings?

- And the bracelets?

Oh, this is not good.

And this wasn't just a mistake,

this is toy sabotage!

And I think I know who's behind it.

- [Both] A toy vandal?

- I'm sure of it.

Toothpicks are her calling cards.

- [Both] Oh no.

(cool jazz music)

(tape ripping)

- Ah, these are even better than I could have expected.

Scale is great,

features adorable,

good work XOXO Toy Company.

These will make a superb addition to my personal collection.

Hm, time for a little fun now with XOXO Toy Company.

(button clicks)

(dramatic music)

- Okay girls,

we're supposed to be at the Target and Walmart pitches

in just under an hour.

- Pitches?

What do you mean?

- Well, if you want your new line of XOXO Friends

to bring smiles to kids everywhere,

we have to get 'em to the kids, right?

- [Both] Right.

- Well, that's were Target and Walmart come in.

At our pitch meeting,

we have to show them how amazing your toys are.

That way, they'll want to carry them in their stores.

- Oh, this whole pitch thing sounds really important.

- It sure is.

I was really hoping we'd be able to take the prototypes

with us to the pitch,

along with the colored sketches,

that way they can see how cute, silly, and funny

your toy line is going to be.

- Uh oh, so what are we going to do now?

- Well, if we don't have the prototypes,

I think we at least need to be able to show them

what we had in mind for the packaging of your toys.

You know, what it's gonna look like on the store shelves.

So, we better get designing that right away.

- [Both] Okay.


- What's that?

- Hello, I am the Toy Vandal,

and I have been working oh so hard

to sabotage your adorable line of XOXO Friends.

- Oh I just knew she was behind this.

- I really would prefer to keep them all for myself

and myself alone.

- Ugh, why is she so greedy?

- The doors to your studio are locked,

so, you likely won't be making it

to your Target and Walmart pitches.

This means that children around the world

will likely never get to enjoy your precious XOXO Friends.

- Oh no!

(feet stomping)

(door rattles)

She's right!

It's locked!

What would we do?

- Oh stop panicking, I said likely.

Check the package for instructions

on how you can possibly escape your toy makers studio.

Good luck, time is ticking.

(adventurous music)

(tools rattle)

(dramatic bass)

(phone beeping)

(phone ringing)

- It's Miscreant 432 speaking.

Yes, the job is done.

Miscreant 76 and I

have damaged all six of the requested machines.

They won't be able to produce many toys at all.

(phone beeps)

(dramatic music)

- Here it is.

It looks like a letter.

- What does it say?

- Let's see.

Addy and Maya, if my grand plan somehow fails

and your XOXO Friends somehow make it into stores,

there are a few XOXO Friends

to whom I am especially attached.

I don't want to share these with other children,

so I have sent a few of my miscreants

to destroy the factory machines that make these

adorable XOXO Friends.

This means that it will be more challenging for your

fans and toy lovers to collect

these particular XOXO Friends.

Identify the six XOXO Friends

that will now be considered rare,

and I'll begrudgingly unlock your doors.

The Toy Vandal.


- No.

- Wow.

- And look, here's something else.

These labels say rare.

- So I guess we have to figure out

which of our XOXO Friends are now rare.

- Thanks to the Toy Vandal.

- That sounds right,

and once you figure out which of those are rare,

you'll probably use these to label them.

- What do you mean you?

Aren't you gonna help us?

I really need to work on designing that packaging.

You girls can do this.

- But where do we even start to figure this out?

- I'm guessing we use this?

- You're probably right, good luck girls.

And remember, time is not on our side.

(dramatic music)

- Now this should be entertaining to watch.

I'm quite doubtful these girls

will have the skills to decipher my riddles.

It's highly unlikely they'll make their pitches today.

Too bad for them.

(popcorn crunches)

- So what do you think we're looking for?

- This!

This color 232 has a dot on it.

It must mean something right?

- I bet the figures that are

this shade of pink are the rare ones!

- Yeah, let's check out the illustrations.

- Okay, so Swirly and Stella are both pink.

- Yeah, but so are Lolli and Luna.

- And there's pink in Maya, Clair, and Bella

- Ah, and so many other XOXO Friends.

Like Pearly.

- And Button.

- And KoKo.

- You're right, there's got to be more to the clue.

Let me look at this color book again.

(gasp) Check it out!

This must be more to the clue.

- Oh, peel one of them off.

What does it say?

- Just like a horse,

I have a beautiful mane,

But with a horn on my head,

I'm not so mundane.

- It's like a riddle

and the answer must be one of our animal friends!

- And this one is easy,

it's like a horse but with a horn on its head.

- It's got to be a unicorn!

- Yeah, let's put the rare marker on the unicorn.


Oh, but wait, there's two unicorns.

Is Stella the rare unicorn,

or is Star the rare unicorn?

- Well Stella's the right shade of pink,

so it must be her.

- Good call Maya.

Okay Maya, do you wanna read the other clue now?

- Sure.

Some say I have nine lives,

and I make a great pet,

I love to drink milk,

but please don't get me wet.

- Okay, nine lives, pet,

likes milk, doesn't like to get wet.

What do you think it is?

- I think it's gotta be a kitty cat.

- You're right.

We have quite a few kitties in our collection though.

There's Bella and Button.

- And Sutton and Luna.

- But, there's only one that's this exact shade of pink.

- [Both] It's Luna.

- Two down, four to go.

- Wow the packaging of the smallest item in our toy line

is gonna look awesome!

The surprise box will fit in the palm of your hand

and be complete blind.

It'll come with one XOXO Friend, one wing,

and one collectable Tic Tac Toy bracelet.

Love it!

And now, onto the next packaging.

(upbeat music)

- Look for another black dot, Maya.

- Oh, here's one Addy.

- And it's on this bright blue color, number 311.

- And look, there's two clues on the back again.

I'll read the first one.

- What does it say.

- I'm a type of dog,

that seems fancy and frilly,

but beneath my groomed fur,

I am actually quite silly.

- Okay Maya,

we have three different types of dogs in our XOXO Friends.

- Okay, I'll take a closer look.

- Okay Maya, both Silver and Glitter are frenchies.

- And we have two Pomeranians, Addy.

Pop and Lolli.

- Plus there's two poodles.

There's Blair and Clair.

- Yeah, but which type of dog is fancy and frilly?

- It has to be a poodle.

- Agreed.

And Clair's that spunky shade of blue.

So she must be the rare.

- I'll get the rare marker.

(upbeat music)

I'll read the next clue now.

I love to be pet,

although I may purr,

I'm absolutely adorable,

I think you'd concur.

- Our grandma has kittens and they always purr.

The rare must be another kitten.

- For sure.

Let's see.

We have lots of adorable kittens.

There's Bella, Button, and Sutton.

- Yeah, but one of them has way more blue

than the others do.

- You're right.

Button must be the other rare collectable.

(hand slapping on table)

Okay Maya, we've gotten four of the six rares figured out,

only two more to go.

Only two more to go.

- Hmm, so they aren't doing too bad after all.

Still, time is ticking

and that precious meeting is approaching.

I still don't think they can pull it off.

- Look Maya, here's another black dot.

It's on the shade of light purple.

- I know we have light purple XOXO Friends.

There's Koko.

- And there's Hops.

- What does the clue say Addy?

- Well there's only one clue on the back

so Koko and Hops probably aren't both rares.

- So what does it say?

- I snack on the leaves,

of Australian trees,

and when I'm not munching,

I relax in the breeze.

- So which animal's from Australia?

A bunny or a koala.

- Well, we see bunnies all the time,

so it's gotta be the koala.

Plus, I learned that they like to eat

eucalyptus leaves in the trees.

- Perfect.

Then Koko is our fifth rare.

(upbeat music)

- Only one more to find.

- O.M.G.

This surprise pack looks even better than the first item!

It looks like a tic-tac-toe board

and the colors are spot on!

Surprise boxes one and two will include an XOXO Friend

and a swappable wing.

Surprise boxes three and four will include a

second XOXO Friend and a second wing.

Surprise box five will include a cute accessory.

Six will have a bonus wing.

Seven will have putty.

And eight will have a putty cutter designed by the girls.

That's eight cute silly surprises inside.


I love it!

- Here's the last dot, and it's on white.

How many white XOXO Friends do we have?

- Well, let's see.

It looks like there's four.

There's Blair the poodle, and Star the unicorn.

There's Sutton the kitty, and Bella another kitty.

- Well, hopefully the clue

will let us narrow in on the last one.

- I'll read it Addy.

I'm a mythical creature,

you might see me in the sky,

with my horn and wings,

I can fly quite high.

- Mythical creature, horn, flying...

I think I know who our last rare friend is!

- Me too!

- [Both] Star!

(upbeat music)

- Okay, we have all six of the rares.

Toy Vandal, please unlock our doors now!

- Come on.

- Ugh.

I can't believe they did it.

I might be greedy and selfish and manipulative,

but I always keep my word.


(button clicks)

(door unlocks)

- They unlocked, they unlocked boss!

- We did it!

- Great work, and perfect timing.

Come over here, quickly.

I'm so proud of you girls,

but before we go to Target and Walmart,

I wanna show you some of the packaging.

- [Both] Awesome!

- Come 'round here.

- O.M.G.

- It looks better than I could have ever imagined.

- [Boss] This is the surprise box,

the surprise pack, and your XOXO HUGS.

- Do the XOXO hugs come with a plush?

- Yes!

Let me show you all about that.

Inside box one, you'll find your hugs plush.

Box two contains the swappable plush wings.

Surprises three and four

include an adorable headpiece and necklace charm.

- And what's surprise five and six?

- [Boss] Surprises five and six

include a hand accessory and brush.

- Wow, and how many brushes are there to collect?

- There are six different XOXO HUGS to collect.

- So unbelievably cool.

- For sure.

But, do you girls know what time it is?

- Time to pitch our toys to Target and Walmart?

- Exactly.

Come on, let's gather up our things and go!

(upbeat synth music)

(cheerful music)

- Okay, this is the most important meeting in my life.

I could do this.

(happy music)

- Just another presentation, in front of grownups in suits.

I got this.

(happy music)

Okay Tic Tac Toy fans,

now we need your help more than ever!

- We really want our new toys

on the shelves of Target and Walmart.

- But we're so afraid

that the Toy Vandal's gonna ruin it for us!

So please help us out by giving this video a thumbs up.

- And be sure you subscribe to Tic Tac Toy!

- And Tic Tac Toy Family!

- That would help us show Target and Walmart

how much you love our new toys.

- And remember, don't tell the Toy Vandal anything.


(cheerful music)

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