Practice English Speaking&Listening with: One store’s effort to keep shelves stocked during Coronavirus rush

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-You want this cart? -Sure.

Thank you.

-We're a very local grocery store.

We've been here since 1946, you know,

just for the community and everything.

I mean, I guess word's gone around a little bit

that we have toilet paper, water, and all the necessities.

So, a lot of people are coming over, getting stuff.

Shelves are looking okay.

We're running down to our last pallets of water right now.

Toilet paper is almost gone.

Other than that, a lot of canned foods,

nonperishables flying off the shelves.

As far as right now, I feel like we're doing a good job.

We still have some materials left over for everyone,

but in the next few days or week coming up,

we got to see about that.

A lot of customers are very concerned.

Had a lady come in earlier today with a World War II gas mask on.

Bought, like, $700 worth of nonperishables.

But, I mean, other than that, I feel like most people

are just preparing for kids coming back from college

and everything just needing food.

Definitely being a smaller store,

we're definitely at the bottom of the supply chain.

So, if a Giant or an Aldi's requests something first,

then, of course, they're gonna get it first.

We're probably at the end chain.

So, we've been trying to get in Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer,

all the disinfectants and everything,

but it's been kind of hard.

Everything's been backshifting everything.

So, yeah, it's been kind of tough.

I would say if it keeps up like this,

hopefully it's not too crazy for the next three days.

If it is, we'll probably be running out in less than a week.

We just got to wait and see.

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