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Hello friends, how are you today? I'm doing pretty well, and I thought I would hop on here

I haven't checked my tumblr messages in a

Really long time and there's probably a lot in there, so I thought today

Let's go through my tumblr messages, and and just see where it takes us. Oh my god. There's a lot in here scrolling through

It's mostly about the cat

Its tumblr is where socks first went viral

It was tumblr and then and then she spread to many other platforms including Pinterest Facebook and many others

But yeah most of these are about the cat cats doing great. She's she's doing great

She - she's sitting right here. I'm gonna get her. say hi to the people

Say hi to the people my love say hi

Here's a fun one and it was also repeated in many comments in my last couple videos was hey nb Goose

I have two questions for you number one what pronouns do you use and number two?

How do you stay so confident in your gender feelings with so much non-binary erasure in the world number one?

I don't really care too much about pronouns, but if you want to use they/them you can use they/them

But he him is not the end of the world for me either. I still feeling it out number two

I'll get back to you on that because I'm not

Here's one. That's not really much a question more just a concept a goth vampire squid mermaid

Yeah, one of my favorite animals right now. It's the vampire squid. It's actually not a squid

It is a cephalopod and it's also not very much a vampire either. It's pretty much

Just eats the scraps in the deep ocean, but it looks like a vampire

So it's my favorite because number one cephalopod number two goth

Connor, I really hecked up, and now I'm crushing on an ex who has moved on to someone else. Look at me friend don't

Simple don't do that, but well you can't choose your feelings. I know gosh

I really know, but really try not to do what you're doing. We just hit a new year, right?

We just hit a new year. Let's head into the future together stop looking at the past

Let's do new stuff

Not go back to old stuff that didn't work before. You looked like a sexy villain in that last selfie

I don't know what selfie. This is referring to but uh

Yeah, thank you. Thank you. That's the goal. Literally like 90% of these are about the cat

You're more famous than I am what do you think about that she's not even looking at me she doesn't even care

Do you have any advice for making amends specifically if people didn't know you were using?

Yeah, this ask specifically is about addiction stuff, but I'm gonna make it general the most important thing when you're saying

I'm sorry, or if you're like talking to somebody about a mistake, and this is something that took me

So so so so so so so long to learn is that it is not it is not about you at all

Number one you acknowledge the thing that you did that was wrong

number two you

Apologize for the thing that was wrong in an earnest and open way and then number three you leave it to the other

Person and that's all that you have the ability to do. I used to take it super

personally when when people like wouldn't accept apologies, or it wouldn't get fixed right away and

And and it's just because it was selfish because I wanted it to be better cuz I didn't like the way that I felt.

Guilt is a good thing you know if you're feeling guilt if for the right reasons

Then then use it you know empower yourself to get better do better. That's another big mood for 2018

It's just do better all of us how have you been? I this is. I like this question

I'm gonna answer it I have been

Really good. I've been really good day to day waking up in the morning going to work doing my stuff

I have felt better than I have ever felt in my life

In the past like couple months or so and I'm working very very hard to try and maintain that and try and I acknowledge

When it's kind of tailing off a little bit, and I don't know man

I've been really good so one of the reasons why I was able to finally

Freaking come back to YouTube was because I've been feeling good

You know I'm feeling good, and I'm finally at the energy to jump in here and do this friggin thing again

I have a crush on a boy, and he likes me back

But he's a bully he said and done things that I think are disgusting, but he's adorable

He's artsy smart funny and cool when I say cool

I mean bro a

Cocky walking attitude that kind of cool that a shy formerly dorky girl like me never got to be a part of

hoooo boy. Don't date jerks I

Feel like that's don't don't date jerks unless you want to date the jerk listen

I'm not here to tell you what to do in in your life, but I just have like a heart feeling that if

There's been some stuff. That's done. That's

disgusted you

Don't date that person. I don't know just spitballing here, but you should date people that you like I

Feel like I feel like that I feel like that's not as profound as it actually is but you should like the person that you

Date you're dating someone. You don't like them. Don't date them

if they do stuff that you don't like

don't date that person anymore really hitting the

The deep stuff today don't date people you don't like

quote me on that

Did you like working at an aquarium? Oh yeah before I moved to California, I worked at the aquarium in Baltimore

It was such a cool place to work. I work at a museum right now. It's such a cool place to work

I would totally recommend

Being around like museums aquarium zoos as like places of employment because they're just so oh my gosh

They're just awesome you get to be like part of something that's bigger than yourself

You get to be around learning you get to be around

conservation activism all those kind of stuff

It's just it's wonderful

And I literally have no background in like education and and like biology at any of that kind of stuff

But but I found myself here, and I would totally recommend totally recommend it.

Every single day of my life

I miss the the peacock mantis shrimp at the aquarium where I used to work and

Oh, man, just what a fun thing that is. Any tips for making friends. Oh?

If you got em I want em. A big

Big goal for me in this new year is to put myself out there more and to reach out more and to try and make

Friends I am not good at making friends historically. I'm very good at sort of acquiring

Acquaintances if we're like in the same place every day together, I'm good at that

But even then taking the next step and actually being like you want to hang out. I'm so bad at 2018

I'm gonna say yes to life when people ask me to do things

I'm going to say yes to those things when life hands me opportunities

I'm gonna say yes to those things like freaking cat followed me home saying yes to that kind of stuff

It's a year of yes a year of yes. There's another question about working at a museum

I just really want to know what it's like to work at a museum, okay?

I'll tell you a little I'm gonna do it in three words crazy


Inspiring those three things I get to learn a whole heck of a lot

I get to be around really driven people I get to receive tons and tons of people which can be crazy

but also enlightening you get to see such a large sample size of the population and

And learn from them and just sort of I don't know I feel like I'm a part of the world

You know working at a place that a lot of people go

Second part of the question was if you know a lot of oddly specific trivia from it yes

I do I love having oddly specific trivia one of my favorite things that I've sort of

Deduced based on knowledge that I've learned from the museum is this next sentence

which is a fully true sentence, and that's just hummingbirds are just dinosaurs that behave like insects and

That that's a true statement. Oof man message about writer's block

I'm a painter, but I've been having this problem where it's really difficult for me to start working on a piece

Hi, yeah, I just took an 8 month hiatus

I relate. Something that I almost oddly become addicted to is like talking about the things that I'm going to do

creatively you know like I'm gonna work on this project or I'm gonna write this thing or I'm gonna do whatever and

And then that feeling starts to become enough even though the reality is that it's not enough. Normally

I would say with anything that's a process is to start small and just to do it, but I think with art

It's a little bit more difficult than that because um because I I know for me if I don't really see where something is going

I don't really want to do it so my advice here

And this is something that I'm trying to put into practice is to just start

planning like like

Develop a plan for what you do like don't necessarily do the thing like make the video or paint the painting or whatever?

But develop a plan for doing that thing something that helped me

it was like making down a bullet point list of what my goals are what my intentions are and

and how I'm gonna go about doing it like the logistical aspects of how I'm going to execute my

creativity and then it's just about finding that moment when you're hit with the inspiration and

Capitalizing on it and jumping on it and executing that plan for yourself

Which is so challenging? Oh my gosh? It's so challenging anyone out there

Who is in a creative slump who is taking a break that they want to get out of but they can't

Get out of good luck to you. Honestly like best of luck to you and when you finally do come out of it

I truly believe that you will be ready rested and inspired and you're gonna make some awesome awesome stuff

And I can't wait to see it. How do you feel about labels?

This is actually a really interesting question for me. I use labels like bisexual like non-binary

Primarily for me I use them for other people

Because because I think representation is cool and number two it makes it easier to explain like what's going on with me

But I don't really care about them like I don't really care

How you describe me as long as it kind of gets it right, and if it's not right then I'll be like cool

let's re-examine that part, but yeah, I do also like the community aspect of

Of labels sometimes I think the BI Plus community is an incredible supportive community that has been wonderful to me

Even though at first I wasn't using labels and labels still don't really mean much to me

But I think the community is very important

But my rule with all of this stuff with labels with identity is like you know as long as you're happy

I don't care what you call yourself unless you're hurting anyone

I don't care what you call yourself, and you shouldn't care about what I call myself

And it's as simple as that. Can you describe the process of dyeing your hair?

I probably shouldn't be the one to describe the process as I've only done it twice and and I just kind of threw it on

Impulsively and just was like okay. I'm just gonna. I kind of just painted my hair with my fingers

with it

and yeah

If you want to get it done right I would recommend going to a person. If you're cheap like I am

You can youtube tutorial it

And that's what I did. Tell us a story about the wildest thing that happened to you over this summer, okay?

It's a VidCon story. I was asked to be on a mental health panel

That was on the freakin mainstage at this event and like little old me sitting up there. Funny story is that I actually forgot my

antidepressant medication to the event and in about like day two I started kind of feeling

Weird about it and to sort of my soul left my body so here. I am sitting up on this stage

there's a lot of people the audience and and then we're talking about being sad and

next to me on the couch is somebody who I've looked up to for years Hannah Hart and

That was just so it was such. It was like a very strange out-of-body experience

It was also incredible

And I got to talk to so many people afterwards for like I talked about with with a couple of people

For like an hour after after that panel is so great

But I just thought it was very very funny that like I'm on this stage like talking about mental health like having a panic attack

sitting next to Hannah Hart. It was just it was funny, and it ended up being an incredibly rewarding experience

I wouldn't recommend doing it off your meds. Take your meds

But yeah, that was one of the coolest things ever happened to me

And I still I feel very fortunate that it was something that I was able to do

So so coo. What TV shows movies books have you been into lately?

I've been sort of binging Criminal Minds, and when I kind of get bored with that

I'll switch and and watch horror movies. I just watched one of my favorite films of the last ten years Byzantium

It's a vampire movie

Yeah, so I've been doing that a lot recently

And yeah, that'll probably change, but but yeah, that's what I've been watching.

Who's got more followers you or Socks? Unfortunately, it's me right now

I want that to change though you should follow my cat on Instagram

So that she can be more famous than me cuz she deserves it look at her. Look at her!

She's just napping up there

There's a lot more messages in there

Way too many for me to answer in a video form I might eventually get to them on actual tumblr, but yeah

I just want to say a lot of those messages were very very nice I feel

Very loved I feel very supported

I want to thank everybody for just the just the kind words about me coming back to YouTube

I still am not sure what I want to do with it, but I think that's fine

And I'm so comfortable with not knowing right now, and I'm just having so much fun

I'm having more fun making this than I've had in years

I've been sick for the past like week or so and and today even though I'm still sick

I still was like I'm excited. I want to get up and I want to make a video and that's oh my gosh

I cannot describe how wonderful that feels I'm excited for what's next. I'm excited to keep making stuff

And I'm excited to see where this goes and yeah, that's about it for this video

I love you guys a lot click on the screen somewhere for my last one, and yeah, I'll see you guys next time later

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